Turkey (Turkish Republic) – The state occupies the territory of the Peninsula Small Asia, located in two parts of the world, s countries 779, 5 thousand. kv. km, almost all of Turkey is in Asia, and only 3% of the area – in Europe.

The population of Turkey is more than 77 million. residents, occupying in this indicator 18th place in the world. Capital – Ankara, but it is not the largest city in the country. Bigger – Ancient Istanbul (at the time of Byzantium – Constantinople). National composition is quite uniform, the main ethnic groups include Turks and Kurds. Languages: Turkish (official), Kurdish, Arabic. Religions: Sunni Islam; Christianity and Judaism in a slight degree. Currency: Turkish Lira. Turkey – secular state with the republican form of government, at the head of which – the president.

The Republic of Turkey is washed by seas: the inner marble, southern part of the black, eastern part of the Aegean and Mediterranean. Turkey – Ancient state with a history of the Millennium, (which is only one three). Numerous architectural monuments and ancient traditions, as well as beautiful mountains of Anatoly and Marine Climate, make it unique to relax. Turkey is a mountainous country with an extensive coating plateau of Central Anatolia. The highest point of Turkey is the legendary extinct volcano, the five-tailed Ararat, on the top of which, according to legend, found traces of Noahow Ark. The sacred rivers Tiger and Ether begin in Taurus in the south.

Turkey is the leading exporter of chromite, as well as the leader of the Middle East for the extraction of iron ore, coal, brown coal, bauxite, copper, the leading manufacturer of steel. The main products of agriculture are wheat, barley, olives, tobacco. Tourism also brings a considerable profit of the country.

Now Turkey is one of the most visited foreign countries by our citizens.

Nature of Turkey is diverse and unique: 4 sea coasts, Anatolian Highlands, in which forests and dry desert are combined – allow us to use Turkey not only like a beach pearl, with a clean sea air, but also as a ski mecca.

  • language: Turkish
  • population: 73 million
  • telephone code: +90
  • currency: Turkish Lira
  • visa:A visa-free entrance
  • traffic: Left-sided
  • National domain: .tr
  • voltage: 220V
  • current frequency: 50 Hz
  • Outlet Type:
  • time: 16:10 (UTC + 0300)

Top cities and resorts of Turkey










The best regions, cities and resorts of Turkey

The picturesque and diverse shores of Turkey offer tourists a wonderful vacation. Tourism – The main component of the country’s economy, so at any resort holidays will be offered comfortable conditions and many entertainment.

In the southern part of the strange is the hot Alanya, located in the midst of high mountains and the sea. This is a real tropical paradise. Tourists are waiting for bananas, sandy beaches, tangerines, oranges, flowers, in one word – Paradise.

One of the youngest and at the same time rapidly developing resorts – Antalya, the closest city in relation to the airport. Life is boiling: there are many water parks, restaurants, disco bars. So that if you leave a noisy company better than the option not to pick up. Another resort, ideal for youth recreation – Bodrum, famous for fun disco in the open air, foam parties, water ideas. This resort is suitable for marine sports, especially since the wind is blowing, brought from the Aegean Sea.

Istanbul – Real Storage Historical Heritage Countries. Three Great Empires left their mark in the architecture of the city: Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. No wonder Istanbul compared with the open-air museum. A tourist awaits a meeting with historical objects, monuments, galleries. Cappadocia became famous for the palace built in honor of the Apolon, whose sizes of unimaginable. Arriving in Turkey behind excursion rich programs You can not skip out of sight of Troy, the oldest fortress. The city accidentally discovered archaeologists at the end of the 19th century. Over the ruins, the remnants of past civilizations will advise you to go to Fessel.

What is interesting to see in Turkey?

Top sights of Turkey

Saint Sophie Cathedral

Capadokia Valley

Antique city Ephesus

Antique city Pergam

House of Holy Virgin Mary in Ephesus

The ancient city of Fazelis



Big Bazaar in Istanbul

Video from Turkey

How to get to Turkey?

Get to Turkey to Russians, probably not harder than to Moscow. Airplanes are flying from many major cities of Russia every day. Main points of arrival – Antalya and Istanbul, whether regular flights or charter. A day later you can fly to Dalaman, from this airport you can easily reach Bodrum, Marmaris, Ichmeler, and from arriving in Antalya, keep the way to Kemer, Belek and other resorts. And in the winter charter Welcome to the Ski Erzurum.

Russian tourists fly to Turkey almost as often as dachas. In the summer, Turkey takes a huge number of charters from all over Russia. In most cases, the shuttle service is waiting for you to the desired resort. But buses that are always standing out from the airport, naturally, no one canceled: $ 15 and one and a half hours in the way. Deciding to get to a taxi place, prepare about dollars 80.

How comfortable move in Turkey?

Of course, it is most convenient to move around Turkey by car, but it will cost you about $ 40 per day (tourists agree that the best and inexpensive rental at Hertz, Avis). A less costly and very convenient way of movement will be a tourist bus for you, where you can visit any item Turkey at your request with comfort. As an option of a bus can be offered to move on «Dolmushi» – Small buses.Tickets for tourist buses, try to acquire ahead. The fare is «Dolmushi» only $ 2, and you can drive both around the city and in the near suburbs.

On the city bus tickets can be purchased in retail printing kiosks, spend around herdollar.

Turkey Rest in Turkey, Resorts, Hotels, Reviews Tripter Travel Guide

Taxi – They can be found in taxi parking hotels. The cost of a trip for 1 km is calculated, about $ 2. Attention! At night, the taxi will cost you 2 times more expensive.

Railways also do not need to be written off. Turkish railways will take you to destination without transfers and traffic jams.

Where better to stop, traveling in Turkey?

Top hotels in Turkey

Climate in Turkey

In Turkey, a unique climate: from the most comfortable Mediterranean on the coast to a sufficiently severe mining continental in Anatolia, and the East of Turkey, generally has the character of the desert. The weather is also quite highly different in season and regions of the country.

In winter, the weather in Turkish Mediterranean is rather warm: from +10 to + 17-19 degrees, in the mountains the coldest period – January, when the temperature may vary from +1 to -20 degrees. In Istanbul, in the middle of winter about +5. Summer is very warm, or rather roast, clear weather is dominated with an average temperature + 27-30 degrees. In the mountains of the cooler.

On the coast of Antalya always a bit warmer than in other resorts, so the best vacation time Spring and autumn. Even in December, the sea temperature is kept at 17 gr.

We suggest familiarizing yourself with the weather in Turkey for months.










National Kitchen Turkey

The peculiarity of the Turkish cuisine is that it has no one leading dish, but the rich tastes of dishes make the Turkish kitchen of one of the most popular kitchens of the world. Many dishes are known since ancient times, then mixed various food crops, and Turkish cuisine has enriched with new combinations of products and recipes. Ottoman Empire erected food to the cult. Tens of thousands of cooks worked in the Istanbul Palaces, everyone was a specialist of one dish.
Turkish breakfast – This is a family meal: cheeses, oil, vegetables, honey and bread (Simit, Park) – Conventional breakfast food set. In the snacks of the Turks specialists – A variety of salads, stuffed vegetables, grape leaves with rice, citrus, spices Make a regular food unique.
Without Turkish soup (chorba), the trapes of the Turks do not begin, and there are 4 recipe for cooking soup. No less popular is the likeness of the Russian Okroshka – Jadzhak, cucumbers are added to the base milk. This dish came to us from Southern Europe.
Kebab – The delicious ancient dish of meat, the recipes of cooking kebab not to read. Other it looks like a kebab, sometimes the meat is preparing on a spit, sometimes from minced. Without trying the Turkish Plov, you lose a lot. It’s like potatoes on the Russian table. And the plov is not always with rice, there is a local ingredient – Bulgur, specially frowning wheat. Pilaf can be even sweet, with tropical fruits and dried fruits and nuts.
Dolma, Gyuchch – Many in Russia are familiar with these Caucasian dishes, perhaps they came from Turkey, because the Ottoman Empire occupied huge Caucasian processes. Bread to the table is served only fresh, it can be both white bread, and a simple pellet with cheese, and bread with bran. Puff pastries similar to our pancakes strata stuffed are also very popular.
Well, and, of course sweets: flour, sherbets, with fruit and fruit juices, with a variety of nuts. But always a lot of sugar.
Coffee is served to sweets, although the Turks themselves prefer tea – Strong, which drink from small cups.
Real Turkish dishes can only be distributed in Turkey.

Top restaurants in Turkey


Restaurant "Nicole"

Restaurant "Arch"

Restaurant "El Pescador"

Restaurant "Lekker"


Restaurant "Hanzade Turkish"

Restaurant "Of Course"

Restaurant "Sans"

Restaurant "Harem Istanbul"

Safety of tourists in Turkey

Everyone knows that Turkey filed an application for joining the European Union, and the conditions of entry into the EU are very tough, so the Turks do everything to give their country the standard of Europe. However, for Turkey is characterized by its specificity. For example, Turkey is not a single-altational country, it lives the Kurdish population, which is considered separatist, among which many Islamic terrorists. Therefore, sometimes you can ask the news.

The most restless Turkish brethren – these are football fans, but you can not go on football, only and everything. Although English fans are much aggressive Turkish.

Much more problems can cause your documents and money. Remove the passport of readers, and do not go to the evening streets in alcohol. But if you suddenly stole your passport, there should always be a phone of the Consulate or Embassy of the Russian Federation and the local police.

To preserve valuable things, store them in safes that are provided by Turkey hotels or free, or for a symbolic fee – $ 1-2!

Girls: try not to give the reason for hot Turkish guys, if you don’t want to stick to you.
Try to buy excursions from proven travel agencies, otherwise you can run into «Cappy» Driver-Likhach, everyone knows about the accidents of buses in Turkey.

Nevertheless, you should not forget that Turkey, though the secular, but still a Muslim state in which there is its own specificity.

Turkey Rest in Turkey, Resorts, Hotels, Reviews Tripter Travel Guide

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