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So, you have plenty of forty-eight hours of free time, and you do not know how to be? Dallas-Fort Worth is a real decision. No one will experience a lack of entertainment in this Metropolis, uniting two cities at once with a completely different energy.

The rich heir to the Texas traditions, Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) will offer tourist the entire range of local cuisine, from chickest steaks, barbecue and culinary fusion, has long been inherent in southern American states on the border with Mexico, to the highest delights like lobsters and hot cakes with baked sibas. Well, it’s not to die with hunger. And not to die from boredom? This also does not threaten anyone here: neither frequenter of urban jungle, nor a fan with deliberate cowboy sacks. From amateur sports, visual art and planetary scale shopping to the world’s largest golden establishment with their shock and casino. Taking advantage of the services of one knowledgeable guide, I will spend you on Dallas the most short ways, at the time of your short visiting visit.


16-00: We take a car at DFW International Airport and we are going to Dallas

17-30: Cocktail and early dinner will look into the bar-restaurant "NOSH", which "rules" the famous chef Avner Samuel. Everyone knows that the dishes of European and Mediterranean cuisine are canceled here, for example, a juicy confusion of ducks and a halibut with sausage Chorizo, burning pepper and black olives.

19-30: You can enjoy sports, anyone that you like. Go to the Center "American Airlines" (WWW.americanairlinescenter.COM) to see world champions – basketball ******* "Dallas Mavericks" playing on a basketball field. If not they, then see Dallas Stars hockey players – on ice, of course.

But perhaps the sport is not your horse. Then go to the art area. It is located next door, he is replete with cultural events. Look, for example, in the theater center "AT&T "(www.ATTPAC.ORG) representing the conglomerate of numerous halls and scenic sites, among which is new, like with the needle, WinSpear Opera House. He never stands out without affairs: concerts, performances or dance shows almost every day. Another idea: right across the road is the center of symphonic music Morton Eich Meerson, where the symphony orchestra of Dallas.

23-00: on the elevator rose to the 33rd floor of the hotel "w", which in Victoria Park (in our opinion, the Victory Park), which is opposite the main office of American airlines. Why? Yes, just miss the cup of whiskey on the dream of the coming, yes we will admit the panorama of Dallas with the best observation deck.


9-00: We start the morning from breakfast in the Dream Café in the trendy "Aptown", in the north of Dallas. This institution is famous for the eclectic style that has entered all local specialists on a par with Thiano (Texan-Mexican cuisine). In addition to them, the breakfast is offered a wide variety of meat dishes, and even a vegetarian sausage.

10-00: The most sad event, darling the history of Dallas, the murder of American president John Fitzgerald Kennedy, perpetuated in the expositions of the Sixth Floor Museum ("Sixth Floor") and Dili Square (WWW.JFK.ORG). You may want to find out how and what JFK lived, which left the "city and world" inheritance, and at the same time to trace the route of the Presidential Corget at the time when the fateful shots sounded on Dili Plaza.

12-00: watches pierced noon. It means, it’s time to return to the art area (in the heart of the city) and see the center of the sculpture of Naver (WWW.nashersculpturecenter.ORG) recognized by the pearl architecture adorning these surroundings. Here is a rich collection of painting of the "organizing" Dallas ******** of Naurore and his wife Patsy. Matisse, Calder and Rodna, are exhibited in the inner galleries, as well as in the garden.

Two days in a foreign city of Dallas - Fort Worth -, United States Blogs and travel notes for tourists on tourist

13-00: It’s time to eat, and we go to the north. Here, ****************** Miles from the center, there is a institution called "Rafa’s", where they offer a wonderful palette of real Texan-Mexican cuisine. Among other things, we have a hot masic cakes with acute filling, enchores (pancakes with acute meat stuffing) and FAHITS (one more kind of pellek with meat wrapped in them). And if you are lucky, the "dessert" meets with local celebrities, for example, with President George Bush. He lives in Dallas.

15-00: Dallas is famous for its shopping centers, throughout the city there are so many of them that even the most picky and fierce shop folio. There is everything that only your soul: from intricate vintage shops to boutiques with their eternal incomprehensible delights. In Highland Park Village (www.HPVillage.COM) Shops demonstrate the creations of the best designers, among which Stella McCartney, the "Hermes" brand and a native of the LELA ROSE locations. Be sure to look at the main shopping center Dallas "Neiman-Marcus" to enjoy branded chocolate chips, by the way, Favorite Santa Claus cookies.

20-00: We do in the evening outfits and go to others to see and show yourself at lunch to the restaurant "Mansion" in Rosewood Mansion What on Turtle Creek (www.Rosewoodhotels.COM). This is the area of ​​Oak Lawn in the northern part of Dallas. I went for the fourth dozen years since, thanks to culinary delights of the chef, Bruno Dupivion (and this is a roasted pagin, and a kare of a lamb), an entity leads in the ranking of the best restaurants.

23-00: The Eastern District of Dallas is famous for the Deep Ellum district, and he, in turn, the most cool night entertainment in countless clubs. Listen to music, sing and dance until you fall. Among the pets "Lizard Lounge" and "House of Blues" – the most popular institutions. But in the center of Dallas entertainment can be found no less. For example, at the Joule Hotel, where "PM NightLife" works. It is in this aesthetic underground club that the VIP persons will be celebrated. In short, there is always what and who.


10-00: It’s time to evaporate from the hotel. We load into the car and go on the agricultural market (WWW.DallasFarmersmarket.ORG): snacking slightly fruit, which a couple of hours ago we were conquered on the trees, and home pastries, which went here. Here and the whole breakfast

11-00: We take the course to the West on the freeway of Interstate 30. Half an hour drive and we arrive in Fort Worth. In the meantime, we are on the road, look around: somewhere on halfway, in Arlington, a new stadium has a new stadium for cowboys, and in the neighborhood, there are baseball courts Rangers Ballpark.

Two days in a foreign city of Dallas - Fort Worth -, United States Blogs and travel notes for tourists on tourist

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