Tuscany rightly considered one of the most curious regions for travelers. Located in the Heart of the country, the region will be happy to offer to inspect Cooling and historical objects, artistic attractions. Many directions in art were created in this part of the world. It was here that an ancient Apennine culture was once formed.

Many refer to this area of ​​Italy Pearl of the country. And such status is by no means an exaggeration. More than half of all architectural monuments of the country focused in this region. Many creative personalities who have become famous for the whole world, were looking for inspiration here, in the center of the Apennine Peninsula.

The large territory of the region is covered with hills, the rest is the plain. We advise closer to learn national parks and natural reserves, visit Lakes and Tuscan Riviera, as well as the Orcha Valley, which will decorate, almost every souvenir. Valley is distinguished by an abundance of scarlet poppies, yellow sunflowers and vineyards. But here it is worth sending not only for the sake of excellent species, but also for the sake of cathedrals and temples that were built in almost every city.

Top city and resorts Tuscany

Going towards Tuscany, it is worth thinking well in advance which resorts you wish to visit. For example, from the north of the region love to rest the residents of the country, so the resorts located there will contribute to improving the skills of Italian.

For a beach holiday should look at Viareggio. In this zone – the most crowded and modern beach zones. By the way, it is one of the most prestigious places in the area.

Environmental tourism is not poorly developed in Maremme. The reserve is strictly protected by the government. This resort presents a relaxing holiday on small, almost undeveloped beaches. Calm is also guaranteed to follonics.

The elite resort of Punta Ala was famous for the yacht club, so that lovers of an active lifestyle here will be interesting. We recommend to go to Castiglion-Pescayy, where very popular water sports. Among other things, pine forests are growing, for which it is pleasant to ride bicycles.

For fascinating landscapes worth keeping the way towards Monte-Argentario. Once this territory was an island covered with greens.

Today, part of the sushi is connected to the mainland narrow stone paths, between which the blue lagoon spread. Tourists will have to explore the rocky shores and get acquainted with the ports.

What is interesting to see in Tuscany?

Climate in Tuscany

More comfortable to come to Tuscany from the beginning of summer and until the middle of autumn. In the summer in the territory of the region, as a rule, it is hot, even you can say hot weather. For example, in July or August, the thermometer column regularly shows the marks above 30 degrees during the day. With the arrival of October in the region begin to pour rains. Slow temperature marks start to fall and now, in January, the sun is not able to warm up air above 5 – 7 degrees.

On the shores of Tuscany, the climate is significantly softer thanks to the nearby mountains, which are protected from cool northern winds. Here throughout the year there is enough good weather.

Video from Tuscany

Excursions and events in Tuscany

Excursion routes by city Tuscany promise to be rich and interesting. Rich architectural heritage left the Epoch of the Middle Ages. Luchchesh all acquaintance with the region to start in Florence, the capital, which presented the world Renaissance. Where did Michelangelo, Leonardo and many other great figures were doing. Fully familiarized with the main cathedrals and temples of the city, slowly go to the neighboring Siena that an hour from Florence. The city seemed to measure and remained to exist in medieval times.

Staying in Tuscany, we recommend that at the weekend to go to Chianti, where we can taste the present wine, admire the hilly landscape and visit the vintage castles, some of which will also offer tourists to stay for overnight.

Understatell, the tourist route includes a pisa and its field of wonders decorated with a falling tower. Rights the city of Lucca, famous for defensive walls, elevated from Pisa. Here, just the same will be able to walk on the old streets in silence and rest from the tourist crowd. But on this Tuscany does not end. It is worth making a bitter on thermal springs and into local pine forests, where it is so nice to ride bicycles on fresh air.

History Tuscany

Tuscany, Italy - Recreation, Excursions, Reviews, Attractions Tuscany Travel Guide

Where better to stop, traveling in Tuscany?

Activities in Tuscany

In general, recreation areas in Tuscany can be divided into several categories. The first of them will introduce a traveler with historical and cultural values ​​of the edge. This is primarily about major cities. For example, about Florence with its famous cathedrals or the Motherland of the Falling Tower. Hiking areas are especially popular, which is located between Siena and Florence. The terrain attracts tourists with ancient cities, old buildings and temples.

To the second category, you can safely attribute sea resorts, where you can swim away, dive under water with scuba and explore the sea depths, as well as ride on the yacht or master the sailboat. The third type of rest is assigned balneological zones with thermal waters.

Since the landscape of the edge is amazingly beautiful, explore the natural beauty of Tuscany is offered to horseback riding. If necessary, you can use the services of an instructor. Locals love to play golf or tennis, so that sports fields and complexes in the regions are sufficient. There are peculiar gastronomic tours, on which tourists learn a variety of institutions, and try the most delicious dishes.

Tuscany transport features

The level of development of the transport system in the field of Tuscany is very high. On the region you can move both on earth and in the sky. International airports are located in large cities. It is worth noting that the authorities pay great attention to the purity of air and ecology.

Railways will be able to bring a traveler to almost any settlement Tuscany. Trains are very diverse. In all cities are present, even if not big, but the train stations. Bus – no less popular way of movement. However, in connection, with non-compliance with charts, finding, the bus remains in second place after trains.

Tuscany: how to get?

Getting to Tuscany from Russia will not be labor. As a rule, aircraft are landed in the Italian capital, in Milan or Florence. From all three points to get to Tuscany will be very easy on a rented car. On the road, the tourist will have to spend about three hours.

Also, the airport, hosting international flights, is located in the town of Pisa, the Motherland of the famous Tower, which is – here will fall. It is worth remembering that all major settlements are interconnected by rail, so traveling in Italy, including to get to Tuscany will simply.

Tuscany, Italy - Recreation, Excursions, Reviews, Attractions Tuscany Travel Guide

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