Turkey, Marmaris: survey of habitat, part 2

Today we decided to completely devote to Marmaris. Long time already on foot did not walk all day.

Today we decided to completely devote to Marmaris. Long time already on foot did not walk all day.

The walk began with an amphitheater, which was not far from us. Apparently, it is built more recently. Perhaps on the site of some kind of ancient, but earlier here also there were no cities. Today it seems to be used for appointment.

Detected already the second "gym" in the open sky. In my opinion, it would be difficult to think more useless simulators, although the idea is good.

Tourists every year marching larger and larger.

On the seafront, we were already, but once the day is dedicated to the whole city, then photographed another time to consolidate)

Day today sunny, landscapes are amazing again.

Although the weather and good, constantly blowing the wind. Apparently, therefore a lot of small sailboats came to the sea. It seems that people are training in management.

On the pier and in the vicinity of many different monuments, monuments, not devoid of grace.

Marmaris is waiting for its guests.

So far dozens of restaurants are empty, there is no one in the morning.

Apparently, this seagull is a symbol of the city, t.To. Meets everywhere.

The "Take a picture of the masterpiece" is again lost, apparently.

All of these restaurants are located in the old town, so they look from very pleasant. The absence of tourists only complements the entourage.

Once here instead of restaurants were residential buildings. Although, and now in many someone clearly lives.

Another elegant monument. Or monument. Or sculpture who likes more.

Hollyk at the pier. Bunch with houses.

Kebabo-Kot. Local domestic animals have such a feature – they are all fattening. No, spilled! Thai thin sludge cats and dogs are not in mom.

Apparently, the postman Pechekin in the morning came.

Warm, cozy, dear. the beauty!

Perhaps photos with streets today will be a lot, sorry. The old part of the city is very romantic.

Found the mosque of Ibrahim-Pasha (who looks "magnificent century" here, admit). It turned out that not "Pasha", but "Agi". And do not mosque, but something incomprehensible. Only minaret says Muzzins are found here.

This is the correct size! 5 lir (100 rubles). Snack before dinner seemed by chance turned into lunch.

Maze of the old town.

Suddenly, how the door creaked in the fairy tale.

Actually, we wanted to get to the local Museum Fortress, but it was closed until May. Oops.

The market preferably offers the widest choice of headquarters of A la "Ibrahim-Pasha at a meeting of the sofa".

Yes, not everyone guess so to do.

Turkey, Marmaris Survey of habitat, part 2

Sir wishes orange? Or apple? Oh, we missed Asia on apples, you need to notice!

Local "Central Committee". Rather, the market. Each first seller speaks Russian and every second or mother, or Russian wife.

Competition "Find Andrei"!

And in the afternoon, and at night the cat learned everything walks around the chain around. Another victim of Turkish cuisine;)

Hundreds of yachts of any sizes moored in the port. This is just one pier of dozens.

Water Purest and Laying. Obviously not as in southern Chinese and other neighboring seas.

It all sticks out the mast yachts. Try to calculate. By the way, it is interesting how much the yacht content is per month, per year? How often some maintenance is required? If someone knows, please write.

Someone has already opened the water pokatushek season. And do not say that "the horizon in the photo is littered";)

Pucked with your finger in the menu and ordered something unknown. It turned out that this is something like a kebab from chicken with all sorts of things. Hello, delayed lunch.

Apparently, the Turks took into account the wishes of tourists and this year decided to improve the service.Each sun bed will be attached pot. Now you do not need to run to the toilet.

An interesting fact – in the city full of giant sizes. For what those who know?

Another "smell", this time lilac. Something reminded the "Tree of Life" from "Avatar".

– Well, you will smooth or so just came to photograph?

Traditional frame with telephone. Zhanna is photographed with them (telephones) in each country, village, city.

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