Tunnels ki chimina

For thousands of Vietkong warriors, a labyrinth of tunnels, for a long time, was the whole world in which everything you need for life ; from residential rooms to hospitals.

Tunnels ki. Photo Credit: Nicnac1000, Flick

The history of tunnels

The suburban area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City Lies on a huge network of tunnels. And although the famous tunnels have become during the Vietnamese War, they began to be built back in the 1940s, during the resistance of Vietnam of French colonization. The second life in the tunnels breathed a war between the North and South Vietnam. During this period, the network of earthlings badly. The reason for this was served by airbobs by the United States ; Allies of South Vietnam. The raids did not leave the communist troops of the North, another exit, as, in the literal sense of the word, go underground.

Tunnels where soldiers lived, were arranged in such a way that they were almost impossible to detect. Not only are the entrances to the holes, by themselves, were narrow and small, they were still carefully covered with branches and leaves. Speaker ventilation from bamboo trunks masked for meters. And smoke from the kitchen, output through a series of special, earth cameras.

Fragment of the tunnel network. Photo Credit: Kiet Van, Flick

Life under Earth

Most of the time, soldiers were digging new passages. As a result, in 1960, under the thick jungle of Vietnam, an extensive network of underground strokes has grown. Tunnel Communication ran from Saigon’s Okrain to Cambodian border, covering a distance of 250 km. These were whole underground villages with residential premises, kitchens, ammunition warehouses and hospitals. In some areas, there were even the theaters and musical salons.

One of the exits from the tunnels. Photo Credit: Confobru, Flick

Ground-based lazaret. In the wall there is an entrance to the tunnel so that the sills can always hide. Photo Credit: CMICHAEL REHFELDT, FLICK

Silent neighbors. Photo Credit: Michael Reeve, Flick

Underground kitchen. Photo Credit: Steve Whitmarsh, Flick

Underground forge. Photo Credit: AlmixNuts, Flick

But life in the tunnels could not be called easy. For security reasons, the soldiers were sitting under the ground and went out, as a rule, at night. And during the period of protracted bombing or the onset of American troops, were forced to stay in Norah for many days. Warm and wet tunnels were pier for insects, as a consequence, many soldiers of Vietcong were infected with malaria.

War in Vietnam / 1964-1975 / – was conducted between the Communist Government of Northern Vietnam and South Vietnam with his main ally ; United States of America. The conflict aggravated by the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union supporting Northern Vietnam.

After the output of American troops from the country, communist forces seized control over South Vietnam to proclaim the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

War in tunnels

Vietcong’s soldiers used underground labyrinths to accommodate their troops, transport communications and supply. In addition to all, tunnels Ki (Kuti) played a key role in military operations, and were also convenient for sudden ; field ; Atactions, after which the soldiers could imperceptibly hide under the ground.

Partisans set numerous traps as in tunnels and near them. According to this part, Vietkongs were extremely inventive and flight of their fantasy, was not limited to mine stretch marks. In the arsenal, there were honey jamas providing at least ; wound like maximum ; painful death. ; rain ; from scorpions / snakes falling on the head from tilted boxes. Bee attacks, on pre-reptile sweet syrup victim and t.D. All these techniques made an attempt by American soldiers to penetrate the tunnels incredibly dangerous.

Fatal traps. Photo Credit: Angryoffinchley, Flick

To resist such tactics, the Americans created an elite detachment ; Tunnel Ferrets ; which later ; light hand ; one journalist became known as ; Tunnel rats ;. It was a specially trained group, whose task was to find the location of the partisans, to neutralize the traps, and if necessary, enter the hand-to-hand fight. Specialty soldiers, as a rule, were a little growth in order to be able to slide on an incredibly narrow, diverted under the Vietnamese figure of tunnels. With me they had a weapon, knife, flashlight and a piece of string.

Vietnamese syndrome

According to the organization of veterans, about half a million military personnel of three million served in Vietnam suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, the so-called, ; Vietnamese syndrome ;.

Americans tried to smoke gas underfielders, but the system of moves was arranged in such a way that the gas is incredible not penetrated. Poured tunnels with water and hot resin, but everything was in vain. WITH ; tunnel rats ; Also failed to perform the task of destruction ; underground troops ;. As a result, a number of large-scale military operations were conducted to eliminate the system of tunnels. ; successful ; Rugged bombing and processing of surrounding areas with powerful herbicides. All this turned covered by the jungle area Ki in the lunar landscape in which American tanks moved. Northern troops retreated, but after a while, the soldiers of Vietcong will return again and use tunnels as a base for the attack on Saigon.

American bombardments managed to destroy the plots of tunnels, but the considerable part of the system still remained intact. Today ku chi ; This is the memory of a protracted, cruel conflict and one of the military monuments of Vietnam.

Tunnels ki. Photo Credit: Snapittravel, 500px

Hike on tunnels. Photo Credit: Haley Kassab, Flick

Which tunnels can be visited

Tunnels ki chimina

Tunnels Kuti are located northwest of Ho Chi Minhine. Two directions are open ; Ben Din and Ben Duk. Complexes are located about 13 km from each other. Ben Duk is farther from the city and has the original tunnel system, while Ben Ding offers less authentic experience. Ben Din is turned into a tourist attraction, there are many people and a part of the tunnels adapted for the sizes of Western man. In Ki Chi there is a shooting range, where for an additional fee, you can shoot from the machine. On the field kitchen eat ascetic dinque guerrilla (tea and baked batt). Also open 4d ; Cinema and other entertainment for tourists.

Entrance to the tunnel. Photo Credit: Tinka T, Flick

Shooting range. Photo Credit: nils jürgens, 500px

Showcase with cartridges. Photo Credit: Jo.Sau, Flick

Sweet potato ; The base of the kitchen partisan. Photo Credit: CAZPERP, FLICK

How to get to the tunnels

In any hotel Saigon, or online you can order a tour to the tunnels. Specify whether the price is included for visiting the tunnels. Most rounds that sell field agents ; This is an hour’s excursions (about 5 hours) in Ben Ding. It is better to avoid large bus tours where there will be more people fifty. Alternatively, you can choose a minibus or speed boat, although alternative buses option will cost more (see more detail below).

If you want to go to the tunnels yourself, options also have several: bike, taxis, bus. Only a very, very experienced driver can ride on Saigon Bike! Taxi will no longer, in the area of ​​$ 60. By bus, you need to go from the bus station (opposite the Ben Thhan market). Bus number 13 to the town of Kuchi, then you can take a bike or transfer to bus number 79 and get to the tunnels (stop near the church of Ben Duong). Specify, in place, bus timetable, so as not to be late for the last. Usually from the bus station to the last bus to the city, goes at 16:00. More options, how to get to the tunnels read here.

Local tours in heaps

Tour options ; from the maximum budget tours in large buses (use this option as a transport and go off the group in the tunnels, having agreed with the guide on the time of return to the bus, if you do not have a desire to watch tunnels with a large group) to more expensive options on high-speed boats, military jeep, limousines or bicycles (see recommended options below or choose here).

Alternatively, tours on large buses can also find a tour in a small group or a private tour. A visit to Ci can also be combined with a trip to the Mekong Delta, visiting the Codai temple or, for example, a culinary class on a farm in the vicinity of Saigon. All available options see here

Tips for travelers

  • To visit the tunnels of ki chi, there is no special dress code, but it is better to dress with regard to what will have to descend into a narrow passage with earth walls. This is especially true in the rainy season.
  • Comfortable sneakers will not interfere with walking along forest paths and descend into the tunnels.
  • Take a repellent and water.
  • People with claustrophobia, it is worth thinking well, whether it is worth descending into a narrow tunnel. It is better to limit the viewing of open exposures.

More information about the museum complex Ki can be found on the official website.

Tunnels ki chimina

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