Turkish Harem Sultan Suleiman in Topkapi Palace and People Hurrem Sultan

Topkapi Palace Complex – the official residence of the Sultanov of the Ottoman Empire, about which we have already told, but there is another part, "Harem-I Humayun" in the palace (Harem-I Hümâyûn) – female half of the palace. The word "harem" comes from the Arab "Garim", which means protected, inviolable and prohibited. Harem Topkappa has a huge architectural and historical value, and in it you can find the styles of the architecture of the period of the XVI – the end of the XIX centuries. He will partly personify the era of the board of Sultan Suleiman I "Magnificent" (Canona), because he was erected from filing his wife, Roksolana Hurrend Sultan, and it was the largest restructuring of the Topkapup palace ensemble since its foundation by Sultan Mehmed. To get to the Turkish Harem Topkaps, you need to purchase a separate ticket worth € 5. The entrance to the harem for some reason reminds the entrance to the elevator. &# 128578;

Not only numerous Sultan’s wives (Kadyn Efendill), but also his mother (Valida Sultan), sisters, daughters and heirs (Shekhzade), Favoritsa (Guzde) and concubines (Jaria). In total, here at the same time was from 700 to 1200 women.

Unfortunately, only the first floor is open to visit, and the upper floors and stairs are not available for tourists and are still on reconstruction.

We hope that someday they will also be discharged, because it would be very interesting to familiarize themselves with the living conditions of the "ordinary" concubines, because on the first floor there are only those and halls of privileged women.

Almost over all the doors in the harem are inscriptions with gold letters, but what they mean we, unfortunately, do not know – perhaps these are quotes from the Quran.

On the walls, too many inscriptions.

Corridor Enunov. There were rooms of the so-called "black eunuhov" – Karaahalar. Only men with dark skin (blacks) were taken to this position and there were about 400 in the state of Sultan (almost one for each woman in the harem).

It was in this courtyard who came carriages for girls who went for a walk or by their business. Further of this corridor, men are categorically not allowed.

All walls inside are decorated with colorful mosaics from the iso-tile, and the ceilings are elegantly painted and their brightness and beauty is difficult to convey in photos. Mosaic tiles for many well-known buildings of Turkey, including the design of the famous Blue Mosque in the Stambul.

Beauty extraordinary – no room looks like another.

Turkish Harere Topkapi has an area of ​​about 6700m2 and consisted of 300 rooms, 46 toilets, 8 baths (hammam), 2 mosques, 6 stores for edible supplies, laundry, pool and hospitals. According to one source, there was also 4 cuisines here, but they were not there – they were not, and the food was delivered from the Sultan Palace.

Honestly, it is very difficult to imagine how all this is placed on such a small area, but only the first floor is opened for inspection – it looks like the most interesting thing is still hidden from the eyes of inquisitive tourists.

And this "Slave Yard" – the smallest walking courtyard of the harem with a very small piece of heaven above his head. It was recreated to the smallest details and even "starred" in the series "Magnificent Century". He is on the title photo.

Almost all rooms have fireplaces, and it seemed to us that they were practically the same.

This is whether it is a washbasin, or one of 46 toilets – in general, is clearly some kind of plumbing. &# 128578;

In one of the rooms showed "Device" for washing the legs.

And here are the girls themselves! &# 128578;

The main figure of Harem was the mother of Sultan – Valida Sultan, and at its disposal there were more than 40 rooms, a personal walking yard and a lot of maids.

Sultan’s unmarried sister in the inner hierarchy of authorities had a level a little lower, and wives were already following them. Below the walking yard Valida Sultan.

For tourists in the harem of the Palace Topkapi, the rest of the famous Roksolana Khurem Sultan (Hürrem Haseki Sultan) – Ukrainian concubine who later became the wife of Sultan Suleiman’s magnificent, who received the status of the Sultani, who had a very big influence and who gave him the heir to him – Sultan Selim II.

Its real name is unknown, but according to the historians of different countries they are attributed to the names of Alexander, Anastasia or Roksolana.

On the windows gilded lattices – "Golden Cell". &# 128578;

If one of the slaves managed to get pregnant from Sultan, then she passed to the status of the favorite (or "happy" – Ikbal), received the right to walk in the "yard of the chosen" and other privileges, for example, a separate bedroom room, an improved diet and slave servants.

In this yard and places for walking more, and a beautiful view of Galata.

Turkish Harere Sultan Suleiman Topkapi, chambers Hurrem Sultan

Despite all the luxury and beauty, I would not like to be here as a guest here, because life in Turkish harem submitted to strict internal laws, regulations and rules.

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After the morning prayer, everyone needed to go to Hamam, and then, after breakfast, endless lessons on etiquette, sewing, religion, music, and so on.

It is in the Topkapi harem that the history of Istanbul and the Ottoman Empire is most felt, although of course, this is our personal opinion. Harem interested us even more than the palace himself – highly recommend to go to it, if you visit Topkapups.

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And the rooms in the harem, where simple concubines lived, small . I imagine that in your disposal of the whole room and a small courtyard, where others are walking . Brrrr.

Be sure to move, the photo does not transmit all the beauty . When you go on the corridor constantly it seems that now because of the turn will meet Cherrem Sultan)))) Beauty extraordinary !

girlfriend on obtries . Also, I would also like to get there (despite the disagreements between Russia and Turkey to this day – the story is eternal) .. The film is filmed .. that 139 series review constantly . And I pay I really liked the movie . Shot professional .. and honestly to me Vahid Gurchem liked even more .

Super series, revised the second time.I experienced all deaths with tears and validol.Nothing more interesting in my opinion no one has yet created.I really want to look at Turkey at least to look at the palace and imagine that I went to Hyrem, Suleiman and all the rest.

I want to go there. see everything with your own eyes

What a pity that the entire palace can not see and the whole harem.

Just wrestling the view of the palace of paintings on the walls and patterns not to describe words as beautiful

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