Day Twelfth: Fortresses in Nafplion and Epidaurus

Every day, it is more difficult to count the day, firstly, because everything is left for the end of our trip, and secondly, the number of impressions is so great that to fit them in a light day. For the first time for the whole journey, we booked a breakfast room, so fast meals and ahead – to meet new places. Today we have a very tight schedule: two fortresses in Nafplion, walking around the city center, and then a trip to the epidavr, to visit the theater with a unique acoustic, archaeological museum and look at the next ruins. Breakfast at the hotel is modest, but tasty: coffee, juice, baking and hot toasts with ham and cheese. Nothing special, but we were enough to fit.

Our breakfast at the hotel is modest, but tasty

We drove on the car, km: 84
Walking, km / steps: nine.78/12888

The first point of our program is the Palamidi Fortress, the main and brightest landmark of Nafplion, we went there. I must say that it is very cool that the inspection of the city we are at least forced, but moved to the end of the journey, because Nafplion is very different from other cities of Greece, he is some very Venetian. Still, they put a very serious imprint on the appearance of the city. Personally, he really reminded Slovenian Town Piran, which we visited during one of our European auto equipment.

Syntagma Square in Nafplion

The fortress was erected by the Venetians at the end of the 17th century and for its history visited the jurisdiction of Venetians, Turks, Greeks, played the role of military fortifications, so it was a prison, which contained very well-known personalities.

Palamidi can be seen from almost anywhere in the city, and despite the fact that the height of the hill, where it is located, only 216 meters, it opens with it just fantastic species, for which it is already worth visiting her.

Nafplion from a bird’s eye view, or rather, from one of Palamidi bastions

The fortress is powerful fortification fortifications consisting of 8 independent bastions, each of which has its own history and its legends for which there will be a place in a separate article.

Palamidi Fortress Bastions in Nafplion

We arrived in Palamidi to the opening itself and therefore enjoyed her inspection alone. When we have already left the fortress, numerous excursion buses and independent tourists. Surely in the season here in general there is no apple to fall, and we will not cease to rejoice that they flew out the sights of Greece in winter, when tourists are very few. But go on next. The next point of our walk is the famous embankment of Nafplone and the fortress of Akronafplio, it is not as famous as a bourgei or palady, but to look into it interesting.

From Akronafplio Very clearly seen Palamidi and city beach. By the way, note that on the calendar of the middle of January, and on the beach – a bunch of people who not only sunbathe, but also bathe in the sea.

After walking along the fortresses of Nafplion, we decided to walk a little on the embankment. I must say that here it is just awesome beautiful.

One of Nafplion Naberezhnye

We are very lucky that today the epidavr works until 17:00, and therefore we have time to implement all our plans. Just half an hour in the way and we are in place. First of all, we are certainly going to the theater. Epidaur Theater makes an incredible impression. Of course, the first thing that makes any tourist in the theater – checks the acoustics, and it is unique here.

In the summer, when there are many people here, it is rarely able to check it, but we were in the theater alone and believe me, from the upper places for obtasus (so called the poor, who later the Roman authorities gave Obolt (small coin) to enter the theater) was heard, as a child standing in the very center of the scene whispered or dumped paper.

By the way, in season on Fridays and Saturdays here are given. Despite the fact that we are difficult to attribute to lovers of theaters, in a similar setting we would gladly looked at something from the ancient Greek tragedies. &# 128578;

In addition to the theater, the epidavr is still famous for the ruins of the temple of Asclepia (HEARCH CHILDREN). Unfortunately, almost nothing left of the temple, even the ruins are some very uncertain, but in the Archaeological Museum of the epidaur, you can see fragments of sculptures and columns that were found during excavations.

Twelfth Day Traveling in Greece by car

Archaeological Museum of Epidaur

Inspection of the ruins of the epidaur, we finish almost before closing, and it’s time to decide where we will spend the night today. The first ideas was the city of Argos, in order to quickly see some interesting places in the morning (as the guidebook says) in the city, and then go to the ancient tyrens and legendary Micheen. But some kind of inner feeling stopped us on the hotel’s booking, we decided to first look at the city, and then choose the hotel.

However, the city eventually did not like. First, with a parking lot here everything is very sad. Secondly, for several circles around the city we met a lot of idle black migrants, well, and, thirdly, because today, the resurrection, then we failed to find an open cafe for dinner. We have already decided to return to Nafplion and check out another hotel in this city, but turned up an excellent option in the town of Mile for € 41 right by the sea. Ten minutes later we were in place, but there was no one again at the reception. &# 128578; In a couple of minutes, a girl came, who was 1000 and apologized once again that we had to wait and that she did not have time to heat the room to our arrival. Big contrast with what was last night when we were warned in 5 hours about your arrival, and were forced to wait more than half an hour to wait by the Sea weather without the opportunity to contact the hotel.

We liked the town and the hotel that we chose that I even had the idea to come here "on longer". Despite the fact that the city is very small, there was a lot of good, and most importantly, an open cafe where you can dine. At the advice of the hotel admin we went to the best. It turned out to be only 200 meters to the cafe, but I had to go through a dead railway crossing, and instead of telling that we ate and drank, I want to make a small lyrical retreat of Peloponnese railways. &# 128578;

The fact is that if briefly, there are no trains on the peninsula. The whole infrastructure is in such a state that it seems easier to blow up and build a newer than to repair the old (731 km of ways connecting all the main cities of the peninsula). Moreover, the width of the canvas is only a meter and requires a special rolling stock. Perhaps this was the main reason why, in 2011, all the transportation of the "meter" railway was discontinued. The exception is only a few small sites, and among them – the tourist road of Daicopteo-Kaulavet.

Railways on Peloponnese

In some cities, there are periodically ideas to create railway museums, but there are no funds for their content. So, the museum on the former station Nafplio turned into a rather dull place, the same story and in Corinth. In fact, this topic perfectly deserves a separate article, but it just happened that we will not work out to organize a good photo for her, so I will postpone writing until the next trip. But back to our report. We dined, tried Greek beer and went to plan tomorrow.

For tomorrow we have quite calm plans: We want to visit Tirins, Mycenae and, perhaps, in the evening, try thermal springs in Louthaki. This resort is very popular among Russian tourists, I would like to understand that it is so interesting, let’s see and check!

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Good morning)
I do not know where to write to ask you. What is vignette? (Russian and easier explain not to an experienced person). If there are no pay roads, is it necessary?

Twelfth Day Traveling in Greece by car

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