Turkey, Cappadocia: Pashabag Valley, Pottery and Dervent, Urguype City

We continue to enjoy Cappadocia. Today I spared the schedule quite tightly. First in line of Valley Pashabag (Pasabağı Vadisi).

We continue to enjoy Cappadocia. Today I spared the schedule quite tightly. First in line of Valley Pashabag (Pasabağı Vadisi).

She is famous for its stone "Mushrooms".

A small excursion to Pashabag Valley

Local resident from the proposed Kuragi skely escaped. Apparently, already gone.

These triangular houses (left) look completely cartoon. But this three-liter mushroom reminds Snake Gorynych from our fairy tales.

Gendarmery grabbed itself the most comfortable mushroom with a good overview. Here is such a DPS post.

Places that are close to a large road are distinguished by tourist: laid tiles, circulation steps, souvenir shops. It is interesting to watch tourists: if you put a sign "Picture here", Everyone will be photographed here. So in this place – a bunch of tourists occupied a couple of houses, and dozens of free "Mushrooms", located 10 meters, not interesting to anyone.

Walking from Pashabag in Zeleva Valley, where the open-air museum is arranged (Zelve Açık Hava Müzesi).

On the approach to the museum. Outlined a place for lunch.

Museum open from 08:00 to 18:15. Entry paid – 8 lire. At the entrance give a detailed map, so it’s hard to get lost.

One of the churches on the territory of potion.

Someone have completely old paintings. All are made predominantly red paint. In ornaments very popular grapes.

The territory is equipped, paths are laid, dangerous places are fenced.

There is where to wander, but a lot of places closed to visit due to the danger of collaps.

Plate says: "Please, dear tourist, well, don’t climb here, for you get it – the stone Baska will fall, you will be completely dead and everything will be awkward".

The museum was shared in a couple of hours. Lunch time inspired us in a pre-seen sector. The appropriate cave was found from the third time.

Rowing in the Dervent Valley (Dervent Vadisi). Go close to about five kilometers.

It turned out that five kilometers are different – went on the highway, which is very, very not comfortable. Flying by buses somewhat confused. On the other hand, landscapes compensated for all inconveniences.

Dervector’s business card – Mount Camel – Clearly makes it clear that we came. By the way, quite recently she was without a fence.

The Dervent Valley also call the Valley of the imagination, because in the outlines of the rocks everyone can see something.

Again an interesting picture was observed: several large buses and heaps of tourists, crowding with cameras on a platform 10 * 10 meters. Whether they were brought to bring here ten minutes, whether they are not aware that you can get out of this site. When we quietly went down and went to climb on it "Attractions", Tourists looked at us in bewilderment. By the way, guess how much a jar of Coca-Cola costs here? Do not believe – 5 lire (100 rubles)!

Turkey, Cappadocia Valley Pashabag, Pottery and Dervent, city of Urgyub

In this figure we saw a person standing on his knees. It seems?

The figure is more comprehensive. We looked at an embracing couple. Maybe we have already completely overheated?

Someone’s profile in the style of El Salvador.

Here I was bound by the profile of Andrei))

Further we needed to get into Urgüp (Ürgüp), which for some reason we called the sickness of the day. On the highway did not want to go, so let’s go on the fellow. Representative man in glasses asks a standard question: "Vauraufrom?", what in Russian means "And where do you like these redheads?".

Main landmark of Urgyupa – Dopnie Hill in the middle of the city. Since our motto reads: if you can climb something – I take it, we, of course, they climbed on it.

Naturally, the hill is not usual, but with houses.

Some even inhabited. Photo called "Find Kota".

City view from the hill.

Little excursion one of the cave housing.

The evening is nearing, it’s time to go home. Voting on the road had to do ten minutes – no one stopped. But some guys, cutting a big bus, rushed to us with a whistle. In the direction of the house they moved to rap mobile.

We met the sunset at the outskirts of the gayama, hurt with apples and watching fearless mountain goats.

Turkey, Cappadocia Valley Pashabag, Pottery and Dervent, city of Urgyub

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