Twenty thousand Le

Picture "White Sail Lonely" Since childhood, excites the imagination of many. Today to carry out a dream – to go out into the sea or ocean under the sail – it is not difficult. There would be money.

Timesher under the sail

Of course, a consistent person is difficult to resist the acquisition of a motor or sailing yacht cruise class (that is, a large, easy-to-control and maximum amenities). But, unfortunately, such a purchase does not justify yourself. There are several reasons. First, swim especially nowhere. Volga’s pool, even taking into account reservoirs, still limited by the shores and has windwaters. Secondly, the yacht content is expensive – up to 40% per year from its value (cruise yacht size from 35 feet, t. E. from 12 m long, costs from $ 250 thousand. up to $ 3.5 million). Thirdly, the yachts are growing faster than expensive cars: some two years of operation – and it will be possible to sell it at best for half. And fourth if you scratched "Mercedes", There is a chance to get insurance. But for floating in the internal Russian waters, there is no such type of service in any insurance agency, so the ship in case of damage will have to be fixed at its own expense.

Therefore, the British charter company Sunsail organized a kind "Yacht Timecher", Selling boats for half aolence – provided that the new yacht for the first five years is operated by the company itself and only then is transmitted to the buyer. In the first five years, the client has the right every year for three weeks to use the vessel for free, and it is not necessary for bought. To date, the company has more than 1,400 vessels attributed to ports almost all countries of the world. According to Sunsail managers, most customers after five years have renewed a contract with a company that further gives a yacht to the sublease to third parties. That is, the boat turns into a source of income for both the company and the owner.

From Seville to Canary

Russians are becoming increasingly popular with yacht rental abroad. As a rule, the rental term of Kathen seven days, the calculations are made on weekly. However yachting yachting.

The cheapest country of the Mediterranean coast in this sense, of course, Turkey. The most common type of swimming is one-two-week stay on a gullet, a wooden double-volume ship, similar to the ancient Ottoman vessels. Yachting as such is not: Tourists live in comfortable cabins, eat three times a day, the ship for four to five hours a day goes along the coast. When it moisters, customers sunbathe on sandy beaches with wine and kebabs, bathe or – on a separate program – Diving. Wist of the wind in a rigging and fascinating roll on risky galks do not feel: sails on traditional bizan- and grotto masts no more than entourage. Almost all the time of the Guelet goes on the diesel. Make sailors lift sails – not the easy task. Such a vacation is similar to life in the hotel "all inclusive" and costs $ 450 per week. Plus a plane ticket. (By the way, only a hike across the Finnish Schoras on the yacht "Catherine II", which offers the St. Petersburg company "Franz": 10-12 days aboard a small two-volume sailboat that can take up to ten passengers, will cost no more than living in the hotel "three stars".) Turkish pules depart from Bodrum, Picky, Porridge, Antalya, Gucheki and other ports of once ancient Greece.

About Greece today. Here are already present "Marina", True, you should not be surprised if the expected European service in the yacht club will not be and will have to accept the absence of a soul and connected to the board of water and electricity. The developed infrastructure of the yacht clubs exists mainly on the mainland coast (for example, port of Kalamaki under Athens) or on large islands. Tips, however, are also found, but rarely. In the rest of the Greek yachting – and at prices, and in quality – corresponds to the European level. For example, the parking of the yacht at the pier is worth $ 15-20 per day. Rent a sailing boat with a size of 30-50 feet per two-five cabins (Motor yachts on the Mediterranean, unlike the Volga water area, unpopular) will cost $ 1.5-6 thousand. during the week. That is, if we divide this amount for six or ten people, it will work out $ 150-750 with each. True, this is not all. Since the rights to shipment have a few units, you will have to hire a skipper (captain) at the rate of about $ 700 per week. And if travelers want to spend time in full celebration, you will have to take on board and Coca Stuart ($ 500). And provisions in addition.

A ten percent of ten and fifteen without loss as a rest (four to six hours in the open sea, overnight in the port, then again the sea and t. D. – The classic routine of European yachting) can be saved in Croatia. Yacht clubs of Dubrovnik, Split, poverty have a developed infrastructure; the sea and the wind is no worse than the French shores, and the level of service too. And also – the goodwill of the local population and cheap products, not as an example, say, Italian.

But in Italy, service level VIP. There is any desire for the parking lot. Fee for pleasure – increased prices for the parking lot of the yacht ($ 20-30 per day against $ 15-20 in other ports) and terribly expensive food. Yachting itself and swimming accompanies – ordinary, "Mediterranean".

Twenty thousand Le

The only exception in Europe is France. Deciding on yachting in this country, to rent prices for rent will have to add 15-20% in advance: the week under the sail will cost not $ 2 thousand., and at $ 2.5 thousand.; hiring skipper not at $ 100, and at $ 130-150 per day. True, on some waters (mainly on rivers), a yacht is allowed to 30 feet long without a special certificate, so you can not spend money on the skipper.

Without paper – without vest

In other places, it is possible to do without a hired captain only having special documents. The diploma diploma, valid abroad, is best obtained in the Moscow Sailing School, having passed a course of lectures for one or two months and qualifying swimming. School Director Valery Romanov said that the level of preparation "Yacht sailor" and "Yacht steering" 3rd and even on the 2nd classes (the cost of education – $ 300-500) in the ports of most countries does not give the rights to managing the yacht. You need to be at least the 2nd class yacht steering (the course plus practice in the sea – approximately $ 1 thousand.), and better – the yacht captain (the cost of training is $ 2.5 thousand.). The captain besides actually marine science is obliged to know the marine English, international vbm, having medical knowledge and more, which distinguishes sea wolf from river crucian. "Product" Moscow Sailing School certified by international standards and valid in most countries. But if in the eyes of the port on the port at any point of the planet you want to read sincere respect, you will have to pay 20-25 thousand pounds of sterling and finish the English ROYAL YACHT ACADEMIA.

And now about the case. Sergey Sasununsky, manager of the Moscow company Ocean Club, which is engaged in the organization "Shipping" Recreation, draws attention to the typical mistake of tourists: those who wish to combine rest, say, under Barcelona with light yachting, arriving on "Marina" "Dickarem", At best, the shabby microtonnik will receive (small and uncomfortable yacht), and rather – the refusal. The best ships are reserved in two or three months before sailing, good – in two or three weeks. Therefore, problems with rental need to be addressed in Moscow, after receiving a decision: you need not a hotel room and swimming pool, but the cabin yacht and the open sea.

In principle, any Moscow tourist firm in a short time is ready to organize yacht-tour. However, firms dealing with this kind of recreation, a little. For example, the travel company Fedor Konyukhova, the legendary extremal, ready to give advice on yachting abroad. The general manager of the company Oscar Konyukhov (son of the traveler) promises that the firm will help to assess the seaworthiness of the boat, the justification of investment in its purchase, solve organizational problems in developing a particular route. Well, those who do not want to return to the same port every day, but wishes to enter the open ocean, the senior stalls are ready to personally offer the services of the Captain Yacht and in a couple of weeks to cross the Atlantic on one of the most high-speed sailing boats in the world – Catamaran The Race. By the way, his achievement is 62 days around the world (and not 80, like the Jules Verne): Structure with good wind – up to 40 knots! Transatlantic transition to the company with Fedor Konyukhov will cost $ 10 thousand. Memories, certified photos and stock footage.

Twenty thousand Le

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