Turkish kayf

Turkish kayf

In life it happens often – prefer new "Mercedes", And ride old "Moskvich", Love in the morning stroll through the beach, and you live in Northern Butovo; Thank you by Claudia Schiffer, and. In general, everything is clear. How to be? "Communion, proud man", – advises classic. "Love that closer", – grinning the Russian people. Both right. The longer you live, the more you are convinced: Fishing in the Caribbean, Rafting on the Orinoco, sunsets above Bali – this is for pioneers. True, whether to ride a bad goat in search of new impressions for trident lands, when a very cozy country is located under the sideways, less than three hours of summer from Moscow – Turkey.

Just amazing how in one Turkey placed so much! Let the good Greeks do not take offense, but soon the famous Chekhov phrase will have to change: in Turkey there are all – marine beaches and ski resorts, the ruins of Troy and Holy Sofia, thermal springs and apple tea, countless parabolic plates and local "Fiat" with gentle name "Dodzhan" and "Caltal".

I am sure to know about Turkey that there are fur coats and leather jackets. And I didn’t want to start resting in the cabin of the aircraft, full golden threshing aunts and fetched wellms with british boots. It was a case, he flew once in "chop" Tu-134, in which all the chairs of the third cabin were removed for the convenience of the merchants, so I had to sit all the way on some drawers. Claims then show no one: the firm went bankrupt. Well, let yourself a tourist professional professionals have fun counting points and ratings. Tourist creature simple, he needs to explain directly than a good firm is different from bad. I seem to me, I found a personal way to check. If you generously promise gold mountains – most likely, get less promised. And if you honestly say: we will definitely arrange, and this, sorry, not in our power – know, you are dealing with real professionals. Looking ahead – Thanks to TEZ-Tour: she was one of those who do for our rest more than promises first.

The choice of the route is easy: Istanbul or Antalya. If travel theme – "Sea plus excursions to the cradle of Hellenism", then based better in Antalya. If the beach is already nauseous, then it is better to stay in Istanbul. In addition, if that, from it – hand to send to the famous ski voludar. I will venture to advise: in summer and autumn – Antalya, winter and spring – Istanbul. Or, as Local, – Istambul.

The hotel cannot be saved: this is the East, here you understand the luxury, and five Turkish "star" Weigh a lot. And at the same time not very expensive! Double room with half board in a luxurious five-star "Eresine" costs about $ 900 in eight days. Just live here a week without leaving the city, – consider life not in vain. But it’s still worth getting out.

When, walking in Istanbul’s outskirts, see the sign "Russian on the second floor", Do not think about what you already thought. It’s just an invitation to go to the second floor of the store, where they speak Russian. To once and forever commit to the topic: all, citizens, the time of large Turkish shopping is irrevocably gone. I will not say about organized detachments of wholesale professionals, but a single amateur neither the range, no prices will definitely attract. Unbearable Beauty Decorations from Samovar Gold, evening dresses with sparkles made of glass, cheerful terry towels, clockwork pocket razors, literally never worn underweight – all the same if hunting came, easy you can buy in the market in Luzhniki. There are incredible cases when very decent leather shoes exhibited in the underground transition at the legs of a lonely unshaven merchant are given in just five dollars. It is possible that then they can even be worn. But I repeat if fate brought you to Istanbul and at the same time you are not concerned about the search for car bumpers or supplier of a sharp smelling soap with an offensive name "Fool", – Forget the name "Lyalelie" (The main trading area of ​​the city). By, past. Of course, there is in the city and expensive shops with decent clothes – one of the central streets, very similar to Arbat before its reconstruction, all right consists of boutiques. But still, in Istanbul, you do not go for this, it is necessary to enjoy.

Camerton of any country, any city – smell. What smells the air of Istanbul? Fish and fried chestnuts, diesel and peat smoke. Strange but very similar to the Baltic States. Where to walk in Istanbul? Standard Places of Interest can be found in the guide: Holy Sofia (guides insist on "Ayia Sofia"), where are not allowed on Mondays; Bridge over Bosphorus; Topkapi Palace, underground roman tanks – the list can be continued. But no guide writes that in Topkappe, which is now a museum, in one of the halls, in the corner showcase next to the bathrobes of the Ottoman rulers of centenary prescription, according to the plate. Skull John the Baptist.

And no guide will tell you what feelings cover a person cracked along the vertical curve of the street hung with towels, from the embankment of the Golden Horn, when in the embroidery of the morning hassle, he gets over the head of the former residence of Constantinople Patriarch. Now here is a school, and in the Cathedral of Saint Sophia – Museum. So the first secular president of Turkey, "Father all Turok" Kemal Ataturk in one smear stopped the discord between Muslims and Christians. He entered the Latin alphabet in Turkey and, as a certain Turkish Peter I, did a lot more for the Europeanization of this country. This is all that heronically or God forbid a critically responding about it under local residents should not – can be offended.

But we were distracted.

Going to the city, you need to have a passport with you: police, especially late in the evening, often stop the cars and check the documents. And it is not clear why: no criminal tension is felt. Pleasant surprise: the city is trading, but the degree of delight of merchants does not reach a dangerous point of boiling. Nevertheless not Africa, not the Middle East. Behind the hand in the shop do not pull, the goods in the nose will not try, do not run after the cries "Wait cheap!" Which is nice.

In general, if we talk about pleasure, the number one is a walk around the city. And then the number two – famous Turkish baths. Although, in fact, they, rather, the option of Roman. Legend says that before the arrival of Roman legions Turkey was covered with forests. But the legions got used to the whole, so everyone struggled to build a bathhouse. As a result, forests in Turkey today almost never left, and there are many baths and are called Turkish. Externally, everything is simple: marble floor and marble benches heated hot air. But one thing is to read about Turkish baths from Pushkin in "Travel in Erzemum", And completely different – to get into the hands of a black-haired masseur torch. Half-hour drive from the city there are famous thermal baths. From the bowels of the mountain beats hydrogen sulfide boiling water, enriched with different useful salts. Again, restored them under the personal patronage of Ataturk.

But still the most important thing is Turkish pleasure – this is the food. Without fools, here really know how to cook. This is not a Tunisia, where sometimes from meat make a sweeper, and shrimps are preparing so that they are completely deprived of taste. Try the expiring juice, with a crust, an hour ago caught and just removed from the opposition to the scumbers (only one dollar!) – and you will understand why it was worth come to Istanbul. After all, it is not for nothing National Turkish greeting translates into Russian as "Be plumpy!". Oh we will.

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