Turkey currency: personal experience

Decided to buy a coat in Istanbul to save and travel. In Turkey, never happened! Came, and was surprised that everything is decent and people around adequate, nothing of what was read in the reviews was not reality. Liked and trip and shopping!

Bought on the first day a coat and a leather jacket, went to Zeytinburn the choice was a huge shop very decent with the factory! Professionals work there) everything is very polite and you can agree! I could buy for $ 1000 (just awesome things) did not find such here! Honestly in my successful tour, only one person believed)) everyone said that it was not profitable! I lived in 3 * and flew regular flight (Turkish Airlines). I met interesting people, no one was refused to help me there, I traveled alone! Not knowing the language of Turkish and no similar to him. I was helped by the very people with whom I met (or rather, I introduced the hotel administrator), they come from Baku, but long ago live in St. Petersburg. Without them I would certainly be so comfortable! What is grateful to them very! Since it is not everywhere they speak Russian as they write in reviews! Eat there is not dangerous (just see what you buy). All the peoples of the world are prone to deceive)))

We perfectly spent time there! Although I was always alone! Do not be afraid those who decide to go or buy here! Turkey (Istanbul) and the resort are different things! You will not be enough for hands and drag somewhere, the main thing to go with a good mood! I can say that I was frightened to all to the last ((even our citizens at the airport seeing that I am alone I am talking about my horror stories! I do not know where they have so much negative in the head! Now for reviews I have a share of irony))

About whom the tea is treated, I can say, ordinary black strong delicious tea) I have not poured to us and treated it three times! It was nice because I wanted to drink! And even very hospitable.

Markets in Turkey: Tips

Winter clothes and shoes in Istanbul: Buying makes sense

Jackets and coats make sense to buy in Istanbul. A trip will definitely pay off. Was in November, approximate prices for covers – 300-500 dollars. Depending on the length, highlight and t.NS. Of course, the quality affects the price very much. I bought a short coat, made of sheepskin, very light and warm, style "pilot" for 330 dollars, it was possible cheaper, but I would have trading for a long time.

Be sure to trample (my oblenka cost 500, after 15 minutes it was 330). At work, everyone liked everyone, they said that in Moscow a similar minimum of 25 thousand.

Women’s Women’s Women’s Boots – from $ 50 (Natural Suede, Fur Artificial), Winter boots, which I watched (suede black, high on a wedge, "Evrozima") – from 120 dollars. One seller said that significant discounts begin in mid-December.

Although of course requests from all different, both in terms of quality and design. But it is definitely that you can choose any Turkish bunch in Moscow and find in Istanbul a similar 2 times cheaper. Many interesting male clothes.

Yeni Raki vodka in Turkey in Duty Friend and regular stores

A couple of days ago, flew from Turkey. In Duty Fries, Antalya Airport 2 x 0.7 Yeni Raki costs 20 euros. It for some kind of action.

In small nonpataste stores in the cities of villages, on average, Rakia costs from 25 to 47 Turkish lira, depending on the brand of drinking. The course of the Turkish Lyra to the dollar is now about 1.7 – 1.8. To euro – 2.0 – 2.2.

Tools in Turkey

Turkey Currency Personal Experience

Tax-Free in Turkish

In one of the shops of Bodrum, we learned about a new type of Tax-Free.

My companion went to the children’s store, I realized that I was going to spend well here and clarified by the saleswoman, is there Taks-Free. The saleswoman nodded affirmatively.

The companion scored a large number of things. When they counted the amount on the price tags – it turned out about 200 lire.

The companion asked if she could pay the card. The saleswoman replied: "Yes, sure". When the purchase was paid and the colleague began to sign a check, it turned out that the amount on the check was significantly higher than the one that was still glowing on the calculator.

We ask: how so?
Saleswoman: And this is because you paid the card.
Cash – cheaper. And the price that is largely written on the price tag – this is for cash. And since you paid the card, it is at the price that is smallerly written and slightly higher.

And then there was a lot of swearing, from which we hardly, but understood. A cheaper price that could be paid in cash is already a tax fri, that is, the price without tax, because the Turks are no worse than our know how to pay taxes. But if you pay the card, then it is already through the bank, officially, and the tax to pay the Turkish store will have to, and therefore about what tax-free when paying on the card can not go.

Turkey Currency Personal Experience

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