Tuscan chronicles

So, following the simple rules of the charter company Verdeblu, I was on board the Cantieri Di Sarnico Maxim 55 in Marina Kala Galera.

The first day

Master cabin, immediately given to me at full request, inspired optimism. "Excellent yacht", – I thought next to the bed Queen Size. Scarecrow no deepening in the shower stall – I did not want to immediately pour the entire bottom deck, but the engineering thought was ahead of mine, and, having accepted a shower without a flood, hitting things on the cabinets and boxes, I went to get acquainted with the sights. Yacht Club "Argentario" – quiet and respectable. If this is right here you are attributed to the yacht Valentino, then doubt neither in the first nor in the second.

Second day

In the morning, Captain Feruchcho arrived on the yacht and immediately, moving along the ladder from the shore, drowned his mobile phone. After several unsuccessful yokes saved the drowner quickly arrived scuba. The disassembled phone was dried on the towel, and we were despair in the direction of. Junutrice. So began a journey through the Tuscan archipelago.

Confessing in the gastronomic love for Italy even somehow trite. We have long prefer the herring under the coiled of Parma ham with orange melon pieces, and our women are convinced that it is impossible to fatten from real Italian spaghetti, not from potatoes. But when the stewardess called to the table, I was against Italian style to serve a black caviar, which I brought, on toast. At first, timidly, typing, plowing, the company quickly helped with a polgilogram reserve, drawing it with spoons and drinking Russian vodka. The path to the island of Gilio seemed very tirelessly, and the evening spent at the Jilio Castello restaurant under the bitter local wine Ansenica del Giglio, approved everyone in thought that the day would live not in vain.

Third day

We put up on Elba Island, but another hour-another looked at a strange sailboat with two French on board. Sailboat was born in 1930, which he was alleged almost bronze spin on the stern. And our captain Feruchcho argued that even Belle Barca does not live so much. He was soothered only that the French looked older than their sailboat. They know what they do.

ELBA Island. While the captain bought a new phone, the rest – products, I walked through Portoferraio. Napoleon’s mansion, in which he was shortly emperor, still towers over the island. At least it seems from Marina. He washed away from here to take revenge – and there were a triumphant return to Paris, and a hundred days to Waterloo, and the final imprisonment on. St. Elena in thousands of kilometers from the old victories. Not far from here Another island is another avenger, more successful in the whims of a romantic Bonapartist Duma, – Montecristo Island. But we did not go there.

Day four

We went to Caprai Island, where the modern SPA center is adjacent to the provincial silence and lightness. And only in the port – a lot of zooak. In SPA, they love to come Romans, as I was told: you can not hear any city, nor each other in excellent numbers.

On the way to Punto Ala, we found a small storm. The three-maht sailboat, who jumped to us towards the sip of the rain wall, as if the ghost, wondered on all the sails and disappeared in a falling Mol, as if he was never. Pleased Maxim 55 and our captain. Neither the other did not tend a sound, although the boat threw on the wave, beat, twisted – and threw again. Only the TV in the cabin was injured, he broke down with fasteners and crashed to. "He never liked", – said Feruchcho.

From here we moved to cars in La Spets, looking at the path of the Mountains of Carrarsky Marble. Some well-processed stubs I watched in Moscow apartments in the form of columns – pinch the ceilings.

Tuscan chronicles

Fifth day

As I did not fight off, I still dragged me in Porto Lotti, where the HSh regatta Durand de La Penne Cup, La Spezia-Capraia, in which only classic yachts participate. The regatta is organized by the Italian Association of Classic, Vintage and Traditional Yachts (A.I.V.E). Convinced me to accompany the regatta by watching her we will be from the side of Wally Tender, and ride at speed in 40 knots on futuristic "younger brother" Wally Power will not want to completely lazy Russian. But watching the vintage sailboats, turned out to be unforgettable pleasure.

On the tender we quickly reached Portovenere. Vintage Christian Ruins and Old Fortress, Gothic Cathedral (1200-1300) and the place of death of the Shelly’s poet – places more than tourist and romantic. As you know, Shelley with a friend and Junga fell into a thunderstorm storm, and in 20 minutes their yacht was flooded by sea. Outstairs Shelly’s friend, Byrona, the remains found were cremated. The borrowed heart of the poet long kept his wife. Mira Mary Shelly is known as the author "Frankenstein". Everyone remembers the terrible monster, lost in the Arctic snow north of Russia, but few people remember that Frankenstein – the name of the doctor, who created this monster, who wanted love.

We returned to Cala Galera to dine in Maremma. And after half an hour, toasts with the truffles, we werehed away with the excellent local wine Morellino and rejoiced the keenness of the owner of a restaurant who smoked in the workplace and allowed to smoke and to us, exhausted Italian law, forbidding it in restaurants and cafes. If you see the queue in front of the entrance to the restaurant somewhere in Italy, do not be afraid, there are places. Just to harm your health can only on the street, before entering, but not in any way inside.

We could only spend the night, because in the morning it was time to return first to the airport da Vinci, and then home.

We thank the company Verdeblu, organized cruise. Special thanks to the yacht Cantieri di Sarnico Maxim 55, which showed itself from the best side under the control of the captain Ferruccio Fronzoni (Corso’s Charter).

Verdeblu Srl. Via Monte Zebio 32 00195 Rome – Italy. Tel: +10 39 06 32 40 399. Fax: +10 39 06 36000109

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