Turkey, Cappadocia: Meskendir Valley, Red and Pink Valley, Cavushin City

The rise was scheduled for four in the morning and not easily implemented. And all this in order to stay flying on Cappadocy balloons.

The rise was scheduled for four in the morning and not easily implemented. And all this in order to stay flying on Cappadocy balloons.

Huge balls take off with dawn and swim among the valleys of about an hour.

Those who want enough, at the height of the season, for sure, even more. By the way, the pleasure is not cheap: the average cost of the hour flight is about 200 euros per person. About 15-20 people are placed in the basket.

The sun has not yet risen, the street is very cool. Around the pumps, preparing balls to flight.

In addition to us, the crowd of those who wanted to shoot this beauty was not observed. Maybe they hid somewhere else in other places, but the position we occupy was one of the most convenient.

The first balls are ascended to the sky.

The sun begins to caress frozen tourists))

And here in the sky there are already dozens of balls similar to multicolored soap bubbles. Magic sight. There is a feeling that watching them from the side even more interesting than be on board.

Dawn in Cappadocia

Having met the dawn and plenty of inspired by the air travelers, went on the scheduled route. In the list we had valleys located to the east of Görem. On the way they looked at the church of the Ainala, but it was closed, because they did not stick to the guards to wake up and let all sorts of tourists.

The first on our path was the Meskendir Vadisi valley (Meskendir Vadisi). Landscapes are affected by imagination and are not amenable to any description.

In such an early early, we met only one lost colleague here and were incredibly glad to proud loneliness.

Some practical information: Cappadocia – the historical name of the terrain in the east of Malaya Asia in the territory of modern Turkey, which is consistent with the time of antiquity, up to the present day. It is characterized by an extremely interesting landscape of volcanic origin, the underground city, established in 1 thousand. to N. NS. and extensive cave monasteries leading their history since early Christians.

Valley Meskendir has a length of almost 4.5 km. Getting lost is difficult: the path is well trodden, and everywhere there are signs and maps.

Driving our current movements.

In some places the path is very steep, we feel the mountain goat. However, over time, adapted to overcome obstacles.

Wikipedia states: "Cappadocia has a unique geology. Its structure is the sequence of actions required to two opposite forces of nature during the Cenozoic, about 65-62 million years ago: The period when due to volcanic eruptions and lava flows covered its tuffs and other geological rocks (ashes turned into tuff, basalt lava). period erosions". Through these processes, we are now seeing these magical landscapes.

On the way there are cafes where you can drink tea, coffee or orange juice. When we went, they had just opened. Prices in them, it should be noted, tourist.

Partly paths run through the rock tunnels. In early spring you can not go because of the flood waters, however, have the opportunity to go over the top.

Church Meskendir – hollowed out of the rock in the 11th century. Decorated with patterns made with red paint. Rocks are used by people very readily and widely, and not only for living.

Rocks descend under the weight of time, exposing once inhabited dwellings. It looks all very mysterious and unusual. It is difficult to imagine the life of people living here.

This, incidentally, dovecote. The recesses in the walls for the birds, here they laid eggs. Very valuable was litter that even exported as fertilizer.

Next, we turn to the Red valley (Kızılçukur Vadisi). Then begin to dominate the other colors, as you might guess from the name, the red.

Around irises bloom. And they paaahnut!

All around beautiful Krasnenkoe. The eyes do not cease to be surprised the variety of stone grandeur.

And it’s a real house for gnomes, fabulous brand.

The path is constantly going up, so gorgeous panorama opens around the eyes.

The color scheme is striking. Even I could not imagine that it exists in nature.

Grape Church Üzümlü (Üzümlü Kilise), 9th century. It preserved beautiful frescoes, a person to whom, according to tradition otkovyryat.

Either we have the order of the head got so hot, either this rock really looks like outline of a dog.

Around the vast expanses. Feel insect. By the way, in this place was the biggest concentration of tourists, that is.To. located near playground, which is brought to the coach.

Turkey, Cappadocia Meskender Valley, Red and Pink Valley, City Chavushin

Pink head to valley which has two spur Güllüdere I and Güllüdere II.

Indeed everything pastel pink.

And here for the first time we saw the unusual orange poppies.

Another church, carved into the cave impresses with its size and complexity of forms. It even has a column.

Just like in the cartoons about Flintstones.

Form a charm, reminding whether marshmallows, or air souffle.

They say that is not far off the time when there is nothing left of these rocks.

The sky is clear, though, a couple of white and fluffy could use to create even more fabulous scenery.

On the way to the valley Güllüdere I have caught the lunch break. We began to look after themselves once cozy nook, which would hide us from the scorching sun and gave rest our tired feet.

As a result, we have found refuge in maaalenky cave where, certainly, does not look any tourist.

  • So, so, so, where’s next?

And then we went to Cavusin (Çavuşin), a town that is known for its "leaky" Rock.

Inside here are rooms with windows, doors and shelves.

View from a cliff on the town, or rather village Cavusin.

And this is the famous Cappadocian "stone pillars" peribadzhalary. In English they are called Fairy Chimney, which is translated as "Fireplaces Fey". The people – "mushrooms" ))

Blessed mushroom. From Cavusin peshochkom went back to Goreme. Today the plan is executed. We saw even more than expected. Passed 27 km.

Turkey, Cappadocia Meskender Valley, Red and Pink Valley, City Chavushin

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