Tunisia. Healing of the suffering

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, almost perishing in Sahara, wrote: "At first, the whole of it is only emptiness and silence, but it is because it does not open the first oncoming." He opened.

In Tunisia, it is good to get rid of stresses of a market economy, inflation, devaluation and even the deepest crisis. Imprint of the century here corrected the politicians and artists, warriors (from Roman centurions to the stormcuts of the Third Reich) and bankers. After the August 1998 crisis, it was often possible to meet here "New Russian businessmen", not by the years we were suspended, flicken, derived and irritable, – Tunisia returned them to universal values ​​and forgotten ability to just enjoy life.Tunisia gives liberation, restraint. We highlight two ways (and they are actually a great set) of getting rid of them "lead abominations of life" – High ride and thalassotherapy. Having visited the traditional Tunisian holiday, seeing virtuoso jumps on the Arab horses, dizzying tricks, shooting on targets on full race, jumping and coup under the horse belt, you will experience a long-forgotten feeling that was tested in childhood, leaving the circus, – forces, elasticity, Jumping, self-confidence. "My thoughts are my horses", – Let’s pay for yourself let the deprived of meaning, but the dear song of the former gymnast. And you certainly want to fall to the sweaty neck of the heated horse, feel like anyone. However, if about Arabic horses, it’s all a long time ago (in Tunisia, perhaps the best conditions for riding both with an experienced instructor, and without it, on the plain, the chipping and rough terrain, trot and gallop. Price 1 hour about $ 8 dollars. USA, and in strollers – $ 10.). That thalassotherapy – for Russia something new.

For thalassotherapy Sea water is mined at a distance of 450 meters from the shore at a depth of 6 m. She is clean and rich in mineral salts and opiroelements identical to human plasma. This is achieved by one of the goals of thalassotherapy: to give the tired human body missing microelements, especially iodine, sulfur, potassium and calcium. At water temperature 33-37 degrees Celsius in 20 minutes spent in a sea or mud bath, human skin can absorb everything essential from sea water.

Thalassotherapy procedures act a beneficially with pain in the joints, with rheumatism and arthrosis. Massage and mud baths from Alga (marine mollusks and algae) improve blood supply and lymphatic system. Gymnastics in warm sea water helps in the treatment of joints, spine, arms and legs, treats in obesity and cellulites.

In November 1995, the first in Tunisia and the fourth largest thalassotherapy center – bioazyur, equipped with the latest medical equipment opened in Hammamet.

The bioazur complex includes an aquatic pool with warm sea water, where the turbulent flow and blowing the jet of water pleasantly massage and relax the body.

Treatment courses are diverse: anti-stress restoration of life tone: course of treatment of legs (prescribed to improve the impaired blood circulation of the lower extremities, venous failure): a postpartum course (it is necessary for young mothers to return to them in 4-6 months after childbirth): – "Sound silhouette", Helping again to find the silhouette about which you dream: Procedures: algae and mud and mud, general and individual inhalation, sea balls, automatic boiling bath, inkjet and spraying shower, shower shining, massage, gymnastics, pressotherapy, Turkish Bath Hammam.

Visiting Thalassotherapy centers begins with medical interview and filling the medical record depending on the health and wishes. You can choose an individual course of treatment together with your doctor.

Tunisia. Healing of the suffering

To get into centers without prior booking it is quite difficult, for the popularity and effectiveness of the procedures are great.

The second most important center of Thalasso is located on one of the most fashionable Tunisian resorts – Sousse. Sousse is a sea harbor with snow-white yachts, restaurants and luxury hotels in Andalusky and Arabic style.

Near – Desert. In the desert, a person becomes closer to himself. Here, where every Barhahan, every stone remembers the history of the planet, where in the frozen knowing the echo of the first caravans, who have gone cultures and religions, somehow especially sensitively feel all the ephemerality of the current values ​​and ideals. Jewish commonity retreats, turns into dust, and the world acquires initial clarity: life and death, fear and hope, faith. Moving, love. "What is sugar for you? Hourly waiting for the Divine". NA these sands were involved in the French pilot history, which years later became one of the most truthful books about the love of man to man?

Each of us must once go through the desert. Take her harsh law, understand her wisdom and mercy. For what is a life like a NA long, painful path to an oasis, to the blissful, shady garden, who once lost and which still hope to find.

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