Turkey Culture: Personal Experience

In fact, finding this store in the area of ​​the Istanbulsky market of spices (or as it is also called the Egyptian bazaar) is not so difficult – an incredibly strong smell of coffee will help you in this. Well, and the second feature that you came to the address will be quite a larger that a rather unusual spectacle for the trade in every corner of Istanbul. Accurate address of the store Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi – Tahmis Sok. 66, Eminönü Mah.

If you enter the spice market from the Galat bridge, you need to go through the main gallery before the place where it turns left (the spice market is the letter L). Directly opposite the turn of the main gallery there is an exit to the open part of the market, at the beginning of which, on the left side, you will see the queue standing for coffee.

Fruits on the Turkish Travel Bazaar

Once, walking from the sea inland, we quickly stumbled upon the Turkish traveling bazaar. After looking at prices, I realized that it disappeared. The younger child was forced to free the stroller transportation for vegetables fruit. The stroller creaked and refused to go. Husband praying: "Expensive, stop, we leave after 2 days, we will not eat so much dear. " "Do not eat, so do you need. They are almost free of charge, you don’t see?!" The latter was empty from above the ill-fated (as it turned out later) Watermelon (May month), and we slowly rolled off the slides home.

On the day of departure, solemnly watering the candelabr in place, it was decided to finally swim and eat at least watermelon (everything else with the tears of farewell was left by the hotel’s refrigerator). Watermelon turned out to be oh very sweet. So much that even bees, hung it and not afraid to climb into the package and releasing it there. And then our sweets (from watermelon and generally)) children.

Adana Kebab in a restaurant "Y&# 252; Zevler" In Adana

We specially arrived in Adana to check out the pearl of Turkish cuisine – Adana Kebab!

Well, this is such a long cutlet with spices, grilled on the grill, if anyone knows. And I must say that Adana-kebabs are far from everywhere are good. Honestly, recently in Antalya really good Adana-Kebab we began to meet so rarely that we already began to seem to be. You could check it was only in one way: having encountered a completely original, authentic Adana Kebab on his historical homeland, that is, in Adana.

However, in Adana Kabakov – like a fool’s fooliki, how to know whether to get in good? We did not have agent data on this issue, so we decided to consult with a lonely planet. And what, it turned out that the most recommended Kabak named "Yüzevler" Located in some 10 minutes walk from our hotel!

Turkey Culture Personal Experience

In the planet, it was even written that the Thawed Adana-Kebab is one of the best in Turkey, so not to visit such a place would be just criminal negligence. Found almost no problem, just it was necessary that they had to turn from the boulevard of Zeyapashi in the second alone, but there carefully look around. But if anyone will look for, keep in mind that the Kabach himself is in the loss on the left side and on the second floor, and at the bottom only a small signboard.

The restaurant produced a solid impression: white tablecloths, napkins, flowers in vases, hollow personnel. And at the same time, prices were not much more than in the usual middle cab. If at all more. Perhaps they also earn in group tourism. We also ordered themselves for Adana Kebab, and the rest left at their discretion. We are found a couple of salads, some mini pies, well, and all nishtyaki accompanying meat: hot cakes, greens, adzhika, yogurt with cucumbers – everything is as it should. Well, finally the main dish arrived. Having tried it, we understood that there is no, nifiga we did not blunt Adana Kebab.. :)) They are there exactly such magic, which should be, that’s for sure. Yes, not in vain the planet recommended this cycle, and not in vain we went to Adana for this. Rejuvenated with Prelima Plezir, we recognized the experiment fully successful.. ))

Turkish tea drinking

With a meal one – it’s time is sweet. Oddly enough – drinking tea in principle with sweets is not accepted. Sweets eaten with water. Tea drinks separately, from small cups, in the shape of a female figure, which the flask fall into the hand. Good tea and hot tea. His drink everywhere – cropped onto the topchair, on the street standing, indoors or outside. Tea peddles are an ordinary detail of the city color.

Variety of sweets is approaching non-valid values. Sweets usually cut or wrapped on weight.

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