Turkey through the eyes of a girl (+ short-class)

So I visited Turkey. Impressions mass, especially if you consider that I was able to visit Antalya and in June and in September. And although this story may and will suffer unnecessary emotionally I promise to stop myself. : -)

All practical tips are designed for free girls, with a slight income traveling with friends, for if there is a man, he should invite a minimum in Miami. : -)

Vouchers and in June (from 5 to 19) and in September (from 27.08 to 11.09.98) I cost me about the same amount of 450-460 dollars. I bought at one of the agents of Pegas-Travel, making sure that prices are absolutely the same, and to go to the other end of Moscow to the tour operator was very lazy.

Tip the first: in Turkey for all traded. Start this process with trading for a ticket! When I arrived at the ticket for the second time (and from August 27 to September 3 everywhere discounts) I was told that there is no discounts on my hotel. Nothing, in an hour of intense negotiations with an agency, tour operators and turks it appeared. : -)

Council Second: If you started a discount on Turputovka, this is not a reason not to bargain further. Next I, as a repeat client, I pulled out to us with a friend two free visa stamps. (if they buy them in Turkey each 10 dollars).

I flew both time by Transaero. I can’t say a thin word. And staff and aircraft (Douglas and Boeing) were pleased. Free alcohol only in business class (we flew by economy), but if you take a bottle of brandy or liquor in the duty free.. In general, the difference no longer feel. : -)

In June (and it was our first visit abroad) Calculate the queue in the visa and passport control. We discovered with interest that nobody met us. And we needed to go to Kemer town 50 kilometers. But there was nowhere to go and having agreed with a taxi for $ 50 (and here it is useless to bargain) angry as a dog plunged with a girlfriend in a taxi went to the hotel awaiting all the worst and preparing morally to the scandal.

Well, as you understand especially enjoy the beauty of nature, I could not in the road, t.To. dyed in nervous condition. But the road to Kemer is very beautiful. Rocks, sea, tunnels in the mountains. Just do not look at the curb. Multimito garbage, some construction pieces and the mass of supermarkets in the form of a dirty hunter made of twigs. Reaching the hotel we jumped out to change our hundredth bills and found themselves right in the arms of the meeting guide. She, mumbling some nonsense on why they were not met, did not pay for a taxi without sound. After which our militant mood disappeared and we began to rest. : -)

Hotel in which we lived in a kilometer from Kemer. In the catalog it is as two stars plus. Very pretty, two-story cases with a bunch of ladies and balconies. On the seashore, with swimming pool, bars and even a small disco. I did not expect anything particularly pleasant from two stars and was very happy. In the rooms atmosphere Spartan two beds, table, mirror, couple chairs. Shower, Toilet, Air Conditioning. Other excesses were not observed. Linen change every other day, wrapping jeans and blouse cost dollar. That would be in Moscow so!! I hate washing. : -) Service is also normal, but no special entertainment was observed. I heard that in other hotels, the athletes sing and we had no such. Rather, we entertained them. Separating special success did not have. We tried and give and not give anything from this did not change. Gave about 10 percent of the order. Your beach, free, but sun beds are uncomfortable. Very comfortable near the pool. Go to the beach of meters 30. There is a hotel and Billiard and Darts (I really don’t play in them), there are tennis tables, but the rackets are better to bring their local very bad.

Go to the city from the hotel 15-20 minutes. Do not walk the day very hot. Better after dinner, although they say, in July-August and after 9 pm, no less hot. On the Mailway, you can call and change money. In the city you go past snack bars, shops, restaurants. In June, all Turks like raging drags in their stores. In September, they are more recently. In the evening, their activity falls. Best answer them in Turkish. They immediately understand if a person has already been so many times in Turkey that he learned the words to deceive more difficult. 20-30 words enough with excess. If the Turks are grabbed hands and domagine saying that you will call the police. They fear her to colic. As example. One girl from our hotel wanted to go with the Turk in the evening to the restaurant, but was afraid. I went to the car on which he drove behind her and said that if at night it would not be at the hotel in the hotel 5 minutes I call the police and informing his car number. Despite my bad English, he understood and as an eyewitness told me, the whole evening nervously looked at the watch.

Turkey with the eyes of a girl (short-circa dictionary)

In stores it makes sense to buy only gold. If you need rags on Thursday and Friday in Kemer, the market works cheaper. Jeans 12-13 dollars, winter jacket 30 dollars, Balahon 15-20 dollars. These are the prices to which I was traded. Maybe you will be lucky. Gold chains 10 dollars per gram, earrings, rings 12-14 dollars per gram. But I didn’t care about the purchases, so I can understand bad.

In Kemer 4 discos Moon Light, Kul, Sherlock Holmes and Flamingo, they all open about 24 hours. I looked at all this from the height of my 27 years, so my feelings are very specific. We were very afraid to walk together, without men, so the first three days they took those who offended. On the street, in stores, restaurants. Advice if you want you to be invited to a disco, ask any man in Kemer and where you have a disco here? Invitation to you is provided, even if he has six wives and all stand near. : -) So, then we very much regretted that they were afraid to choose much easier to choose on a disco, independently paying for approximately $ 6. And that is, they have a stounted custom if I came with one to the disco, then I have to sit with him all night, even if I quickly made sure that he is an idiot.

The second useful advice in Turkey is not so custom that the girl dines, he dances her. If the men sat down for your table, treated with drinks, danced, you do not owe it to bed at all. But if you got annoying leaving for a taxi, even if the hotel is 200 meters. : -). Oh yes. They seem to pay for everything, but shoot cigarettes of their life. I stopped it out of principle. And get ready, everything will be. This is the theory of probability, both times we had fans and students of 18-19 years old, and new Turks, and the seller of carpets, and very beautiful majors, and rich jewelers. The main thing is not to be discouraged that today idiots – it means only that you have already passed your boobs and tomorrow there will be beautiful and generous Dutch.. : -)

Favorite disco Kemer Sherlock Holmes – with beautiful greek columns, mass of smoke and unobtrusive pop music. And finally, my favorite disco Flamingo. There are very expensive drinks, music with a complaint to the sore and more modern interior. The people are much smaller than in Sherlock Holmes, but the audience is older and more interesting, the servant is extinct, despite the seeming democraticity. So choose to your taste.

In connection with the crisis, the question is very interesting. I spent only for life, without shopping 70-80 dollars a week. And in May, my hotel can go for $ 350 for two weeks. So if everything is very sad for the next year I will put on $ 500, even though you don’t want to think about it. And I want to other, new, interesting places.

They write everything about them, so I don’t want to repeat, but Pamukal and sank in Kekov, I really liked. : -).

Turkey with the eyes of a girl (short-circa dictionary)

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