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Daily companies «Aeroflot» And Turkish Airlines fly to Istanbul, «Aeroflot» Also performs direct messages to Antalya. During the winter holidays, the flight is carried out charter flights to Bursa and Erzurum (approximately once a week), in the summer, their number increases. Turkish Airlines can deliver Turkish Airlines to any major city of Turkey, and it is necessary to make a transplant in Istanbul. But it is worth being attentive, since this docking option has its own minuses. A part of the flights arrive at Sabihi Airport Gecchen, the other — in Ataturk. When choosing Tickets, it is worth considering that from one airport to another to go at least an hour. Free transfer from arrival point to departure point Provides airline.

To get to Antalya, Kemer, Belek, Side, Alanya, you need to fly to Antalyia, to Marmaris, Ichmeler, Fethiye and Bodrum — Flight to Dalamana.

A visa-free regime between Russia and Turkey allows Russian citizens to stay in Turkey to 60 days. Single condition — until the end of the term of the passport must be at least six months. More details with the rules of entry for Russian tourists you can find here.


Duty free can be imported to 1 kg of coffee, 5 l alcoholic beverages, 20 packs of cigarettes.

In addition to personal items, it is allowed to import: two cameras, a portable radio reception, a typewriter, a film and t. D. Other equipment and jewelry must be specified in the Declaration.

Import currency unlimited, from $ 5000 it is necessary to declare. You can export Turkish lyters only in an amount equivalent to $ 1000.

For importation of domestic animals, a veterinary certificate is officially certified in the Turkish consulate.

Forbidden to export

The main prohibition of the export applies to cultural and natural values. These are vintage coins, fossils, small ancient stones and fragments of ancient ruins. If you bought such items in a souvenir shop, then at customs it will be necessary to present a check. Violation of this rule may bring to the conclusion.

It is also forbidden to export olive tree seedlings, figs, hazelnuts, pistachios and grapes.

When removing carpets, VAZ and sculptures you may be asked to make a check.

Useful phones

Embassy of the Turkish Republic in Moscow: 7th Rostovist., 12. Tel. Consulates: +7 (495) 994-93-59 (from 14:30 to 18:30), bodies. Embassies: +7 (495) 994-48-08.

Consulate General of the Turkish Republic in Kazan: ul. Maxim Gorky, 23/27. Tel: +7 (843) 299-53-10 / 11.

Consulate General of the Turkish Republic in Novosibirsk: ul. Freedom, 73. Tel: +7 (861) 764-59-79 / 52.

Consulate General of the Turkish Republic in St. Petersburg: 7th Soviet ul., 24. Tel: +7 (812) 577-18-12.

Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Istanbul: IstikLal Cad., 219-225A. Tel: +90 (212) 292-51-01 / 03.

Police: 155.

Fire Service: 110.

Ambulance: 112.

Weather in Turkey

Turkey areas differ in different climatic conditions. Areas around the Aegean and Mediterranean seas have a soft Mediterranean climate. Summer period lasts from May to October. In winter, there are plentiful rains.

Coastal areas of the Marmara Sea, including Istanbul, have the same Mediterranean climate. In winter sometimes snow, but long he does not lie.

Turkey resorts

For the last 10–15 years Turkey became a nationwide resistant. The popular All Inclusive system (all inclusive) attracts numerous tourists from Russia from the countries of the former CIS.

Democratic resort Alanya is ideal for a relaxing holiday. The road from Antalya Airport will take about two hours.

Kemer will suit lovers of pebble beaches.

For young people, the resort Marmaris with a club life. Many drivers ride exactly here to enjoy the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.

More expensive resort — Belek. Its main advantage — clean the beaches and a calm atmosphere. Place is ideal for recreation with children.

About other resorts of Turkey, where you can comfortably spend time with the whole family, you can read here.

Turkey Attractions and Entertainment

Turkey country information

Natural pools Pamukkale rightly called the eighth miracle of light. Fancy white slopes filled with mineral water are included in the UNESCO list.

About 3 million years ago, there was a volcanic eruption on the territory of modern Turkey. Centuries-old erosion turned the valley Cappadocia In a mushroom stone field, forming whole underground cities. The city of Nevsehir is famous for, as 500 years ago, people live in caves, equipping them for housing. Urgyub is interested in the house where he prayed and lived. John English. Main landmark Cappadocia — The village of Herche, in which there are 30 cave churches. Ancient Underground Cities Derinka and Caymakli were built BC. Derinka was used by Christians for shelter from Arabs. And in the gorge of Samira, the depth of which is almost 14 km, the christian-hermits built many temples, connecting them by secret transitions.

Turkish sauna Hammam — Very popular entertainment in Turkey. Received its name from Arab word «Ham» (hot). It is believed that visiting the bath is healing the body, so often the service complex includes spa, peeling and massage.
The former capital of the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Latin Empires, Istanbul Until now, is the largest city of Turkey. This city is the only one in the world located immediately and in Europe and in Asia.
Ayia Sofia (Saint Sophia Cathedral) — The former Christian Church, converted to the mosque, and today operating as a museum, keeps all the historical layers of centuries.
On the same area, directly on the contrary, there is another worthy visits to the landmark — Blue Mosque. The largest mosque in the city — Ensemble Suleymania — represents a whole architectural complex.
Palace Topkapi Earlier was the residence of Sultanov, like the Dolmabach Palace. Now it contains an interesting archaeological museum, the treasure exhibition of Sultanov. Visitors can also get an idea of ​​the life of women who were part of Harem Sultan.

One of the main attractions of Istanbul, who preserved the Great History, — These are urban walls stretched by 22 km and once defended Byzantium from the invasion of the enemy, including Ottomans.

Ancient city Hilt Popular thanks to the temple of Artemis, one of the wonders of the world. Unfortunately, the temple was destroyed by order of Feodosia I in 401 to. NS. The Celsius Library has been preserved to this day. She was considered the richest after libraries in Alexandria and Pergam. And the indoor theater — A small structure built by public by Vediya Anthony and his wife, — used for performances and could simultaneously fit up to 1500 people.

The temple of Domitsian was one of the major in the city. It was used for concerts, performances, discussions, as well as for bulls and gladiators fighting.

Check your knowledge about the former Ottoman and Byzantine Empire, bypassing our test.

Interesting traditional excursion route for vacationers in Antalya, Demrem — Mira — Kekova. Excursion includes a visit to the ancient city of the world, the Church of St. Nicholas and a yacht trip to the sunken city on Kekova Island.

In the rocks of the worlds (the modern city of Demre), the famous Lycian tombs with the foliar inscriptions are preserved. You can also see an ancient amphitheater, designed for 10,000 spectators.

In the very center of the modern demre is the Church of St. Nicholas. It was built in the IV century on the ruins of the temple of Artemis in the world. In the placement of the temple, the sarcophagus was preserved, where the relics of Nicholas Wonderworker were kept.

Antique amphoras, the walls of an ancient city, sunken as a result of an earthquake, can be observed through the glass bottom of the boat in the area of ​​Kekova Island. Here, in picturesque bays, pleasantly swim.

Turkish cuisine


Turkish kitchen is distinguished by a variety. Meat, vegetables, spices and, of course, sweets are widely represented in the menu. Kebab, roasted meat, can be tried in various variations. It is sold both in restaurants and in street eateries. This Turkish dish is very popular in Europe.
Flour products occupy a certain place in local cuisine. The most popular pit (yeast dough pellet) and Simit (ring-shaped bagels, sprinkled by sesame).
Eastern sweets famous for the whole world are amazing with their diversity. Having tried the sugar dishes once, I want to know their composition. Honey is used in almost every dessert. This is a baclava (puff pastry with nuts, impregnated in syrup), and Tulumba (roasted dough in the form of tubular or cylinder), and, of course, onions. This oriental sweetness is made of sugar, flour, starch and nuts. There are hundreds of types of Rakhat Lukuma, which are widely represented in the eastern markets.


Very popular drink from water and yogurt Ayran. Prepare without adding sugar.
Turkish coffee is preparing in a special coffee maker (Turk). Sugar is added in the cooking process, so its necessity is specified during cooking.
Also popular Turkish tea having a tart taste and served in small glass cups. Interestingly, the word in Turkish «tea» pronounced as well as in Russian.

Turkey country information

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