Tuscany: Monuments, Attractions and Interesting Places Tuscany

Green hills where a long road framed by soaring cypresses on the sides leads to a mansion built of stone on the junction … Such a Tuscany appears to. This picture should add vineyards extending to the horizon, original architecture, scenic towns located on the hills, excellent cuisine and historical monuments.

Tuscany is located in the central part of the Apennine Peninsula. Borders with other regions, including Umbria, Mark, Lazio, Emily-Romanenia and Liguria.

The Arno and Ombron rivers flow through the province, as well as two seas &# 8211; Ligurian and Tyrrhenskoye. Region, mostly mountainous and sublime, but has access to beautiful beaches.

Travel Guide in Tuscany

Tuscany is considered one of the most beautiful places of Italy, so it is visited by crowds of tourists from around the world. In this place people beckonsing the great local cuisine and wine.

The placement base is designed, most of all, with focusing on agrotourism. Exceptionally favorable climate allows you to travel without any problems and inspect the sights. It is worth starting an excursion from visiting world-famous museums and monuments.


Florence &# 8211; The capital of Tuscany and one of the most beautiful cities and tourist destinations. It is necessary to visit the Cathedral Duomo (Santa Maria del Fiore). Not only to enter inside, but also climb the dome, bell tower and in the Baptistery.

Another attraction &# 8211; famous Bridge Ponte Vecchio. It is distinguished by the fact that this is a fully built-up bridge, on which there were once shops that were later turned into workshops of jewelers. The upper part, called the Vazari corridor, connects Palazzo Vecchio with Palazzo Pitty.

Among the many museums and galleries, attention deserves Galleria Degli Uffizi &# 8211; One of the oldest museums in Europe, where you can admire the works of Jotto, Leonardo da Vinci or Raphael and Titian. Another similar variety &# 8211; Galleria Dell&# 8217; accademia With her most famous work Michelangelo &# 8211; Statue of David.

Pisa and Pisan Tower

City of Pisa and his Tower Wheel &# 8211; Another picturesque place of Tuscany. Impressive also Camposanto cemetery, which is surrounded by monasteries with sarcophagi and shrines decorated with frescoes. You can walk along charming streets along the Arno River, where the churches, palaces and medieval buildings are located. Great place for excursion &# 8211; Visit Orto Botaniko.


Sienna &# 8211; also worth attention to the city that is worth visiting. This is a medieval place can be explored on foot, as it is a pedestrian. The biggest monument here is Gothic Cathedral With white-black marble floor and department created by Nicola Pisano.

Also interesting and market square &# 8211; Plazza Del Campo, Where the famous Palio jumps are held annually. It has a rather unusual seashell form, and nearby Palace Palazzo Pubbleko, in which the city museum is now located.

Nearby is also worth Torre del Manja &# 8211; 100 meter tower and bell tower where you can rise to admire the panorama of the city. The entire historic center of Siena was listed by UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995.

ELBA Island

On the picturesque Island of Elbe, you can go ferry and spend there an unforgettable day! Preserved here residence &# 8211; Palazzina dei Mulini &# 8211; His office with a written table, a bed with a canopy and the famous clamshell. In addition, you can see on the island Forts in Portoferrajo, Madonna’s sanctuary Delle Grazie and Santa Catering Monastery with botanical garden.

It is worth going to one of the beautiful beaches of Elba or climb on the gondola lift to her highest peak &# 8211; Monte Kappan (1017 m above sea level), known as the roof of Tuscany.

Tuscany Monuments, Attractions and Interesting Places Tuscany

San Gimignano &# 8211; Tower City

San Gimignano called one of the most beautiful cities of Tuscany. It is famous not only by his towers, but also the production of excellent white wine and the cultivation of saffron. Here you can see Ruins Citadel Rocca or climb one of the towers. In the center of Piazza Della Chisterna is a wonderful tank of the 13th century.

In the city, tourists will see collegial Church of Santa Maria-Assunta With frescoes and two palaces: Palazzo Del Popolo (Town Hall with the Museum of Painting) and Palazzo del Peresta (Former administrator palace). Church of St. Augustine, the interiors of which are decorated with drawn scenes from the life of the saint.


Cortona &# 8211; Another medieval city, built on a hill, closely associated with the literary work of Francis Mais "under the sun of Tuscany". This is an atmospheric town where you can get lost among old apartment buildings and narrow streets.

You can still go to the top of the hill, where Basilica St. Margarita (with the mummy of the saint inside!) and from where a picturesque view of the whole area.


This city is located on the hill, like others in Tuscany. It is called the pearl of the 16th century due to the renaissance architecture. Interesting here Church of San Bianjo With two bell tower, Gothic Town Hall Palazzo Comunale and Palazzo Taruga, Next to which the Well of the Gryfow and Lviv.


This is another cute Tuscany town, the historical center of which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Tuscany Monuments, Attractions and Interesting Places Tuscany

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