Turkey resorts: Fethiye

The west of the region, adjacent to the famous Bodrum resorts, is little known to foreign tourists. However, with a certain desire, here you can find beautiful reserved beaches of Dalyan (Dalyan) and nearby Ruins of Kaununa (IX in. to N. NS.), Rocky Saglors of the Baba and Mountains of Goats, Sandy Shores of Sarysuliman and Patars Boots, High Plateau Elmala and Bay Mountain Ridge. But the most attractive city of the region is undoubtedly, Fethiye (Fethiye) – the resort capital of the turquoise coast and a noisy market center.

The modern city lies at the place of the ancient port of Telmes (Telminesmosos), for a long time thoroughly against the expansion of the Lycons, and in the 4th century BC. NS. included in Likia. Like most Lycian cities, Telmes was captured by Alexander Macedonian in 334-333 before. NS., But quickly freed from the power of the invaders. Nearh requested permission to leave many prisoners who captured in previous battles. But women and boys hid weapons in musical instruments and raised the riot, capturing the Acropolis. So a shameful defeat of an invincible Macedonan perceived with the famous fraction of humor and left the city alone. A lot of this was facilitated by the Glory of Telmes as the center of Cult Apollo, in which the Sanctuary of the same name and Oracle, who had a huge influence in Malaya Asia. Be that as it may, the city has existed to the Roman era when he was renamed Anastasiopolis (VIII in. N. NS.), and in the next century he received the name Macci (Megry), under which he was famous until 1934, when the Turks called him Fethiye in honor of the flyer Fethi-Bay. By that time, two terrible earthquakes (1857 and 1957.) Almost destroyed most of the old city, whose quarters are now under the shipments and boulevard.

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Turkey Fethiye resorts

The most vivid evidence of the former majesty of the city can be found on the slopes above the city bazaar. Here there are many rocky Lycian graves, among which the so-called so-called "The grave of Amintasa" (Open daily from 8.30 before sunset, input – 4 try), decorated with two ionic columns and a triangular fronton resembling an antique temple. Behind the tourist office and the main pier stretched Antique Theater, in which charitable concerts are often held, funds from which and go to the restoration of this construction II-IV centuries. NS. The monument of later epochs is the so-called Knight’s castle (XV B.) lying over the harbor and former Acropolia, now cleared from the houses of the Gypsy quarter and turning into the park. Inconspicuous Museum Fethiye (open from Thursday to Sunday from 8.30 to 17.00, entrance – 2 TRY) has a good collection of archaeological finds, but his main "Raisinka" – Leton stele 358 years before. NS., served as the starting point for the decryption of all Lycian inscriptions.

Around the city

Fethiye easily reach the ancient Lycian city Kadyanda (Approximately V in. to N. NS.), abandoned Christian city Kaya, or Levursi (it is interesting that this is the last Greek city in Turkey, which existed from the III in. N. NS. up to a massacre of 1919-1922, after which local Turks were accompanied by the Fethiye Greeks who fled to the port to say goodbye to them), lying near the ancient Ruins Carmilas (Carmlassos), as well as to the destroyed monastery Afloe, Reminded by their plan and location Famous meteors.


Most tourists come here all the same holidays on excellent beaches of the region. If you move from the city of Fethiye south along the shores of the peninsula, you can find many cozy beaches remote from mass tourism. Beaches in these places are narrow, sandy. If you walk, you can explore little affordable beaches – only narrow pedestrian paths are leading to many of them. By the way, along the coast can be saved on a boat or yacht.

Within 50 km from Fethiye, such famous shores like a two-kilometer pebble beach Kalysh (5 km north of the city), isolated island Gemile (8 km west of Kai-koy), bay Bendjekyz and Kydrak, famous for its medieval ruins and beaches island Ayia Nica (Gemile Adazi), Mountain Treas Ojakkoy (Ocakkoy, one of the few resorts in Turkey, which actively serves disabled people), Ovadzhik (Ovacik) and Hisaenu (Hisaronu) south of Fethiye, and the bay itself fetchie with its twelve islands and a lot of isolated bays can give a guest set "Wild" Beach.

Painting Blue Lagoon Oludeniz (10 km south of Fethiye). At the foot of the Lycian mountains, it is a natural reserve. Waters bay, whose name is translated as "The Dead Sea", Possess healing properties. They are very high in the concentration of sea salt, which contributes to the healing of the Russian Academy of Sciences and has a beneficial effect on the whole body as a whole. Oludeniz became truly Mecca parasaleliga and kiting, as well as a favorite holiday destination "Advanced youth".

South of the village surrounded by mountain slopes Kydrak (Kidrak) One of the Wild Coast of Turkey begins – Ediburun (Ediburunlar – "Seven Myshs"). These wild shores with a multitude of tiny isolated villages lying away from the coast are one of the most popular areas in the region for outdoor activities. Here is also open at the beginning of the XXI century a tourist trail "Lycian Path", passing almost along the entire turquoise coast. Starting in Oludenise and leading through ovagik, it ends already in Antalya, passing by the most beautiful mountain areas, Christian ruins, who are not found in any guidebook, and stunning on the beauty of seaside species platforms. There are here and good beaches, like Gemile Limana.

North, in the very northwestern corner of the Bay of Fethiye (Skopay), lies a new resort Gomezhek (Gocek), popular from Turkish Beaumd. Interestingly, there is simply no good beach here, but the coastal promenade is considered one of the most beautiful in the country. The closest beaches lie approximately 10 km to the east, in small bays Gyunlyuklu (Gunluklu) and Katrejy (Katranci), as well as west, in the area Sarygerme (Sarigerme) and Iztyzu (Iztuzu). Literally 700 meters around the River Above Dalyan there are thermal sources Ilyjja, And even above – less crowded, but possessing the better infrastructure of the terms of Sultania-droplets near Keygegiz (North Coast of the Lake of the same name).

Idyllic bay Ekindzhik (Ekincik) is 38 km south-west of Cagegiz (here the main thing is not to confuse – in the region about a dozen objects with the name Koycegiz – the city, two villages, the lake, the sea bay and so on). This popular yacht port and the starting point to the ruins of ancient Kaunos is famous for both the most village Ekindzhik, picturesquely scattered along the slope of the mountain, and a good beach, and a whole system of underwater caves.

Turkey Fethiye resorts

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