Turkey: female question

Attitude towards a woman and its rights in Turkey differs greatly Depending on the region where the man was born and grew. There are patriarchal areas, there are advanced, almost European.

Democratic people watch those Turkish men, who got a higher education. My wife is not a housekeeper for them, but the keeper of the hearth, beloved, friend and the second half. But feel God to marry a Russian girl for the Meskhetian Turk! About freedom you can forget. As a rule, it is immigrants from Kazakhstan. There are still men stealing girls who liked them, who were hardly 15 years old, and, having agreed with their parents, play a wedding. Opinions of the girl nobody asks.

In modern Turkish families welcome any child. Turks – caring fathers and sometimes even overly indulge their children. While there are, of course, and the family, where the boy was a priority, but my husband and two daughters, four and a half years and he loves to chat with both.

Segregation of duties

Family budget in our joint. Each has its own bank card per account. The cash needed to, for example, go to the market. In principle, I can buy a piece of meat instead of a beautiful dress, and blame me for it will not, but I understand that we have a family and spend the money necessary to rationally.

Husband helps to solve all organizational issues, and household chores on me – I try myself to do everything around the house and do not ask him for help. Her husband works hard and comes home late. I most want him to come back to the house where clean, comfortable, and where it is waiting for a hot dinner.

Visitors get a job in Turkey is difficult. Exception – tourism industry. And everywhere need an official permission, it can be obtained via the Internet by filling out forms and sending them to the police.

The husband does not prevent me from working – as soon as the youngest daughter goes to kindergarten, I go to work. Previously, I served at the hotel and took a high position, but when you have a family, to combine employment "24 hours a day on the phone," her husband and children is unrealistic.

Relationships with other women

In-law need to be herself: to respect, but not sag. Russian sincerity, talkativeness and desire to help many here perceive as a reason to sit on the neck. It is important to show right from the beginning, that you, too, have their own interests. With my mother in law we have good relations.

Friends with Turkish women is possible, but difficult – they are trying to be friendly, but really not all that looks like. In Turkey, there was a stereotype that all Russian women – is "Natasha", that is, free of morals, and Turkish women are often discriminated against us. In addition, jealous that their Turkish men prefer to marry a Russian or Ukrainian woman, and not their.

About medicine

The Turks do not believe in traditional medicine and are treated with pills. It’s worth a Turkish child to sneeze or cough, he gets a magic pill, and then the mother is tuned on bad immunity. I also had to convince my husband at first that a slight cold heals hot tea with lime and honey, not an antibiotic. Now the husband himself prohibits me to a pink of children with pills without much necessity.

Medicine in Turkey is very expensive if you do not have insurance. But there are no queues in hospitals, and you can sign up for any doctor by phone or via the Internet. Find an intelligent doctor very hard. About 200 lire must be spent for a visit to a private children’s doctor (approximately 3400 rubles.), but the subsequent consultation is already free. Visit for an adult to the doctor in the State Hospital by Insurance will cost 100 lir (1700 rubles.), that is, insurance does not cover a visit, but only gives a discount. Approximately 100 lire must pay monthly for insurance, plus the cost of its design will be required. Therefore, not everyone in Turkey is it. But with her, the doctor’s service, tests, operations are three times cheaper.

In each chamber in Antalya Hospital Shower and toilet, Although it may be not the most expensive medical institution. I can not say that hospitals look here archivery, but medical appliances at the level. Those who are fundamentally top-class maintenance go to the most expensive hospital in Antalya, which looks like a business center.

About fashion and traditions

Turkey female question

In Antalya, compared to other regions of Turkey, it is easier to dress as you like. Turkmen themselves can afford bright clothes and cuts on dresses. In the outback is not so – women walk without a lane, but their clothes are predominantly closed.

I can wear shorts, But it is necessary to understand that if I refer to my husband in this form, it compromises him compromises. It is necessary to correspond to the status of the Turkish wife of a person who occupies a high post at work. And since me the most unpleasant views of foreign men, I do not allow myself deep neckline.

Turchians in the innovation of beauty will not call advanced – new trends in makeup, hair paint and nails here are just beginning to be embedded. So new items like gel lacquer, staining Ballozh, sometimes our learn local.

About leisure and choices

Discrepan on the driver’s license in Turkey And for men, and for women. Many this manages only with the fifth attempt. To buy rights in Turkey is impossible. Nevertheless, they are terribly watering in Turkey: violate the rules, overtake, stick on the road, cut. The husband laughs, says that I am driving a lot of Turkish, much better.

Theaters and exhibitions in Antalya are not in demand – mostly local prefer to go to a good restaurant or go to nature. With cultural life here, of course, is not so saturated as we. In the theater, the ballet go, but not massively. Mainly prefer cinema.

In Turkey, do not like holidays as we love them, – birthdays here are noted less often and not all. That’s what I miss, so this is our relationship for holidays, especially such as New Year and Birthday. Therefore, I decided to introduce people from our environment with our Slavic traditions. So, at Easter, I baked cakes and gave the eldest daughter so that she treats everyone in kindergarten (but before asked the educator, whether she would not be against, after all, in the Deniz group only two children Russian speakers, and the rest are Turkish children). But in the kindergarten were all glad and thanked. And what is the real new year, the children learned when we arrived in Kharkov: with snow, Santa Claus, a Christmas tree – everything is as expected. In Turkey, this is not, and very sorry.

About religion

Turks try to be religious, keep the post during the holiday of Ramadan, but in ordinary life and can eat, and pork eat. In the field of tourism is even easier. My husband did not require me to take Muslim and prayed to Allah.

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