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On this page we will tell about Turkish, exactly as much as it is required for the tourist. In the first part, consider sounds and letters – how to correctly read. In the second part we give a few phrases that tourists need.

Turkish alphabet

Since the beginning of the 20th century, when the Turkish Republic was formed, the Turks moved to the Latinized alphabet. This is a good news, since most of the letters from us are similar since. Disassemble easy.

Some Turkish sounds are slightly different from ours, some have a different reading in different situations. However, you do not need to go into these details. Better pronounce ours, you will understand, do not worry.

If you know how to read in English, you saw that most letters are read so. Yellow we allocated those letters whose reading in Turkish excellent.

Semi-windows above letters

In Turkish there are special semicircles over the letters, they are written "&# 226; ","&# 251; ","&# 238; ". They are put in those words that have two meanings. For example, the word "kar" (no sign) means "snow", and the word "k&# 226; R »(with a sign) means" profit ".

Very interesting and useful tool. We also have such words, such as the word "world". But we have no such tool in the language.

Useful words and phrases

We will not try to teach in Turkish, although we will tell a couple of spoken phrases. Rather, we set a goal to teach read important inscriptions in stores, train stations and attractions.

Like in Turkish How to pronounce How to translate
G&# 252; Le G&# 252; Le Gule Gule Goodbye
TE&# 351; EKK&# 252; R Teshotskiur thanks
Giri&# 351; Girish entrance
&# 199;&# 305; k&# 305;&# 351; Cheykysh output
Tuvaletler Tuvayletlar toilet
Tuvaletler Nerede Tuvayletlar Naredea where is the toilet?
___ Nerede? ___ Naredea where is ___?
Affedersiniz Affeardcinism I’m sorry
Evet EVET Yes
Hay&# 305; R Haiyr No

In the shop

Unfortunately, in many stores in the tourist zones there are no price books. Traders want tourists to ask prices and be able to "turn" the price. Therefore, this section will need more for hiking in supermarkets.

Like in Turkish How to pronounce How to translate
KA&# 231; Para katch para what is the price?
Fiyat Fiyat price
&# 304; Ndirim Indirim discount

How to read prices

ADET ("Adat") – thing. Accordingly, "FIYAT 10TL / ADET" – "Price 10 Turkish lire per piece".

PAKET (Package) – Packaging. Accordingly, "FIYAT 12TL / PAKET" – "Price of 12 Turkish lire for packaging".

Kilogram ("kilogram") – kilogram, more often reduced to "kg". Accordingly, "FIYAT 14TL / KG" – "Price of 14 Turkish lire per kilogram".

GRAM ("Gram") – grams, are more often reduced to "GR". Accordingly, "FIYAT 15TL / 100GR" – "Price of 15 Turkish lire for 100 grams".

There is an alternative Writing: "FIYAT ADET – 10TL", "FIYAT PAKET – 12TL", "FIYAT KILOGRAMM – 14TL", "FIYAT 100 GRAM – 15TL".

Currency "Turkish Lira" is usually indicated as "TL", however, there are other writing options. Read about it in our article "What Money in Turkey". Watch the current course of the Turkish Lyra.

2 Al 1 &# 214; DE – so indicate the shares "1 + 1". That is, pay for one unit of goods, get two.

In taxi and transport

To communicate with taxi drivers, the main word "SAYA&# 231; " ("Saiyach") – Counter. This word needs to talk if you want a taxi driver to go on the counter. Also, Turkish taxi drivers understand the word "meter".

To ask a taxi driver or buses to stop, tell me the word "fool", it’s in Turkish stop.

Like in Turkish How to pronounce How to translate
Taksi Taxi Taxi
OTOB&# 252; s Department bus
Otogar Otogar bus station
OTOB&# 252; s dura&# 287;&# 305; Summary of fool bus stop
TREN Trian train
U&# 231; AK Pag airplane
Havaliman&# 305; Halymany an airport
Bilet GI&# 351; ESI Ticket Hishheshes ticket office

In cafes and restaurants

For a tourist who does not know the Turkish language at all, it is very difficult to understand the names of dishes in the menu. Try to choose those restaurants where there are pictures in the menu. However, even it does not always save, because it is not obvious, from which this dish is done.

Fortunately, in the resort zones in most cafes and restaurants there are menus in English and Russian. In the case, if you have a menu in Turkish, let’s try to tell some words that are often found in the menu.


Like in Turkish How to pronounce How to translate
&# 304;&# 231; ECEKLER Ichdzheklar drink
&# 199; AY tea tea
Kahve kahve coffee
MEYVE SUYU Male Suiuy juice
SU Su water
Gazl&# 305; &# 304;&# 231; ECEKLER Gases Ichdzheklar Hazing
Bira Bira beer
&# 350; ARAP Sharap wine


Turkish Tourists

Kebap (Kebap) – Almost all meat dishes. This is meat cooked on the grill, in the oven or tandoor, in the oven or in a pan. We were told about them in detail in the article "Turkish kebabs", they talked about 12 of the most interesting kebabs.

B&# 246; Rek ("Bearek") – Baking from the Slim Dough Svodka (Filo). About Berekach Read in detail in our article "Turkish bearers", where we talked about 12 of the most interesting and delicious Berekakh.

K&# 246; FTE (Köfte) – Cutlet, usually meat.

Bal&# 305; k ("Balyk") – a fish.

Salata ("Salad) – salad.

&# 199; Orba ("Chorba") – soup.

In the Turkish kitchen, hundreds of dishes, and bring all the names of all the names is possible. Therefore, we recommend to read two of our articles, where we told about the most popular dishes and gave the names of Turkish: "The best Turkey dishes" and "dishes in Turkey, similar to our".

Also read our articles about sweets: "The best sweets in Turkey", "Turkish Pakhlava", "Turkish Lukum" and "Turkish halva". In all these articles we gave the names of Turkish.

Or maybe Turkish words and will not be useful

In the Mediterranean resorts (Antalya, Belek, Kemer), most taxi drivers, waiters, sellers and people from hotels personnel usually spoke to Russian. The stock of about 100 words and expressions they have, and there is enough. At the Aegean resorts (Bodrum, Marmaris, Kusadasi), the situation is worse – here few people know in Russian more than "hello" and "how are you"?

If you know English, then there will not be problems. The minimum supply of English words here is almost all who are connected with tourism and tourists.

But in the internal regions of the country in foreign languages ​​almost no one speaks. Here, the words and phrases that we led to.

Good to know

– In Turkey, many interesting features, not only language. Read our article "12 questions about Turkey, who are asked tourists";

– In the times of the Ottoman Empire, Turkish was different – there were a lot of borrowings from Persian and Arabic languages. With the formation of the Turkish Republic, President Mustafa Kemal Ataturk held an unprecedented reform of the language – introduced a new alphabet and removed foreign borrowing. Details in our article "The History of Turkey";

– To buy gifts, the Turkish lires will probably need. Read our review "How and where to change money in Turkey".

Have a good holiday in Turkey, and read our interesting articles about this country (List of articles below).

Turkish Tourists

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