Turkish Mediterranean Here Sun Melts Russian Cold

Turkish Mediterranean: here the sun smelves Russian cold

In North Palmyra, students’ Epiphany frost and piercing soul Nord-West. The townspeople are desperately marzed, looking at the winter calendar with longing, rummaged in drape-fur collars and regardless of age and the financial situation are friends together – about the South Sea. About the beaches where a soft hot sand, serenely sluting waves, where the sun caresses so that only enough forces only on the only movement: lazily turn over the side on the side and wave a waiter to bring cold, with a highlight, Turkish beer Ephesus. Oh, the creamy waves of the sea, in which you feel like in the affectionate arms of your beloved woman and are not living on the elastic stroy of water.

Against the background of the cherished dream of the Mediterranean resorts of Turkey, chained in the ice, is especially sweet and tempting. But what is nice, the Turkish Mediterranean is always ready to warm the eating Russians. It is only good to want to go on. The exact rate of his own dream!

Rest for Russians usually begins with the main resort of the country – Cities of Antalya, in the vicinity of which a fashionable airport is located. Not more than 15 km drive and now sea, first hotels: five star TALYA, OFO, Dedeman, Sheraton Voyager, 4-star Lara Falcon, Prince, Antalya, three star Polem, Turem, Alatirnya Prince and many others. In addition to traditional comfort, hotels distinguish between the city center and the presence of their own beaches. Usually, a three-star hotel in Antalya has a sandy beach there is no and holidaymakers swimming in urban. But the water is crystal clearly clean, soft, and you can swim everywhere, except for a small picturesque bay in the city center, and that because it is engaged in graceful yachts. If you are tired by the waves of the Open Sea, you can plunge into the pool, take a jacuzzi bath or go to a luxurious water park, where any whims of the imagination is performed in the eyes. Curious to shifted on the streets of the city. Modernity and gray-haired old man in Antalya formed a single fancy ensemble: youth disco "Olympus", Monumental Gate of the Roman Emperor Adrian, sparkling shop windows, symbol of the city – "Foldful" Minaret XIII century, cut by zipper minaret Kesik, bordered palm trees Boulevards of the old Ottoman city with medieval houses.

Sea and city are uniquely beautiful! But for each self-respecting tourist excursion – the sacred ritual. The best place "pilgrimage" – Antalya Museum of the history of the territory of the region, referred to since the time of the ancient Greeks of Pamphilia. Antalya Museum, as any local history, is interesting in that it presents: the unique exhibit of Mummy Praceelovka, a rich collection of ancient icons of the Byzantine letters, women’s necklaces, delightful because you understand what graceful-accurate necks were among the ancient Turkans. On one of the images (healing from infertility) shines a star, and the gray-robed Mag. Balthazar, Melchior and Kaspar leaned with gifts over the nursery of the Baby of Christ. In the Byzantine hall under glass on a velvet pad – the relics of St. Nicholas, the very Bishop of the Millicine, which was by complex metamorphosis and transformations, became Nicholas Wonderworker, Santa Claus, Santa Claus, Ioulupukka in different parts of the world. In the halls they subscribe to the voices of sightseeners, removing in the garden, in which the hands and fragments of the ancient jugs are smeared by handsome peacocks. Children are watching the birds for hours and, imitating their gentle crocks, are waiting for Peacocks Werey will dissolve as a sign of greeting their fabulous tails.

Nicely tickles imagination Atoption of the mysterious southern evening. Time to give tribute to entertainment: a dance field with exotic Turkish pop, minibars or eastern restaurants who are open around the clock around the coast. Or just climb the room, go to the balcony with a glass in hand and dissolve in the starry diamonds of the night sky.

In Antalya, ride not only for the sake of the sea and the beach, but also for the sake of real Turkish cuisine. Menu of Istanbul restaurants and cafes include, of course, national food, but the chefs die her sound, adapting gastronomy under the Middle Eastern Stomach. In Antalya, all the original Turkish. Here, for the sake of completeness of acute tourist sensations, you can bite the traditional Turkish shaver. It is better to sit on the street, in the trip to the semi-alone company playing backgammon. Lazily shook off from sticky boxes and a flexible waiter who escalates the entire Russian vocabulary from "Head" and "Haraso", Watch how the fire flickes in the roaster and flashes long knives, cutting off a juicy lamb with a spit. In 200 grams of meat, grams of 300 oils will raise, which will have to be neutralized with cold fragrant drink.

Having experienced the joy of cheap and angry street food, next time, go to the restaurant, for example in Develi. After "Flames" Dishes of Turkish cuisine will again have to extinguish the fire – mineral water, wine or cancer will fit the same. The local sharpness is wonderful to the Russian vodka.

Forthotes in forty from Antalya over the past few years, 27 four- and five-star hotels, united in Belek settlement. Belek – Tourism Area for Very Rich. Strong Mediterranean Coast forms here Natural sandy beaches. There are also the best golf courses in Eurasia, many tennis courts, club hotels, there are discos and a wide selection of water sports. But the main advantage of the recreation area is pine groves and healing air.

Groves and sandy beaches stretch east to Aliania, but mountains will approach the coast, so the sand strip becomes somewhat already. In Alanya Mass Sights – Seljukskaya Fortress, Ottoman Towers, Ancient shipper, as well as small, equipped with tourists Karst Cave. Alanya – a modern resort center with comfortable hotels and motels, numerous fish restaurants, cafes and bars. Cafe are built around the coast and became a favorite vacation spot for tourists. Along the coastal road – from the picturesque city park in the harbor – there are shops, curious not only with leather products, clothes, jewelry, handbags, but also by local souvenir – amazing bottles of pumpkin. Every year, an international folklore festival is held in Alanya, which turns the measured life of the resort town in a crowded colorful holiday.

Kemer – Dream of every tourist. Nature here resembles Crimea. This resort city was carefully planned with the surrounding landscape and turned into an ideal swimming and sear-fitting place. Pure bays with mini covers in the southern part are popular with yachtsmen. To the north of the coastal strip of the sea, steps leading down from cafes and shops directly to the beach. Kemer’s City Beach deserved the Blue Flag – a reward assigned only to resorts, relevant to the highest categories of the European Standard. In Kemer, you can safely ride with young children of children’s clubs are divided by the ages. While parents make romantic travels on the yachts and catamarans in the stentest city of Kokov, on the ruins of the ancient faes, they swim into the ancient village worlds Lycian – the Motherland of Nicholas, children play tennis and engaged in aerobics, swim and frolic in the pool under the supervision of majestic as Viziers, Educators.

Side – Parent Place in the Mediterranean Turkey. Side in translation means "Garnet". This quiet, the cozy town in the past was a fabulously rich and warlike fortress-port, where pirated ships and courts with designed for sale slaves. Only the ruins of Perger and Amphitheater aspandos are reminded about. And modern travelers are happy to admire the mountains, healing waterfall Kursunlu, languishing Nehu on the beaches and certainly visited the shopping center "Bazaar-54". Burnt by the Sun and the clusters of the sea enjoy the cool of the museum of the museum placed in the Baths of Roman times.

The Mediterranean coast of Turkey is a precious necklace whose beads are dozens of patriarchal resort towns. Various architecture and ancient history of the city turned into comfortable places of recreation – with modern hotels and high-class service. Eurasian Turkey knows a lot about the rest and knows how to live with taste, taking with truly eastern hospitality, serves its desired guests on European standards.

And long after an exotic holiday in Turkish Mediterranean feel a spicy aftertaste of the sunny holiday of life. And I want, oh, how I want to go back to return where you again suddenly, with a truly Jancharian daring, you feel the lord of life!

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