Turkey, Selchuk: The ancient city of Ephesus

Today we decided to devote to Ephesus. Knew in advance that the place through Chur was popular among tourists, so they went early, to seven in the morning. To Ephesus go about 3 km.

Today we decided to devote to Ephesus. Knew in advance that the place through Chur was popular among tourists, so they went early, to seven in the morning. To Ephesus go about 3 km.

Alas, the cash registers are opening only at eight, but passing by them quite difficult. I had to walk around the entrance and get acquainted with local turtles and hedgehogs. Exactly eight bought tickets for 25 lir.

The most interesting place in Ephesus – Celsius Library. First of all, we went to her, shooting on the way Other sights. For example, this is Odeon, which was used to carry out theatrical submissions and meetings of the Senate.

Street Kureov. We ran the first, so there is not a single tourist in the frame.

Meet the Celsius Library – Ephesus Business Card.

Elegant, parade, air. A lot of small details that can be discarded for a long time.

Our favorite columns are presented here in a wide variety of options: carved, twisted, smooth, with capitals and without these.

After jogging to the library, returned to the entrance and engaged in unhurried inspection. Unfortunately, people have noticeably added. It seems that somewhere opened the gateway. Literally half an hour all around with people. So many tourists we have not seen in one place.

Odeon from the side is very similar to the amphitheater, only much more modest in size.

Monument Memmius. Memmis was the grandson Cornell Sulla, the Roman commander, and then the dictator.

Temple of Domitsiana. Once there were two floors, terraces, and today these two columns are all that remains.

The purposeful lady on the street of Kureov.

Crowds, crowds, crowds.

Andrew on the background of the gates of Hercules.

Around is a lot of parts, and it is not clear whether the planning something else here to recover.

Remains of the fountain of Trajan.

It is a piece of terraced houses. Near the roof are the same, but with well-preserved frescoes and mosaics. Login to be paid separately and costs 15 liras.

temple of Hadrian. Often occurs on postcards, along with a library.

Mosaics and a half thousand years. It remained slightly better than laid in Soviet times)

Guess what it is.

Compare our morning photo. Get to the library is almost impossible.

One of the main streets, called Marble, closed for restoration.

All the statues in the library of Celsius – copies, the originals are in the museum. By the way, we were told that the library there is an underground passage to a brothel?

Agora, which had a commercial value. Simply put, the market.

Amphitheater, though large, but not very impressive. Perhaps because the scene was not restored.

Portovaya street, also closed to visitors. That’s right, the tourists have nothing to disperse to the sides. I came, I ran in a straight line, went further.

Lego in Ephesus "Collect colonnade".

View of the Amphitheater from a secret hiding place.

Gladiators, dancers and the imperial couple.

Turkey, Selchuk Ancient city Ephesus

View of the library from another secret shelter.

All mixed up: people, horses.

In general, Ephesus looks like.

Came from Ephesus, on the other hand, and strolled toward and Selcuk. Along the route there was a nice shady alley.

could not get past the pink simulator unknown purpose))

Fertilizing goats mulberry))

Whether Andrew mocks goat, whether it is over it.

Remains of ancient baths in Selcuk.

We went to the Mosque of Isa Bey. Pleasant, quiet place.

I remembered the TV series "Magnificent century" and cap-zefirki representatives of Divan.

Inside the mosque was not a soul.

Nearby is the fortress, which is closed to the public due to restoration work. There is no reason not to go))

Who seeks will always find. the path leading to the fortress. Looked inside the fortress and without seeing anything interesting, we decided not to embarrass workers.

View from the fortress in the nearby valley. Sea can be seen in the distance.

Cafe with ice cream. And then we remembered the series, but already about another – "Clan soprano". Not Junior Lie?

Turkey, Selchuk Ancient city Ephesus

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