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The Mediterranean tan has not yet descended, as the life of a big city sent your aspirations to the usual bed. But sometimes, the time comes when you want to once again remember what happened to you in these 14 days spent in Tunisia. Of course, a trip to this country was planned in advance, while the snow lay on Earth and dreams of warm sun seemed only to dreams. But at the approximation of the spring, the views were increasingly stumbled on the suitcases and hiking backpacks. And now the long-awaited time came when you realized that it struck an hour and it’s time to gather.

I must say that we visit Tunisia is not the first time and travel experience in this country has. And so, the suitcase is packed, documents, vouchers are checked for availability, a casket with medicines is laid, the kettle-traveler is laid in a suitcase (well, we love coffee from the morning).

Tourists who start only to get acquainted with this country for a more comfortable trip We recommend purchasing (download) a small phrasebook and country map and cities of Tunisia and outline your travel routes in advance ..

The airport covered the noise and multifaceted crowds. Quickly deciding with the reception and taking the expectant position near it, you begin to slowly realize that through some 4.5 hours you will breathe a sea breeze from the sea. Passing all kinds of inspection sections We are located in a pretty comfortable airline of the airline Nuveler. Having groaned the standard cooked air lunch, managed and sleep and read and watch a film from a computer … and after the stated flight time, a decline began. An old and somewhat lured monastir airport, the name of Habib Burbibe, met us quite fun. For each part of the arrival hall, the Miloid Tunisian girls handed a rose and offered with a smile. National Tunisian music sounded in the hall. A small group of Tunisians with flags, drums performed quite rhythmic song. I can only say what kind of presentation at the airport for Russian tourists I saw for the first time. Upon learning from the representative of the meeting party the number of the bus that follows in Majdia and, giving him one of the three vouchers, they shown in the specified direction.
From Monastir to Mahdia got pretty quickly and biting around the city, leaving tourists in different hotels, we finally got to our Tapsus Hotel (Translated from Arabic Sailing Fishing Boat). The hotel check-in has been standard. The attitude of the staff to us can be regarded as "good relatives arrived around".

Probably it is necessary to explain … The situation in the field of tourism in Tunisia is currently experiencing not the best times. To create a positive image of the hosts this year, in almost all hotels, there were small cosmetic repairs, replaced many furniture, the rooms were installed in the rooms, the old TVs were replaced and.D. The government of the country is also beginning to hold activities to attract tourists. Non bad organized security system in the country. Currency courses have not changed. But still, the echoes of the "Jasmine Revolution" can be smelted anywhere.

Not a latter role in the absence of demand for tours in Tunisia played the terrorist attack in the metropolitan museum of the Bardo. Although, I can declare that the situation in the tourist areas is quite calm. The presence of armed police and soldiers of the National Guard near your hotel means not something happened, this is to nothing happen.

Well, let’s go back to our hotel "Tapsus". The hotel occupies a rather large green area and even around the rear gates is broken by a small zoo (rather 8-10 cells with various animals and birds).

Rooms The hotel is standard, without deliveries, but nevertheless there are a fridge in the rooms, LCD TV. Cleaning is also not burdened with sterility. Do not try to transfer the maid money, throwing them on the bed or on the edge of the table, as it does not affect the quality of cleaning. The output is simple: if you need special attention from the service personnel, find your maid and words (gestures and other handicrafts). Explain their requirements and wishes. After that, give her a small amount of money and thank for understanding. Sometimes we do not think that there is a person with another mentality before us, with our thoughts about us and our behavior. And remember, you are on vacation – attendants at work. Leaving, also do not forget about the words of gratitude. Believe me, it’s not at all difficult, but will deliver some pleasant moments and you and the employee of the hotel.

And so, we are located, waved our simple belongings in the closet, brewed a good coffee and, sitting on a pretty spacious balcurity, began to think about our plan with weather conditions, taking into account weather conditions (according to the forecast: in the first days the wind and clouds promised, a little excitement to the sea).

The catering mode at the hotel we had HB "half board", which gave the opportunity to plan all day at its discretion: lie on the beach or go to the nearby cities for a walk. Independent travel, as a rule, allows you to feel the actual breath of Tunisia. After all, this country, which is not necessary to watch not from the tourist bus window (this is our personal opinion). Of course, families with children or someone for other reasons cannot independently organize a trip, can use the services of travel agencies. Tour programs in the country are pretty cute and informative.

After a brief thought, they decided to visit nearby Majdia, Monastir, Sousse.

For comfortable and economical movement, we often use the subway "Sahel", which combines these all three cities.
On the first after the night in the hotel, we visit Majdia. Many interesting things can be told about this small town with a population of 38 thousand people.

The city is located on Cape Africa (Cap Afrique). This little sushi plot occupies the historic part of Mahdia, and the new city extends on, deep into the mainland and along the coast. Despite the fact that beautiful beaches are gradually built up by hotels and the city, turning into a spa zone, he still saves his charm.

The city was laid in 916 at the place of the Phoenician settlement by Ubaidallah al-Mahdi (Arab. "Savior"), founder of the Shiite Fatimide Dynasty. From urban fortifications to our time, only an impressive gate (Skif) El Kahla (Arab. Skifa El Kahla – "Dark Porch"). They were built after the departure of the Spaniards (XVI in.), using the stones of more ancient gates set by al-Mahdi. You can go upstairs, on the viewing area, from where the breathtaking view of the city and the port.

The main street of the city is started from the gate – Obaid Allah El Mahdi (Rue Obaid Allah El Mahdi). On the left side there is a small market, where among other things, the embroiderers offer traditional wedding outfits. Opposite the house of weaving Dar El Himmma. In several halls, weaving machines, clothing, fabric and the main achievement of local masters – Silk tapes (Khasia).

Street leads to a small, but very pretty Cairo Square (PL. Du Caire) surrounded by trees.

There are mosque, old bistro and residential buildings. A little further – central square (PL. El Kadhi NoaMene), where are the mosque of Sliene Hamza (Mosquee Sliene Hamza) and a big mosque (Grande Mosquee). She was restored in 1965 exactly on the plans of the Fatimid Mosque X century.
On the street Burge (Rue du Borj) there is a fortress of El Kubir (Borj El-Kebir), built on the Turks, at the end of the XVI century. From its terrace opens a wonderful view of the city, the ancient Carfhaginsky port, a large modern port and a huge cemetery, where sailors, fishermen and pirates were buried for many centuries. Bypassing all the attractions took about 4 hours. The old part of the city is satisfied small. She is replete with small cafes and restaurants. Fisherovsky city and restaurant

"Neptune" (located on the embankment) you can order delicious fish or shrimp. To visit, you can recommend restaurants located near the entrance to the port (on the way to the station on the right side).
The fare of the subway one way per person from the metro station "Tourist Zone" (Tourist Zones) is 550 million. I successfully purchasing some coffee in the coffee shop (12 dinar per kg.) and good guilt went to the hotel. To note: almost simultaneously near the metro station, a bus goes to Monastir and Sousse. The bus passes along hotels. The fare is also 550 million. The entrance to the bus is always through the back door, where the cashier is sitting, and the output is only through the front. The schedule of electric trains you can take a train station in the city and in your hotel at the reception (reception).

Well, that’s the day. It’s time to gather for dinner. The hotel has a strictly related to clothing when visiting the restaurant, it is not marked, but the presence of men in shorts and women in swimsuits in dinner causes the underwent glances of the tunisians who have left the oldest concepts of etiquette since the colonial French past. Yes, and the hall manager can be in a very delicate form to offer a married couple or man in beachwear to leave the restaurant and change clothes to more appropriate. Of course, no one from you requires evening dresses, but the view of a woman should be decent, and a man is necessarily in pants.

And now a little about food. This year, many hotels have led the revision of product providers, which immediately affected the quality of food for the better. The concept itself has changed. National dishes began to be widely used (although some of them were adapted for Europeans, whose stomach is unable to take spicy and acute food). But it is important to note that the dishes really acquired the national flavor.

The next day, visited the city of Monastir. Travel time on the train of about 50 minutes from the station "Touristiques". Tickets We purchase in the train itself at the conductor. Tickets save before leaving the station. At the outlet of the Perron usually there are conductors that check tickets. Before entering the waiting room, you can go to the toilet (designated by the corresponding sign).

Monastir – one of the main tourist centers of Tunisia, a city with a rich historical heritage. He was founded by the Phoenicians and named Rus-foam. In 47 BC.NS., During his African campaign against the troops Pompey Guy Julius Caesar turned a small village into his base camp. He surrounded the Rusper with powerful defensive struggle, the fragments of which are preserved to our time.
Before traveling, download yourself to your mobile phone (tablet) one of the many cards of the city. So easier to navigate.
All attractions are close to each other.

Coming from the station you are heading directly to the gate of the medina (old city). The main benchmarks will be for you fortress walls. Passing through almost the entire medina you will go to Riban (Monastery Fortress). To the top of the Posoznaya Tower (Nador), from where the panorama of the city opens, lead 87 steps. At the foot of the Tower – a big mosque (Grandee Mosquee), a quietly modest, and the old monastery, in which the film studio is now located, where films were filmed as "Jesus from Nazareth" (dir. F. Brancaroli, 1977) and "In Search of Lost Ark" (dir. WITH. Spielberg, 1981).

Next to the mosque, on the territory of Cimetiere de Sidi El-Mezri (Cimetiere De Sidi El-Mezri) is the Mausoleum of the Bourgiba family (Mausolee De La Famille Burgiba), built with her at one time. In the building with a gold dome is the tomb of the ex-president, two slim minarets are towering on the sides (25 m).

After inspection, you can return back, peering into numerous souvenir benches. All that wishes: products from olive trees and leather, silver and gold, bronze and copper, dresses, shoes and carpets, and antiques. In the market, market and in the beads of artisans need to be bargained. It should be remembered that the price that the first man calls, can be quite different from the final price, which you agree with him. Sometimes you can buy goods much cheaper.

Tunisian sketches, around the country with a backpack - Mahahdia, Tunisia Blogs and travel notes of tourists by

For people who are unwilling long and tediously bargain in the shops there is a large shopping center "Yasmin". Prices in the center of fixed.
Olive oil and spices go to the store "General" and "Monoprix". The choice of oil and spices is quite extensive. The main indicator of the quality of oil is its acidity. So that take oil with less acidity. Optimal is oil with acidity less than 0.8. There you can also purchase and dates produced in the factory.
After shopping you can stay in one of the many cafes and restaurants of the city. The main restaurants for tourists are located near the yacht port. Here you can choose both European and national cuisine. But we arrived in this country not for European cuisine? I want to feel Tunisian flavor in food. Therefore, we are looking for a "folk" restaurant. Focus on the number of local people at the tables: they will certainly not dare in a bad place. Really feed here is often tastier than in tourist oriented establishments, and dishes are worthy penny.

After a small rest and referring to the schedule of electric train, satisfied and a bit tired and a bunch of beautiful photos and the acquired souvenirs we go back to Majdia. Tickets are purchased at the station Station.

Dawn and the first rays of the sun suggested that it was time to get up and go to the trip. Especially predicted by the forecast improvement in the beginning to come true. This time we went to Sousse.
We quickly breakfast in 7.15 Already sat down in the electric train Next route Machia Monastir-Souss. Tickets are familiar to the conductor and enjoy the types of prideless landscapes. At the end station, Susta go out and right along the port go to the city.

Many varieties of high-quality mineral water produced from sources, in many countries available in the country, Safia (Safia), Ain Garcia (Ain Garci), Selma (Selma), "Jetkiss" (Jetkiss) , Zullah (ZULEL) and T.D. Do not forget to throw a 1,5 liter bottle in your backpack before traveling.

SUS – the main city of Sahel – located on one of the best coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. The city can be divided into three parts: northern, completely built up with hotels; European part, or center, where residential buildings prevail and the old part – Medina.
Center of the European part – Farhat Hassed Square (PL. DE FARHAT HACHED), south of which is Medina, shopping center and station. The Bust of the First President Habib Burgibiba is installed on the square. To the left of the entrance to Medina there is a monument to the fighters for the liberation of Tunisia. Right – Soula Center, Four-storey Souvenir Store. North of the Farhat Hassed Square, the Avenue of Habib Burbibiba is moving away (AV. Habib Bourguiba), which continues a pleasant walking embankment, always crowded in the evenings.

Medina Susta – big and interesting, it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The oldest of its buildings, preserved to our time, date back to the IX century. Medina Susa often acted as decorations in the cinema. So, for example, Stephen Spielberg removed here some episodes of the film "Indiana Jones: In Search of Lost Ark" (1981). SUS in this film depicted Cairo, with whom, in fact, he has little in common.

At the entrance to the medina from the side of Farhat Hassed, there is a big mosque (Grande Mosquee). She was rebuilt from Kasba by order of the Aglabid Emir Abu-El Abbass in 850. The characteristic feature of the mosque is the absence of a minarer, which in the 9th century has not yet become a mandatory element of the Muslim temple. You can visit the courtyard and look into the milean hall. From the mosque aside the Western Wall of the Medina goes the main shopping street of the Old Town – filled with souvenir shops of El Aglaba (Rue El Aghlaba).

50 m north of the big mosque is a fortress-ribat. It was erected on the foundations of ancient structures in the 9th century, in the Board of Aglabid. From the only Tower of Fortress – Nadora (Arab. "Observation Tower") – opens a wonderful view of the whole city. 73 steps lead to the viewing platform. With Ribat borders curling curl (Zaouia Zakkak) with a coated minaret.
Medina Susta filled with many shops and shops. Traders are quite largely talking in Russian and can offer a large selection of goods and souvenirs.

Walking around the city and buying liked souvenirs can be visited by one of the iconic restaurants of Susta. Good restaurants in Sousse are the fish "Le Pacha", "Lido" and "Mediterrannee", as well as institutions with the National Tuni cuisine "La Sprise", "Les emirs". Italian cuisine can be enjoyed in La Scoperta. Cost of lunch with wine for two of about 80-120 dinar.

Next, you can take a little walk along the Susta embankment or go through the avenue of Habib Burgibiba and go to the beach of Buzafar.
Of course, in a few hours who spend on the streets of Susta, it is impossible to inspect all the sights and navigate in the confused streets of the Old Town. But do not be upset. If you like to travel yourself, and Tunisia fascinated you, you will have such an opportunity for the next year.
Well, here’s a trip to Sousse approached the end. We sit in your electric train and go to Majdia, recalling bright moments in the way.
The next morning suggested that the Tunisian hot summer began to enter into their rights. The sea began to warm up right in front of changing your light blue color on a beautiful turquoise.

For fans of spa procedures, we recommend visiting the center of Thalasso at the Palace Machia Hotel. Course prices are pretty democratic. You will take a Russian-speaking doctor Nizar, which will appoint the relevant procedures based on your health status.

A distinctive feature of this season was the lack of hands-free music near the pool, which gave calmly to fall asleep in the evening.

It is impossible to find out what makes us again and re-return to this country. Huge affectionate sun at sunset, falling straight into the sea, night black African sky with endless flickering of the myriad of diamonds of stars? Or may mysterious traces of ancient civilizations? All this is the case, but there is still something air elusive as a common bright atmosphere, inherent only to Tunisia, in many respects close to our person, consonant with *************** understanding of the world order and character – a combination of love and sadness , contemplation and empathy, fine perception of nature and enjoying her beauties.

Tunisian sketches, around the country with a backpack - Mahahdia, Tunisia Blogs and travel notes of tourists by

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