Turned Stockholm!

Turned Stockholm!

Today, many travel companies offer combined tours on two or three Scandinavian countries. Most often it is Finland-Sweden, less often Finland-Sweden-Denmark, Norway is added even less often:

Unfortunately, to visit Sweden (what to talk about Norway and Denmark!) not always given enough time. And in vain! This country is no less, but maybe even more interesting than Finland. In particular, this applies to the Swedish capital – Stockholm. Swedes themselves call this city “Beautiful woman on water” and “The eighth miracle of light”. He will tell you his ancient legends, cool in the labyrinth of the narrow streets of the old city, charm the majestic palaces and museums, will spend on medieval cumen bridges: the warmest impressions of Stockholm are preserved for a long time. This city is in the soul gradually, but on forever.

What makes the strongest impression on a person who came to Stockholm first? Probably, it depends on the person himself, from his individuality, and from the time of year. It is pleasant to surprise the climate of Sweden’s unusually soft for the Northern Country: unlike Russia, in winter there was enough heat. And in Stockholm, even in the very center of the city, very clean air. No wonder he is recognized as the most pure capital of the world – there really do not have any problems with the environment.

What sights, architectural monuments are remembered most? The huge royal palace (Swedish Kungliga Slottet), which is rightfully considered one of the symbols of the city. After all, Sweden is a monarchy, and to the royal family in the country relate to very great respect. In the Majestic Building of the Palace reigns a real royal luxury. This is not only a royal family dwelling, but also a unique historical monument. The castle at this place was standing since the XII century, and the construction of the current building was completed in the XVIII century. In the spacious underground halls of the Royal Palace there is a treasury in which the jewels of the Swedish kings are stored. On the square in front of the palace carry a guard royal guardsmen. Every day exactly at noon there is a solemn and colorful guard ceremony. In this palace in the center of Stockholm, official techniques are usually held, and the King Gustav XVI and Queen Sylvia and the three already adult children are preferred in the country palace of Drochningsholm. There, too, you can make a tour – the palace is open to visitors.

In the world’s oldest open-air museum “Skansen” Brought from all over Sweden old houses and buildings, and in the park you can see real wild animals – representatives of the fauna of forests and mountains of the country. For visitors “Skansen” Open all year round. Swedes love to celebrate holidays there, and then usually a calm and quiet museum full of joyful people. Especially having fun.

How interesting to spend your free time in Stockholm? Excursions and just walks in Stockholm are in the first place. Everything else remains for later. Some tourists come here to have fun in clubs and bars, go to pop and rock concerts, join modern trends in fashion. Other preference traditional Swedish dance flooring, where the orchestra plays. Connoisseurs of beer bars and modern restaurants will go to Södermalm and Kuppekalman quarters. Fans of classic and modern productions are waiting for famous theaters “Dramathen” and “Operan”. Movie lovers invites a unique cinema with superser and three-dimensional image. If you prefer active leisure and sports, then in the winter you can, for example, go skating right through the mirror ice of Stockholm channels. For shopping lovers in Stockholm there are huge department stores, and markets, and small shops, where you can use the case and purchase Swedish goods, as well as products of well-known firms even cheaper than in other European cities. And gourmet is waiting for the mass of small cozy cafes, where the menu consists exclusively from Swedish dishes, and exquisite restaurants, where the kitchen of different peoples of the world are represented.

As in Sweden refer to tourists from Russia? Attitude towards visit the most benevolent, while it does not depend on nationality. There are practically no problems when communicating: almost all the Swedes perfectly own English. Therefore, if you are at least talking a little and understand English, it is easily able to know the answer to any question you are interested in.

Stockholm is interesting at any time of the year. In this friendly city, I want to come again and again.


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