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On this page, let’s talk about whether it is possible to go to rest in Turkey yourself – not on the way (Pactene Tour)? Is it possible to save it so? Is it convenient if it is easy? What are the nuances and "pitfalls" in this case? We give a lot of useful tips.

We will speak primarily about Turkey resorts on the Mediterranean Sea and a little about the resorts of the Aegean Sea. If you want to fly to see Istanbul, then in this case, the option of the trips to consider does not make sense. In 2021 (after opening on June 22), flights "Victory" and other low-cost airlines fly, and an independent trip to Istanbul is 1.5-2 times cheaper.

Important moment

Unfortunately, Russian tourists have an unpleasant habit of considering the cost of a trip "to a large cell". That is, take the price of air tickets + price rooms in the hotel and consider this way the cost of a trip.

We call on never do that, and in Turkey especially. Here the taxi services are expensive here, and transfer from the airport to the hotel can cost 150 dollars. Low Cost airlines tickets often do not include luggage provisions. Prices for hotels in hotels Search engines are shown on the BB system (breakfast only).

Therefore, we urge to approach the calculations of the value of an independent trip more thoughtfully and taking into account all the nuances, which we will talk about.

Visa, Tourist Tax and Insurance

Visa to visit Turkey Russians do not need. Now rumors are even mutated that the Russians will be able to go to Turkey on internal passports. Tourists on the border put stamp, the procedure is free, stay – up to 60 days. All the details in our article "Visa to Turkey".

There are no tourist taxes in Turkey now, although rumors went on the soon of their appearance. Turkey is now trying in any ways to increase the tourists, the goal of 50 million tourists per year has already been achieved in 2019, the Turks want even more. Tourist taxes are clearly incompatible with this task.

Insurance still recommend to buy, you never know what can happen during rest. Insurance is approximately the same in all insurers, prices and conditions differ slightly. But we want to pay attention that in any insurance there are points about the non-weeration for valid reasons. In some cases, you can return money for the hotel and air tickets, even if you could not go. But these items need to be read and carefully! Details in our article "Insurance in Turkey".


With flights to Antalya from Moscow there are no problems now. Flights a lot – from 5 to 15 per day. More than a dozen airlines flying: Aeroflot, Victory, Azurair, Inaero, Redwings, S7, Turkish Airlines, Ural Airlines, Yamal and others.

From most major cities in Russia, you can fly to Antalya directly. As a last resort with a change in Moscow.

Now we will not talk about flights in detail, better use search engines tickets to see exactly.

The price of the flight to Antalya for one adult – from 250 to 300 USD. Low-Cost tickets can be bought for 200 USD.

If you want to relax in the resort of Alanya, you can buy tickets to the local airport Gazipasa-Alanya (Code.: GZP). Unfortunately, the choice of flights will be very small. Airlines are flying victory, Azurair, Red Wings, Flights every day. Average ticket price – 260-270 USD.

The fly in Bodrum is also not problems. Victory and Azurair fly, Flights every day. Ticket price – from 200 to 300 USD.

Fly to Dalaman now you can no problem, although before the flights were not here. Fly Azurair, Ural Airlines, Yamal, Nordavia. Ticket price – from 200 to 300 USD.

Fly to Izmir is still difficult. Regular direct flights here still do not. You can buy tickets for a straight line charter flight Nordwind, good now Tickets are available on free sale. But the prices are translated – 400-450 USD. We hope soon the flights will be more and the prices will not be so high.

Conclusions: There are no problems with flights, but prices are a bit face. There are a number of nuances that you should remember.

The first important point

Do not forget that Low-Cost airlines have many services not included in the ticket price. For example, it is necessary to pay for baggage luggage or hand-made bags of more definite weight, meals or drinks on board, selection of space in the cabin.

Flying on aircraft companies LOW-COST is beneficial if all these services are not needed. If you pay all this, the ticket for the same victory will be more expensive than on Aeroflot.

Consider that most carriers low-cost additional. Services are more expensive if you pay them at the airport when landing. That is, we strongly recommend paying on the site when buying a ticket.

Second important point

If you fly with children, the price of flights from the usual airline may even be cheaper than low-cost. The fact is that ordinary airlines most often have a 50% discount on children up to 12 (or 15). Low-Cost this discount is not.

When you search flights on the Internet, immediately enter into the search form of all passengers and children indicating age. A good search engine (for example, Skyscanner) will show a total amount. Focus on total.

Transfer from the airport to the hotel

Taxi services in Turkey are relatively expensive, and the resorts are far from the airports. Shuttle service to the hotel can seriously increase travel budget.

You can order a transfer on the Internet in advance, you can hire a taxi right at the airport. On average, prices are the same. If you know how and love to bargain, then take a taxi, you can be cheaper with them. If you do not like to bargain, then order the transfer on the Internet.

Transfer prices from Antalya Airport to resorts in the table below. These are average prices! With the ability to bargain, you can agree with local taxi drives cheaper. With the ability to use the Internet, you can find transfer companies that prices are cheaper.

From Antalya Airport Price (USD, one way)
Lara thirty
Konyaalty 35
Kemer 50
Belek 40
Side 50
Alanya 70
Demrem 120
Kash 140
Fethiye 150

There are four types of special taxes in Turkey: on alcohol and cigarettes, perfumey, on gasoline, cars. As you can see, a taxi is experiencing two out of four taxes. From here and high prices. About a taxi Read our big article "Taxi in Turkey".

Save on the transfer – option 1

There are several dozen hotels whose transfer service is included in the price. The vast majority of these hotels are expensive "pyats". Choose such a hotel, and you can save.

Save on the transfer – option 2

Turkey alone

To any resort can be reached by public transport. To do this, you need to get from Antalya Airport to Antalya Otogari (Antalya Bus Station). From here, buses go to Kemer, Belek, Side (Manavgat), Alanya, Kash, Demre. The price of a trip – from 4 to 10 dollars per person depends on the range.

However, this saving is small. The fact is that from the airport to the bus station also need to be obtained or taxi (20 USD), or bus No. 600 (3 Turkish lira), or on the Shuttle bus (12 LIR). Actual course, see our article "Turkish Lira". Next, from the city center (where you arrive) you need to get to the hotel by taxi.

If you are going to relax alone, then you can save. If you are already, it is already doubtful. If threesome, then the transfer is even cheaper.

Booking a hotel

Most hotels are available on Booking.COM and other booking systems. Nuances here are not so much.

It is important to remember that when searching the system will always issue the minimum price. That is, it will be the price of BB (breakfast only) or RO (without meals). If you want all inclusive, then the price needs to be viewed already in the description of the hotel. It is very uncomfortable.


If you consider all the costs and nuances, which we talked above, you can accurately calculate the cost of an independent trip.

However, do not be surprised if you find the price for a batch tour (a trip) by 20-30% cheaper. Such is the peculiarity of recreation in Turkey, which is still more profitable for traveling here. Although it happens that it is more profitable to ride yourself, everything depends on the particular hotel and resort.

And a note from our reader with Almaty nickname. The cost of independent travel depends on the term. By experience, if you go for a month, then yourself cheaper. And for a week or two turpaken. And we fully agree with this note, especially if you rent apartments for a month.

And remember the main principle: saves one who knows how well and accurately consider who takes into account all the nuances. And who thinks bad, he always overpays and naively believes that he went to her cheap.

Important moments

– The situation with prices can drastically change on holidays, as follows in our article "Holidays in Turkey";

– Besides the aforementioned spending, there are expenses for food, local transport, attractions, gifts and souvenirs waiting for attractions. Read about all these expenses in detail in the article "How much money to take to Turkey";

– And do not forget about the consumption of communication that many tourists are obtained by astronomical. Read our detailed reviews "Internet in Turkey," and "How to call from Turkey Döshevo";

– About where it will be profitable to change dollars and euros on the lira if it is possible to go with Russian rubles, read in the review "Where and how to change money in Turkey".

Have a good holiday, and read our useful articles for tourists about Turkey (List of articles below).

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Thanks for the review. Also add that the cost of independent travel depends on the period of stay. By experience, if you go for a month, then yourself cheaper. And for a week or two turpaken. But we, for example, do not like the olinkle package. We take the car in Rent and forward along the coast. Impressions unforgettable &# 128521;

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