Turkey resorts on the Aegean Sea

What is interesting Turkey resorts on the Aegean Sea? What they are better and worse than Antalya and the resorts of the Mediterranean Sea? What are the features here? Read the answers, see a detailed map of the Aegean coast of Turkey, read descriptions of all major resorts.

Map of the Resorts of the Aegean Sea

The Aegean coast is made to attract all resorts in the provinces Izmir, Aydin and Mugla. In the east, the province of Mugla borders with the province of Antalya, where the resorts of the Mediterranean are already beginning.

Please note that the resorts are divided into administrative boundaries of the provinces, and not by the borders of the seas. For example, Fethiye and Dalaman are customary to attribute to the Aegean coast, although in fact they are on the Mediterranean coast.

Map with the designation of resorts and resort zones, cities, airports, distances below. The border between the seas on it is also indicated.

On the map, we did not point out the names of small resort areas, as they are too much, the card will then be impossible to read. In most of our detailed articles there are cards of specific regions indicating titles and distances.

Airports of Aegean coast

In the region of three airports:

Izmir Airport. Adnana Menderes (Izmir Adnan Menderes, code: ADB) is located in the south of the city of Izmir, immediately at the city feature, 19 kilometers south from the city center.

This is the largest airport in the region – 13 million passengers a year, in Turkey he is the 5th passenger traffic. Here are two runways. In international destinations, Izmir Airport serves mostly charter flights, charters from Russia fly often. There are no regular or seasonal flights from Russia yet.

Milas Bodrum Airport (Milas-Bodrum Airport, Code: BJV) is located between the cities of Milas (17km) and Bodrum (36km).

This is a small airport, passenger traffic – about 3 million passengers per year. International regular flights it does not serve in general, only charter and seasonal. From Russia in the summer season a lot of charter flights flies here. We can say that Bodrum Airport is the main goal on the Aegean coast of Turkey for Russians.

Dalaman Airport (Dalaman Airport, Code: DLM) is located in the south of the city of Dalaman, 800 meters below the city, 6 kilometers from the city center.

Also a small airport, passenger traffic – 4.5 million passengers per year. And also here do not fly international regular flights, only seasonal and charter. From Russia there are seasonal flights, but so far only from one airline – Ural Airlines. Very many charters from Russia.

Table of bus travel time between the main resorts and airports, see below:

Izmir Airport Bodrum Airport Dalaman Airport
Izmir 0.5-1.5h * 2.5-3.5CH 4-5h
Czech 1ch 3.5H 4.5-5h
Kusadasi 1ch 2h 3.5H
Didim 2h 1.5H 3.5H
Bodrum 3h 45min 3h
Marmaris 3h 2h 1.5H
Dalaman 3.5H 2.5CH 40min
Fethiye 4h 3h 1ch

* – Izmir’s resort zones are far from the airport, see the map in our detailed article about Izmir.

Features of the resorts of the Aegean Sea

Most Russians who visited Turkey rested in the resorts of the Mediterranean Sea (Antalya, Alanya, Kemer, Belek, Side). And many tourists seem to seem all the resorts of Turkey look and arranged the same – this is a long beach line, along her large hotels. But the resorts of the Aegean Sea others.

At the resorts of the Aegean Sea, large hotels do not dominate. Here, guest houses, aparthotels and mini-hotels are the main "workshoes" of the tourist business. Favorite Russians All Inclusive on the Aegean Coast is not so often – far from all hotels.

However, mini-hotels are different. There is just a set of rooms, and there are very worthy options with a swimming pool, a chic buffet, all amenities. Watch the photo below, click to enlarge. Is it bad?

The resorts of the Aegean Sea were originally popular with the British, Scandinavians, Dutch. Local tourist infrastructure adapted to them. Most of them do not need all inclusive, they prefer to go to the local restaurant, and beer and strong alcohol prefer to drink in the nearest bar.

Large hotel they also have anything, the hotel they consider as a sleeping place. Therefore, on the Aegean coast, there are not many large hotels, but a lot of guest houses and mini-hotels. Poped apart hotels, as they give serious savings – you can cook the foodselves.

The Aegean coast has many advantages

When choosing a place of rest, most Russians are "looped" at the choice of hotel, which completely forget about the region itself, where are going. And in vain.

Each resort of the Aegean coast is a former ancient Greek city, most were also in the Middle Ages important cities and fortresses. At every resort you can see interesting excavations of the ancient cities, fortresses and castles, museums. And all this can and you need to watch yourself, and not to order expensive excursions. Pay only the "kopeck" entrance ticket and transport.

Public transport on the Aegean coast is greatly developed. Local minibuses (dolmoshi) are held everywhere, they have successful routes, and the fare price is only 1.5-3 Turkish lira. Actual course, see our "Money in Turkey" page. In our detailed articles (links to them will be lower) We are talking about the most useful routes.

For example, most European tourists on the Aegean coast do not go to organized excursions. They for a week of vacation quite the local attractions and water parks.

The second important advantage – on the Aegean Sea low humidity. High temperatures here are transferred easily, and in general breathing easier. Relative humidity in the resorts of the Aegean Sea in summer – 40-50%. For comparison, in Antalya or Alanya – 60-65%, in Kemer – up to 70%.

Resorts of the Aegean Sea

On the Aegean coast about hundreds of resort areas of different sizes. All of them are usually attributed to 8 main resorts, although this classification is quite conditional – no official document approves it, rather, it is a tradition of the authors of guidebooks and employees of tourist companies.

Let’s tell about every major resort.


Izmir is a big city, more than 3 million people live here. The city is very interesting, but absolutely not adapted for a beach holiday – there are no beaches suitable for this. However, there are beaches in resort towns around Izmir, but in these towns there are almost nothing to watch and go to go.

You have to choose between the city and the beach.

A compromise option is a relatively large resort town of Gyumuldur in the south (50km) from Izmir. There are also magnificent beaches, water park, and shops, and restaurants.

Most of the resort areas are easy to get to Izmir on buses or minibuses. View in Izmir there is something: a giant embossed statue of Ataturk tall with a 15-storey house, a unique bird reserve, an excavation of old Smirns and much more.

Read our detailed article about Izmir, where we described all resort zones, gave the map of the region, indicated all distances and travel time, told about the best sights of Izmir.


Small town and resort approximately 100 kilometers west from Izmir. This is a special place for the history of Russia, in 1770, here the Russian fleet completely destroyed the superior numerically Turkish fleet. Czech is the place of combat glory of Russia.

Czech resort is famous for its beaches – soft sand, gently sloping in the water, small depth at a large distance from the shore and magnificent blue water.

Hotels in Cesme a bit, but almost everything is on the first line. Here are including hotels of the world’s leading networks: Sheraton and Radisson Blu, the famous Turkish network Ontur.

An extensive cultural and entertainment program can be arranged even from local attractions. In Cesme there are two water park, castle and museum, excavations of the ancient city of Erira. Czech is also a wellness resort, famous for all Turkey healing thermal sources and healing mud.


The city of Kusadasi is small – only 70 thousand people of the population. But the resort of Kusadasi by the dimers of the Aegean coast is very large – 30 kilometers of coastline.

Like Czech, Kusadas resort is famous for excellent beaches, most of them have a "blue flag". Clean blue and azure water of the sea, soft and pleasant sand, a small depth for several tens of meters ideal for recreation with children.

In Kusadasa, about 150 hotels of different levels. But choosing the hotel should be very neat. Not all hotels on the first line have a suitable beach. Some hotels only have a pier, but that option is not satisfied everyone.

Fun in Kusadasi you can all leave and not even leave the resort. Here are 4 water park, each interesting in its own way. Famous ancient city of Ephesus is right next to Kusadasi. In addition, there is a medieval castle with a museum and a national park with rare species of animals.


Didim – a small town with a population of only 26 thousand people. And the resort is small – only one hundred hotels and guest houses. But some names from local beaches! "Golden Sands" and "Silver Sands" waiting for tourists in Didim.

The record for Didim Aegean Coast hotels concentration of 5 stars. Here, a great selection of hotels on the first beach line and with All Inclusive system. Several hotels have private beaches, that the Aegean coast – an extremely rare phenomenon.

In Didim well developed tourist infrastructure, and this despite the fact that the resort is small. There is an amusement park and a water park, will have something to occupy children. For lovers of history near Didim there are excavations of the ancient city of Miletus, the city can see the ancient Greek temple of Apollo. Nature lovers can take a trip to Lake Bafa Reserve.

Very interesting place in Didim – a harbor D-Marina, moor here more than 1000 yachts. Look at some of them – that’s interesting. Getting around the resort is very easy – the local dolmus (bus) runs through all the resort areas, stopping at the main attractions.


Turkey resorts on the Aegean Sea

Bodrum – is a large by the standards of the Aegean coast resort, where fifty large hotels, and hundreds of guest houses and apartment hotels. The main convenience for tourists – near the airport, will go about 40 minutes to the hotel.

Tourists Bodrum is known primarily because of the airport. But in the world, he is known primarily as the former in the ancient city of Halicarnassus, a place famous mausoleum – one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The excavation of the Mausoleum today tourists can see for a symbolic 10 YTL.

Bodrum hotels almost all are on the first beach line, because there is no shore deficiency – on the peninsula Bodrum more than 100 kilometers of coastal stripes.

Bodrum is the best place for lovers of antiquity. There is a medieval castle of the Crusader, inside the museum of underwater archeology is the world’s largest similar museum. Here you can see the restoration of antique ships. Where else look like?


Marmaris is the largest resort of the Aegean coast of Turkey, there are more than 50 large hotels, more than 500 mini-hotels, apartheards, guest houses.

The city of Marmaris is small, the population is about 40 thousand people, the city will stretch along the coast about 5 kilometers, in a depth of approximately a kilometer.

But the resort Marmaris is not only a city, but also the entire Marmaris Peninsula, where more than 600 kilometers of the coast, many separate resort areas. The resort fully occupies the territory of two regions – Marmaris and Dane.

The main advantage of resting in the city of Marmaris is the availability near the hotel at the same time both the beach and attractions and shops, and water parks. "All in one" – so you can call the main advantage of Marmaris.

Marmaris is known as the most "party resort" in Turkey. Although in reality, here is not Ibiza, night clubs are about a dozen. We told about it in detail in our article about Marmaris.

Holidays in the distant resort areas has its advantages – silence, calm, and you can take a bus or taxi if desired. But the long-air resort area needs to choose carefully. Each such zone is an individuality, with its minuses. In our article about Marmaris, we led map and description of all resort zones.


Dalaman is known primarily due to its international airport – "Gates" for tourists to Southwestern Turkey.

As the resort of Dalaman, you can say "does not exist". In the city of Dalaman, only 2 full-fledged hotels and about 5 guest houses. The word "resort" is not visiting.

The resort of Dalaman is customary to call several cities and resort areas in the neighboring areas. Beach Zone Sarigerme and Cities of Dalyan and Gudjek. Each of them specializes in their form of rest. Sarigerme – Beach Holidays, Dalyan – Paradise for Rafting Lovers, Göjek – For tourists on yachts.

But even in Ralyne and Guezek there are beaches, just not within walking distance. Simple tourists in Dalyon will be interested in the Beach of Izutu, announced by the reserve. Sea turtles nest here, you can make an excursion to the center of study and rehabilitation of turtles.

In our detailed article, we brought the map of the region with the designation of resort zones, told about the best beaches, hotels and attractions of Dalaman. In Dalaman, there is a railway station, but no and never existed the railway. You know how this could get? This is a very funny story.


Fethiye – Wagon resort, it is adapted for all types of tourists. In the northern part of the city there is a long beach and beach hotels along it, in the southern part of the city there is a large marina and small hotels for arriving on yachts. In the north of the city there are even a few campgrounds for lovers of rest in tents.

In the world of Fethiye, it is famous for the city, where the coffins can be found right on the street, and rather ancient Lycian sarcophagi, who risky to dismiss the museum, they were left to stand on the streets.

Fethiye is considered one of the best places of rest in Turkey for shred in tourists. There are campgrounds, there are hostels, there are quite inexpensive guest houses. The choice of expensive hotels here is also worthy of the standards of the Aegean coast.

In Fethiye, many local attractions: Lycian tomb, archaeological museum, butterflies valley, antique amphitheater, the ruins of the medieval castle. There are two water park. Do not be bored.

It’s important to know

– At the resorts of the Aegean Sea infrastructure developed excellent. Options where to eat dozens and on any wallet. If your plans do not include abundant consumption of alcohol, it will be more profitable to eat alone than paying all inclusive. About prices in catering establishments, read in our article "How much money to take on holiday to Turkey";

– even more profitable to prepare food from the products from the supermarket, if you book an apartment or room in the aparthotel. Fleothes in Marmaris enough. About prices in stores Read our article "How much products cost in Turkey";

– At the resorts of the Aegean Sea, dollars or the euro will accept far from everywhere. And even if they take the store, then in a clearly bad course. It is more profitable to change on the lira and pay the lies. Read our detailed review "Where and how to change currency in Turkey".

Successful holidays on the Aegean coast, and read our useful articles on Turkey and Turks (List of articles below).

Turkey resorts on the Aegean Sea

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