Turkish Bodrum – active recreation pearl

Turkish Bodrum – active recreation pearl

In western Turkey on the shore Aegean Sea spread his golden beaches famous for the whole world resort Bodrum. Due to the fact that the climatic conditions at the resort are more favorable than other resorts of the country, it enjoys great popularity. The resort is located on the peninsula, which provides him with most of all its advantages, including the wonderful climate, and the environmental purity of the surrounding water. The city itself is located in Center of the Peninsula, And the resort villages focused around it in the bay chants.

Bohemian lifestyle The island contributes to a large number of bars and restaurants, numerous clubs, and amazing villas are the place of rest of the highest society. A huge number of tourists from many countries of the world attracts Bodrum. And it is not surprising, because only here are the magnificent beaches and beautiful bays. All this creates an opportunity for a diving, fishing and surfing. Pretty well developed on the peninsula sailing. Several hundred yachts stand off the coast of the resort and furrows the sea in his waters.

Various spheres and lifestyles are combined in the resort. In the evening parties begin, numerous openings clubs, and freedom of a party nightlife manits entertainment lovers. For more serious vacationers are organized Tourist routes, during which you can learn Monuments of the history and culture of Turkey, which reflects the wonderful flavor of the country.

Natural attractions

Resort Bodrum Located in a comfortable climatic zone, which allows the human body to painlessly and quickly adapt. Even in the most sultry summer days, the heat is not felt very much, because the sea is strongly affected by the climate.

Walking on sandy beaches, peering in the beauty of the city of the city, drinking wonderful Turkish coffee, In one of the cafe – just so you can understand all the beauty and charm Bodrum.

Not full will be a trip to this charming corner of the earth, if you do not commit Stroller on picturesque bays, who are recognized as one of the most amazing attractions of the nature of these places. Interesting legend about beautiful nymph is connected with Bay Bardakchi, And the most beautiful in the country, it turns out, the majority believes Bay BITEZ. Undoubtedly, travelers will charm Mandarine Gardens in combination with the Blue Sea, and excursions On nearby, the islands will bring the most positive emotions. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to enjoy the charming beauty Source of hot water, which beats from under the ground on Black island. You should also visit bay aquarium, in which surprisingly clean and transparent water, through which you can observe the marine inhabitants.

You can get a positive charge of energy, going on a trip by River Dalyan. Only during this journey may have the opportunity to observe a rather rare turtle Carette Caretta. Walking on the boat, undoubtedly, you should explore the walled in the rocks kings tombs, who lived in these places in VI century BC.NS. Stopping, you can take Healing Bath, and also feel power Mud baths.

V Hierarpolis There is a natural phenomenon that is unique – Cotton Paradise. Only here you can see a large accumulation of hot springs containing in our waters Calcium. Thanks to these waters in the rocks formed lime deposits. Among popular tourist various forms of natural basins are filled with water, the temperature of which is about 35 degrees.

Historic attractions

The most famous landmark of Bodrum is Galicarnas mausoleum, who raised in honor of his spouse Queen Artemis. This building is considered to be the fifth miracle of the world, attracting a huge number of visitors to himself. If we talk about the modern life of the resort, then it represents a monument – Mindos gate, which are like a continuation of the city wall. They were erected in 364 BC.NS. and represent Symbol of loyalty and reliability.

Another attraction of these places is Amphitheater Bodruma, which B 2000 was renovated. It is located in the very center of the city and preserved in excellent condition.

Castle of St. Peter was erected in the city in XV century, It is built of green granite by knights. This is a magnificent defensive structure that has double walls that are protected by water with water. The castle is open to the museum, which stores the findings of underwater archaeologists in their storage – all sorts of Coins, household items and weapons. A huge collection of sarcophagus is presented in the museum.

Recreation and entertainment

Throughout the holiday season in Bodrum continues a stormy life associated with fun, which never ends. It continues here Endless holiday with songs and dancing, which reigns in numerous clubs. Galicarnas – is the most famous and visited urban disco. Undoubtedly, dancing will bring you a lot of positive emotions.

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