Turkish Maldives without photoshop and road in Pamukkale

Day 12: Turkish Maldives and Road in Pamukkale

Yesterday, when we arrived at the Lago Di Sald Hotel at night, we were not able to admire one of the most beautiful lakes of Turkey, nor inspect the hotel. Today we decided to relax and dedicate all the day a leisure holiday – if the weather is allowed to swim in the lake, take a walk in his snow-white beach, and then slowly go to Pamukkale, where it will stop for a couple of days. Maxim is already very asked to live in a tent, so to stop trying to choose camping. We have already noticed a few and hope that you will choose something. In Turkey, the campsites are quite difficult, such cool, as, for example, in Italy, Austria or Croatia, is not at all. For Turks, campsite is a vacation in nature and, if there is no electricity, water and amenities, then this is not a problem. We also want a European holiday in campsite, even interesting whether we will find something like this here here. But first things first.

Turkish Maldives – Lake Salda

Whether we are so tired on the eve, or finally came to awareness of vacation, but we only woke up by 10 in the morning and went to have breakfast to the sun terrace overlooking the lake. For breakfast, the owner of the hotel approached us and began to ask for our journey (he saw a link to the site on our box on the roof and decided to learn about our route in more detail). We are pretty cute talked, told about our plans, shared ideas.

Restaurant Terrace at Lago di Salda

The fact that we didn’t see at night yesterday, went to inspect this morning – the hotel’s territory is small, but very well-kept and cozy. There is a swimming pool, but in October it was already closed for bathing, there is a descent to the lake. There are no insistral types with white sand, but the water is the same blue. In addition, right on the beach a huge amount of healing and useful clay, so, resting at the hotel, you can easily arrange a budget SPA. &# 128578;

By the way, the title photo to the article, just on the "beach" of the hotel. We really liked the hotel, it is probably cool to come here for a couple of days from a noisy city to breathe fresh air and relax from the fuss. It is a pity that we rarely get to relax in such places, and in the world there are so many beautiful lakes: Lake Como and Garda in Italy, lakes in the south of Austria, where we once stopped during one of Trips in Europe, Lake Bled in Slovenia, Ohrid Lake in Albania and a bunch of places. We must easily go to rest on the lake. But we were distracted and marked.

Hotel Lago di Salda

Hotel on Lake Salda

From the hotel we left only at the beginning of the first. Nature around is so bright and beautiful that thought arose still to stand for a couple of days with a tent at the lake. But having argued a couple of campgrounds we found that some of them are not a campgrounds at all, but picnic sites without any amenities and light. Those that are similar to civilized campgrounds are clogged to refusal and do not have the entrance to the lake. We wanted to buy exactly, so still, as planned, we will go to Pamukkale.

Camping on Lake Salda

View of Lake Salda from the road

The most famous place on Lake Salda is a snow-white sand beach, if you do not show the opposite birch of the lake in the photo, you can safely issue these frames for the photo report from the Maldives. No wonder this place is called Turkish Maldives, and the beach on the map is called Salda Gölü Maldivler Plajı. I must say that the beaches are two such here, but everyone goes to the most popular, we did not exception, but in vain.

The territory of the beach was created, at the entrance there is a very strange young man who requires money for passing. We do not mind pay, but with us for the passage I was requested by 15 lire for the car and 5 lira for each person, total 30 lire with cars ($ 5.5) is quite a bit. BUT. But the price hangs on the booth – 5 lir for cars, and pedestrians are so easy for free. On our remark, that here is the price and the price is different, he stated that it was only for local such price, but for foreigners more.

Pay the enterprising Turk, who decided to earn money, did not want at all, in addition, his Khamsky attitude completely beat off the desire to attend this place. We decided to leave the car and walk to the beach on foot, thereby saving money and a bombard of a tricky parking machine. But Maxim fell asleep, not began to wake him. Sergey remained with him in the car, and Natasha went to watch the famous and very unwriting beach alone.

Ahead is the same snow-white beach

There is no arrangence here, there is a gazebo of rescuers and a bunch of souvenir shops and restaurants

The snow-white port is quite narrow, but long. Water in the lake is really azure and all this is very picturesque and beautiful. Water seemed pretty cool, but this is normal – on the calendar is October. There were almost no people on the beach, which is logical – tourists do not often come here, and local preferred weekends, and not weekdays. Total couple families with children on a long-long coast.

Maldives Beach on Lake Salda in Turkey

If it were not for the incident at the entrance, then, probably, we would spend here a couple of hours, admiring blue water and even went to one of the local cafes, bought souvenirs and wrote a delightful article about this place. But people do the place, one of these completely spoiled us the impression of the lake. Nature is amazing beautiful, the place is amazing, we have not seen anything like in Turkey, but one person is able to do so that it does not want to return here.

Maldives Beach on Lake Salda

Blue water and white sand – than not Maldives

In the morning we found that despite yesterday’s sink, the tar arrived at the arches of the wheels, which now melted on the sun and drove away from all the cracks. We need to go to the sink again – chose on the way to Pamukkale in the city of Denizli. An hour and a half employees of washing cleaned the arches and soap our cars, as a result, they managed to clean it almost to the perfect state.

Washing in Denizli

While soapped the car – by tradition ate, drank tea and worked. Washing again cost us 200 lir. Total, translated into rubles, our trip to the freshly tired guestron cost us about 5,000 rubles. But all that is not done is done for the better. Drove towards Pamukkale only in grate. About to have time to watch today the cotton castle can not be speech. Just find camping, go to the store and make yourself dinner yourself.

Work during trips

Nobody canceled work during the trip

By 4 o’clock we were already in Pamukkale. The first camping is located on a high hill, where the base of paragander, and nearby, judging by the reviews, not bad campsite.

Drove up in Pamukkale

Camping has two zones: upper and lower. The upper part is only for tents and campers, electricity is touched by extension, at the bottom of the playground, rooms for rent, toilets and a very dirty icy water pool. It looks pretty abandoned. Besides the administrator no one no one. Decided that we will see another couple, if there is very bad, then back.

View from the top area is cool

Types are very beautiful

Cool place, but very narrowed

The second camping from the list is located in the city. It is very small, but very clean: includes a small platform for tents and campers and residential complex-board. In addition, there are usual and thermal pools, toilets, shower, dishes. If compared with the previous one, then this is much better. We decide that we stay here.

Our camp – behind the fence the rear yard of the hotel and not very beautiful

Ordinary pool, for us it was cold

We put our home for the next couple of days and went to town to buy food for dinner. The child does not want to go to the cafe, says that he is already tired of restaurants, so today for the first time we will prepare dinner for the first time. Maxim is just happy, he is generally a lover of hiking life, because he has his own duties that he is very proud. For example, he is responsible for washing dishes after all meals, he also disassembles / removes and prepares bedding, in its duties setting tables, chairs. In general, it’s great to travel with him on campsites, because he does not dangle without a case, but really participates in all processes. For dinner, the chicken was fucked, made a salad, trembled and drank, each in their business: Maxim watch cartoons in a tent, and adults need to work again.

Work on vacation

Thanks to our employer, we have the opportunity to travel for several months a year. But this does not mean that we rest, it means only that we can work remotely quite a lot and not waste time on traveling to the office. In Moscow life, this is usually expressed in the fact that at work we appear 1-2 times a month, we work out everything else from home and go to meetings without arrival in the office. Of course, I want to relax, but usually by the end of the first week without work it becomes very boring and pulls to do something useful for the world. Therefore, work in such a mode, we really like it, cool the same thing with the view of the sea, and not a neighbor on the office?! Tomorrow we will go to show Maxim Pamukkale, his most interests in all this pool of Cleopatra, in which it will be possible to swim, let’s see whether we will swim or the number of tourists on the buses will be such that it will not be included in it. Do not switch!

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