Tus Lake (TUS Lake)

Siberian Dead Sea — That is called Lake Tus, Located in the northern part of the Republic of Khakassia on the border with the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

This is the most exotic lake of Eastern Siberia. The fact is that it is not just salty, but very salty, and this salt is so much that it does not dissolve and falls on the bottom with a depth of 30 cm. The degree of mineralization of water reaches 250 g per liter of water.

The area of ​​the water surface is 2.65 km². Coastline stretches for a distance of 2.3 km. Maximum depth of 3.5 m.

Bottom of the lake and shores gentle, sandy and perfectly suitable for beach holidays. A small minus will be only the absence of any useful vegetation: trees and shrubs. Around only steppe.

Nearby Located Solenoserous village, founded in the 18th century. Dozens of years of salt produce here engaged in an industrial scale. Gradually, by the middle of the last century, the lake increased in size, the salt concentration decreased and mining turned.

Nowadays, when winter comes and water freezes, the shores are white not only from snow, but also from salt. Everyone can gain it in any quantity.


The climate in this region is sharply continental. This means that the day of the air temperature rises to 35-38°C, and at night lowers up to 10-12°WITH. From the North-West, the reservoir closes a small mountain range (140 m). She does not give «France» cold winds and creates a favorable microclimate in this place.

Rest and Leisure

Tus, it is a lake in which it is impossible to dive — Water pushes the body as a float, but perfectly holds it on the surface. There is no one to surprise anyone with a spectacle when a person lies on the water and reads a newspaper.

Tus — This is also the warmest lake in the region. Thanks to a small depth, dark bottom and high transparency, water warms up to 23°WITH. Bathing in water of such a comfortable temperature improves well-being, relaxes, raises mood, positively affects the condition of the skin and the total tone of the body.

On the shore of the lake there are no medical institutions, but numerous vacationers are fine «Hello» and without supervision of doctors. Each second walks, fooled by black «Living» mud.

According to the conclusion of scientists, it contains a large number of useful trace elements, compounds and is shown in diseases of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, nervous, eye and skin diseases.

Water, in its composition, alkaline: sulphate chloride and magnesium sodium. It is recommended for bathing exhausted and weakened children, as well as patients with rickets.

Near Tussee is a small fresh lake Cyprino. Here ride unorganized vacationers to wash from strong salt.

Accommodation and service

To accommodate tourists around the lake there are several recreation databases:

  • Sunrise
  • Living water
  • Tus Lake (TUS Lake)
  • Russian village
  • On Tus
  • Apiary
  • Pearl
  • Arrow on a tus.

The residential foundation is represented by individual houses and numbers in mini-hotels. The cost of living from 600 rubles per person per day to 4000 rubles for one-double room of high-class.

Summer houses are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay: stove, dishes, bed linen. Cottages and hotels have complete improvement with hot and cold water. Also on the territory of the base can be accommodated in your own tent, buying a place.

For holidaymakers, summer shower, equipped beach with sun beds, bike rental, catamarans and other equipment. There are sports fields for active recreation, excursions are organized for inspection of local attractions.

There are several shops and cafes. Arranged round-the-clock security.

Special parkingians equipped with minimal amenities are allocated for free stay on the lake: garbage containers and restrooms. It is necessary to take food, firewood and water.

Nearest shops, ATMs and gas stations are in the SS. Salted and S. Shira.

There is a connection of operators: MTS, ETC (Rostelecom), MegaFon.

How to get to Lake Tus

Aircraft to GG. Abakan (190 km), Krasnoyarsk (340 km).

By train to Art. Shira, then a regular bus or taxi.

Long-distance bus to the SS. Shira (30 km) or Salerier (4 km).

Personal Transport on the M-54 «Yenisei» to S. Salozero.

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