Turkish Water Park in Kemer

Aquaworld Water Park (AquaWorld), What in Russian means the water world, is located in the city of Kemer.

This is a small water park, which includes all types of water entertainment. There are extreme slides for adults and provided for young children.

A bright sun is always shining here, which is so lacking in the gray urban bustle.

And also by reviews Aquavorld ; very quiet place where there is no noise and bustle inherent in other water parks. Visiting it once, you will not return to this place.

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Where is the AquaWorld Water Park in Kemer?

Aquapark of small size and not so popular as other water rides in Turkey.

But in this, there is its advantage, because, when I get here, you do not have to stand in kilometer queues to visit some attraction.

There is a water park in the city center to get to it only to sit on any bus that passes by the park.

You can use the services of taxi drivers, but only they will know how much you will cost it.

The distance from Antalya is 40 km. Many tourists resting in Kemer, or not far from him, do not even know about the existence of Aquaworld Park.

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Rest in water park

Despite the fact that the water park in Kemer is small sizes, however, here you can find all types of entertainment calculated at different ages.

  • There are a variety of slides. Cool, intended for extremals, wide on which you can ride together, or apply an inflatable circle for this purpose.
  • For lovers of severe sensations, there is a slide that is in a height of 70 meters. At the same time, the descent is very sharp.
  • Also here is provided by the publication. On the territory of the water park there are bars and restaurants where you can deliciously eat and rest against outdoor activities.

His work is from 6 am to 10 pm.

The benefits of relaxation in this water park can be attributed:

  • Cleanliness and well maintenance of the entire park;
  • Well-selected personnel, cultural and competent;
  • Children’s animation programs;
  • The presence of a playground and children’s entertainment;
  • Multi-level pools;
  • Holding entertainment activities in the water park;
  • Adult entertainment and attractions.
Turkish Water Park in Kemer

AquaWorld rides

Here is a list of entertainment that are available in the "Water World":

  • Descents designed for extremals;
  • Waterslides;
  • Little river with winding shores;
  • Outdoor pools;
  • Several attractions;
  • Animation.

If we talk about adult visitors, then at their disposal there are:

  1. Bars with various drinks;
  2. Small restaurants where it is possible to snack;
  3. Jacuzzi;
  4. Lazy River, which proceeds through the territory of the park, you can lie on the circle and swim through this river, from time to time getting under the streams of the waterfall.

If you approach the question in detail, you can select the brightest entertainment facilities:

  • The largest water park pool is 400 m. Here you can feel artificial waves and flows, you will also pleasantly surprise the jacuzzi;
  • "Kamikaze", This is an extreme descent, a hill is 50 meters in height;
  • "Free fall»The descent of this slide is also equal to 50 meters;
  • "Tornado"Is 52 meters in height;
  • Closed descent "Black Hole" It is not intended for weaknesses, the height of this attraction is 92 meters;
  • Descent where boats called "Crazy River".

If you prefer a relaxing holiday, it is also provided in the "Water World":

  1. Around the perimeter of the pool there are chaise lounges, where you can safely spend time;
  2. There are palm trees, specially designed to relax in their shadows;
  3. Poor music plays a pleasant music, as well as a waterfall is provided, under the noise of which so nice to dream.

Aquaworld water park has both children’s entertainment that will be described later.

Hotels with water parks in Kemer

Hotels in which water parks are very convenient for recreation:

  1. First, your children are always supervised;
  2. Secondly, you can not go anywhere in the hottime of the day and nice to splash in warm water.

In Kemer with the entertainment zone, there are several hotels including water parks:

  • Rixos Hotel Sungate 5 stars. This hotel has 2 indoor pools, 13 open, 10 water slides.
  • CLUB ALI BEY PREMIER TEKIROVA 5 * Includes 3 outdoor pools and 17 water slides.
  • Vogue Hotel Avangarde 5 *. In this hotel, along with adult attractions, which are 5 pieces and 2 children’s slides, outdoor pools here 2, but the indoor one, it is also intended for winter, as it has heated.
  • Mirida Del Mar 5 *. The hotel is located near Kemer in the village of Gainuk there is a private pebble beach. There is an aquapark, entertainment for children, animation. Also entertainment for adults provide for the availability of sauna, restaurants, pools, fitness centers and t.D.
  • SENTIBO SULTAN BELDIBI 4 *. The hotel is located near Kemer in Beldibi, it is small and relatively calm, here are cozy rooms. The water park is not as big as in other hotels, but still has a number of entertainment.

Hotels in Kemer

Children’s entertainment

Children’s entertainment include:

  1. "Children’s Club", this is a platform of 500 square meters. m;
  2. On the same territory there is a children’s pool of 75 kV. m;
  3. In the pool there are safe children’s slides.

Often in the water park arrange various contests for children, with dancing and water entertainment.

Children also like cheerful fountains located on the territory of the "Water World". Another advantage of this water park is a lot of green plantings.

Bars and restaurants in the "Water World"

Bars and restaurants on the territory of the water park work from early morning until late evening.

There is both Turkish and European cuisine. If these are special dishes, they are updated every hour.

If you prefer to take me a meal at the water, then there is a pool bar, where you can comfortably sit under wide palm trees. Here you can taste appetizing food and gain strength to continue swimming.

There is no accident in the water park, but, nevertheless, visitors have a great opportunity to get free insurance in this territory.

Summing up the said you can make general conclusions regarding the Aquaworld water park in Kemer:

Turkish Water Park in Kemer

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