Turkey resorts on the Mediterranean Sea

The resorts of the Mediterranean – this is the main tourist destination for Russians in Turkey. According to the final statistics of 2019, 5.5 million tourists from Russia rested here. Statistics for 2020 will not bring, it is too sad. Resorts here are several, so every year you can ride new impressions and emotions. What exactly, read in our article.

Map of the resorts of the Mediterranean

Under the phrase "Resorts of the Mediterranean Sea" in Turkey, it is customary to understand all resorts in the province of Antalya. Please note that division is carried out by provinces, and not by seas. For example, Dalaman and Fethiye resorts are actually on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, but they are customary to belong to the resorts of Turkey of the Aegean Sea, as they are in the province of Mugla.

It is customary to allocate 7 large resorts of the Mediterranean Turkey: Antalya, Alanya, Belek, Kemer, Side, Demre and Kash. Below, see the map of the resorts, where large cities, airports and all resort areas are indicated. Also given distances to resorts from the nearest airports. Click on the map to enlarge.

After the card, we will talk about the peculiarities of the resorts, airports, recreation benefits.

10-15 years ago, the word "Antalya" called all resorts of the Mediterranean Sea. Then the tourists were less legible, and the resorts were not as developed. Since then, much has changed. Now the word "Antalya" is customary to call only the city of Antalya and the adjacent resort areas of Lara and Konyaalti.


The coast of the Mediterranean Sea of ​​Turkey serves 2 airports.

Antalya Airport (Antalya Havaliman&# 305; ", Code: AYT) – This is the 3rd passenger traffic of the airport of Turkey and the 13th in European countries. In 2019, the airport accepted and sent 35.7 million passengers.

At Antalya Airport, three runways, two international and one home terminal. If you buy a trip to Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea, then with a probability of 99 out of 100, the flight will be to Antalya Airport.

Gazipasa-Alanya Airport ("Gazipa&# 351; A-Alanya Havaliman&# 305; ", Code: GZP) Located on the border of the regions of Alanya and Gazipas. This airport was built to develop the tourism industry in the Alanya region, opened in 2010.

The airport is very small: one runway, one terminal, parking from terminals for 6 large liners. According to statistics of 2019, the airport accepted and sent 1,100,000 passengers.

Take a trip from airports to resorts Watch Table below. Since the resorts of the Mediterranean stretched, we will give two times – to the nearest and the most details of the resort.

Antalya Airport Alanya Airport
Kash from 3 hours 20 minutes
up to 3 hours 40 minutes
Demrem from 1 hour 45 minutes
up to 2 hours 40 minutes
Kemer From 40 minutes
up to 1 hour 35 minutes
Antalya from 15 minutes
up to 25 minutes
Belek from 25 minutes
up to 35 minutes
from 2 hours 10 minutes
up to 2 hours 20 minutes
Side from 45 minutes
up to 1 hour 10 minutes
from 1 hour 20 minutes
up to 1 hour 45 minutes
Alanya from 1 hour 30 minutes
up to 2 hours 30 minutes
from 15 minutes
up to 1 hour 30 minutes

As can be seen from numbers, Gazipasha-Alanya Airport is convenient only for the resort of Alanya. In all other cases, Antalya Airport is better.

Features of the resorts of the Mediterranean

The resorts of the Mediterranean received a huge amount of nickname. And we think that it is these nicknames best reveal the features of this region.

All inclusive country

9 out of 10 hotels in Turkey Mediterranean work on the All Inclusive system. Many hotels work only by AI. This is the first serious difference in the resorts of the Mediterranean and the Aegean seas in Turkey. On the Aegean Sea by the All Inclusive system only 1 hotel out of 10.

Guides often tell the story that the All Inclusive system was invented in Turkey and precisely in Antalya. It is not true. AI system invented in France in the 50s. But the Turks picked up the idea, and now they are leading in the world by the number of hotels with AI.

The All Inclusive system has both its advantages and cons. As a result of the distribution of AI, the resorts of the Mediterranean are poorly developed infrastructure. Cafes and restaurants are very small, stores only souvenirs. In the grocery store or pharmacy, tourists have to go to a taxi to the nearest city, which is suitable for a wallet. Hotels here are designed to make tourists from them at all.

An interesting fact that most tourists manage to spend a vacation in Turkey and do not taste a single famous dish of Turkish cuisine. Of course, in addition to Pakhlava, Lukuma, Halva. If you were already in Turkey on AI, then look at our article "The best dishes of Turkish cuisine". Which ones you tried? Such is the peculiarity of Turkish All Inclusive: Tourists try to feed in international dishes, and not Turkish dishes.

Tourist "Hittermen" of Turkey

According to statistics of 2019, the country of Turkey adopted 51.9 million foreign tourists. Of these, 15.1 million accepted Mediterranean resorts. It’s nearly 30% of the total foreign tourist tourist.

And where to turn around! In the province of Antalya about 420 kilometers of coastline.

On the Mediterranean Sea more than 1000 large hotels. Overall hotel capacity – 193 500 rooms. And every year the system includes new hotels, 8-10 thousand numbers are added. In many resort areas, hotels are built in 2 lines, it happens in 3 and 4 lines.

Almost all the coast of the province of Antalya looks equally. This is a long beach line, large hotels are located along it. Along the coast passes the D400 highway, part of hotels are around the road from the beach.

Russian-German resort

The resorts of the Mediterranean Sea are most of all tourists from Russia and Germany. Exact figures of statistics: 28% Russians and 16% of Germans. Therefore, they call "Russian-German Resort".

According to statistics, more Russians rest in Antalya, and in Alanya more Germans. Therefore, these resorts are often called the "Russian resort" (Antalya) and "German Resort" (Alanya).

Country of greenhouses

In the province of Antalya, only two areas of the economy are tourism and agriculture. Fertile land here is very small, because most of the province area is occupied by mountains. Therefore, agriculture is developed here in greenhouses.

Greenhouses built up hundreds of hectares of land. If you set in a room with a picturesque view of the greenhouses, then do not be surprised, it often happens here. Major cultures are cucumbers and tomatoes. The province of Antalya is also called the "tomato-cucumber country".

Some other features

Taxi drivers in the resorts on the Mediterranean Sea almost always refuse to carry tourists on the counter. Require a fixed fee, and overlaid several times. Be careful not to overpay.

Weather in Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea has a feature. Here in summer, very high humidity – 60-70%. With such moisture to carry the heat hard. Details in our article "Weather in Turkey".

On the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, only one large city of Antalya, the population is a million people. There are two more cities of Alanya and Manavgat with a population of about 100,000 people. The rest of the settlements are small, even the status of the city is not "pull". Recall that according to Russian standards, the minimum qualities of the city status – 12,000 people.

Advantages of the resorts of the Mediterranean Sea

The first advantage – speak Russian here. Almost all employees of the tourist sphere own the Russian language at least at the minimum level (100-200 words). They speak with errors, but you can talk without problems. For a comfortable stay to know foreign languages ​​not necessarily.

However, representatives of some professions to learn Russian do not want. For example, police officers, officials, pharmacists. From these people talk in Russian do not wait.

The second advantage – everywhere take dollars and euros. No need to change dollars on Turkish lira. All stores in resort areas are happy with the pleasure of dollars and euros, even price tags are often in dollars, and not in Turkish lies. Taxi drivers prefer dollars, in dolmosha (minibuses) can be paid by dollars.

There are exceptions. For example, in the ticket offices, only Turkish lira are most often taken, passing on official buses is often only for the lira.

Third advantage – gorgeous sandy beaches. The coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey is heterogeneous. Do not think that all 420 kilometers occupy beaches with golden sand. Such beaches here are only about 60 kilometers.

The best beaches of Turkish Mediterranean:

– Patars and Kaputas in Casha;

– Western beach in Side;

– Jimur, Inzhekum, Avsallar, Turkler and Cleopatra Beach in Alanya.

Resorts of the Mediterranean Sea

Each resort has its own characteristics, so we will tell about each in more detail.


This is one of the largest cities in Turkey, its population exceeds a million people. Antalya is considered the tourist center of the Mediterranean of the country. In many ways, it received this status thanks to the same airport – the largest airports serving Turkey resorts.

The coast here has a length of 34 km, but only 18 of them are suitable for beach holidays. Miscellaneous beaches – from sandy to rocky. In the city itself, the coast has a pebble coating.

There are about 70 hotels, the lion’s share of them corresponds to the level of 5 stars. As well as about 200 guest houses and apart-hotels that Russian travel agencies have already done generously. Note that not all hotels have their own beach areas on the coast.

With the excursion program, there will be no problems in the city and the surroundings are tens of attractions, which can be reached independently. Among them: Sand sculptures park, Dudy Waterfalls, Ancient Gate Adrian and, of course, Authentic Old Town.

Entertainment, too, is for every taste: numerous shopping centers, restaurants, aquarium, large water park and dolphinarium.

Read the details in our big article "Resort Antalya".


This is a tiny town where only seven thousand people live. Located in a kilometer from the sea, the beach strip stretched 20 km. It is divided into several zones.

It is believed that this is an elite resort. Almost all the coast is occupied by five-star hotels of high class, they are about fifty. Budget hotels and guest houses are not so much, they are behind the five-stroke line.

The peculiarity of this resort is the guests of the second line hotels to go to the sea will have a kilometer, and even more. And not the fact that the hotel has its own site on the coast. If you go to Belek for you, it is not an end in itself, it is better to go to a good hotel to another resort of Turkey than in the budget here. In terms of cost will be released, and even cheaper.

Local beaches are one of the best in Turkey – sandy, with smooth sunset, almost perfectly clean. Attractions are enough to not be away from the hotel. The main of them are the remnants of the ancient cities aspandos and Perger, Religion Park, the main square of Belek. And of course, it is impossible to miss the Land of Legends – the largest entertainment complex in Turkey.

Another popular entertainment in Bellek is a game of golf. And it is not as expensive, as many think. In Belek, there are 12 large golf courses.

Read the details in our big article "Resort Belek".


Kemer, on the contrary, the most budget resort of Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea. At the same time, tourism is the only economy industry. Travelers attracts a picturesque combination of mountains, sea and coniferous armor, but for agriculture this is not the best option.

The coastline stretched 60 km, but only half is suitable for beach holidays. Sands do not meet, only in bulk version. However, the uncomfortable rods will not save and this. The best friend of local tourists is special forces for the sea.

Almost all the coast is built up with hotels. Together with the apartments and villas, their number approaching the five hundred. About hundreds of hotels correspond to the level of five stars, half of them have this status officially. There are here and campgrounds for those who prefer rest in a tent of the Boards of Civilization.

In our article about Kemer, we will tell in detail about the tourist zones of the region. Now we will mention them just a few, each has its own specifics and target audience.

Turkey resorts on the Mediterranean Sea

With attractions in Kemer everything is difficult. Interesting places a lot, but they are at a respectful distance from each other. If you decide, you are waiting for, for example, mountain chimera with natural "eternal fire" or excavation of ancient cities Olympus and Faselis.

Read the details in our big article "Kemer resort".


The resort area that is constantly arguing with Kemer for the title of Budget. Hotels here are even more – about one and a half thousand. Of these, classic hotels "just" about three hundred, the rest – Guest houses, villas and apartments.

In 2010, the airport was opened here, but most tourists still arrive at Antalya Airport. The path from there to local hotels are not hotels. Details of the intriculture regarding the road to Alanyu read in our article dedicated to this resort.

The coastline has an impressive length – 75 km. She is divided into twelve resort areas. In Alanya, you can find any option to the beach: sand, pebbles, stones. The main thing is to know where to look for. And you can find out in our detailed article.

The region has a very ancient history and a large number of attractions, but they are at a respectful distance from each other. The greatest interest among tourists is called: Alanya Castle, the Red Tower of Kyzyl Kule, which is a symbol of the city, Dalmatash Cave, Canyon Sapadere.

There are several water parks here, but all these mini options. The biggest of them has only eight slides.

Read the details in our big article "Resort Alanya".

So called the tourist region in the field of Manavgat. Why such a discrepancy occurred in the names, read in the article dedicated to this resort.

Side is 40 km of coastline. A little more than a third of the coast occupy a decent sandy beaches with a beautiful gentle sunset, occasionally intermitted with a mixture of sand and small pebbles.

There are about 250 hotels of different levels, most of them work on the "All Inclusive" system. The main thing is that you need to know about local hotels, – is the sea close. Because even not cheap "five" and "four" can be located on the 4th line.

There are practically no cities on the coast, only small settlements, and most of the hotels are "all inclusive". This led to a very mediocre entertainment infrastructure outside the hotels. For example, there was not a single water park for a long time, only in 2019 the first. But here it is very interesting to lovers of diving. On the territory of the resort there is a unique underwater museum, where more than a hundred statues of a height of 1 to 6 meters are located.

Attractions can be judged by the name of the resort region. Side is also the most interesting ancient city. However, other interesting historical places the region can not boast.

Read the details in our big article "Side resort".

This resort is strikingly different from its colleagues on the Mediterranean Sea – miniature, hotels, little tourists too. Kash is more like "Aegean" Turkey and Greece.

It is divided into four resort areas. In the aggregate in them, no more than two dozen hotels and about three hundred guest houses, apartments, villas. Accordingly, finding "all inclusive" here is problematic.

Long beaches there is no. But in the region there are two beaches, which may well be part of the best in Turkey – with wonderful small sand. One nuance – there are practically no hotels nearby, and other beaches often leave to desire better.

Sightseeing here are not so much. Among them – the lion’s sarcophague, the ruins of the city of Antifelos and the ancient ruins on Kekova Island.

Entertainment Extreme Specific – Mountain Camping and Diving. There are 15 diving centers in this small resort. Of particular interest in all lovers of scuba diving cause a unique "Archaeopark Kash".

Read the details in our big article "Resort Kash".


We can safely say that this resort has everything ahead – 90 km of beach stripes, where there are no hotels. Now in the demre of tourists, fifty small (by the standards of Turkey) hotels and about a hundred guest houses and mini-hotels. Officially, the stars have only one hotel – Marina’s china – they have three stars. "All Included" systems, as in Casha, there is no.

In the very city of Demre, a little more than 16 thousand people live. The territory of the region is divided into three tourist areas. They differ in the number of hotels and quality of beaches. In the West, it is an excellent fine sand, and in the east of the region – pebbles.

Entertainment at this resort is practically no. Is that Gunay Salih and Pin – Beach parks with small water parks. But interesting places are enough and almost all of them are in the main city of the region or next to it.

The main attraction – Church of St. Nicholas, which was built on the site of burial of the honored saint. Fans of antiquities will also be interested in the ruins of the city of the world.

Read the details in our big article "Resort Demre".

Important advice

– And although the resorts of the Mediterranean Sea are almost everywhere, dollars and euros are accepted, tourists sometimes have to be changed to Turkish lira. To be prepared, read our article "Currency exchange in Turkey";

– In most resort zones there are no cellular salons, buy local SIM just nowhere. Therefore, it is recommended to decide on solving communication problems in advance. Read our articles "How to call from Turkey" and "Internet in Turkey";

– If you plan to move on a taxi on vacation, you warn – Tariffs here are high. And an interesting point that tariffs in the city of Antalya are lower than in the rest of the province. Details in our article "Taxi in Turkey – prices and rules";

– independent tourists highly recommend our article "How to get from Antalya airport to resorts";

– If during the rest on the Mediterranean, you want to go to see Istanbul for a couple of days, then read our article "How to get from Antalya to Istanbul and back".

Have a good holiday in Turkey, and read our useful articles for tourists about this country (List of articles below).

Turkey resorts on the Mediterranean Sea

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