Two days in the Uzbek desert

On the way to Nourata, we detained a brick structure with a low-ditch. It turned out, this is Sardoba – an ancient warehouse of water, replacing the well to the Uzbeks. Previously, they were built next to the caravansers, that is, every seven days the path on camels. Water in them, even in the bake, stood almost at the same level and never flier. Now only two saharves remained in Uzbekistan, and even that completely renovated. But somewhere inside the old masonry of the XIV century is preserved.

The next stop did about the noticeable rallies from afar, her black stone ridge drank out of the ground, like a dragon ridge. Greenery here is a little, but the hot desert overwhelms the bluffing, bitter-tart smell of wormwood.

  • Sardoba – Ancient Water Storage
  • Vintage masonry
  • Black stone ridge
  • Petroglyphs

Inside the rocky folds are hidden petroglyphs of the bronze era, depicting, mostly local animals – bulls, mountain goats, camels and argars with characteristic, cool downward horns. Figures hunters come across.

Finally, we are in Nourata, and the first thing we invite us to lunch into one of the national homes. This is local "chip" – treat tourists not in a restaurant, but in a real house where the Uzbeks themselves live traditional way. In the shady garden, we were covered with a table, on which all the eats were barely fit.

Nurata is a small town between the deserts of Kyzylkum and the mountain chain of Nuratau, once a great silk path passed on it. According to Imam, our guide, the name comes from Arabic word "nur", What means "light".

The place is glorified not only by the XVI century mosque, but first of all the extraordinary source of Nur-ato. With water in Uzbekistan, there are many problems, and this ancient city of Nature generously gave a water resource, and, the only one for many kilometers of desert lands. The water reservoire constantly retains the temperature of 19.5 °, which especially like marins – Truly’s local appearance. Fish not only do not eat in food, but in every way you caress, considering the sacred, as well as the reservoir. Maryniki is also helpful, they clean the water, do not let insect.

In the third century BC.NS. Alexander Macedonian came here, he liked the place with the source, and he left a garrison here. The remains of the Greek fortress are still visible on top of the hill.

In the yurt camp "Aydar" In the desert Kyzylkum we got under the evening. Places were not so deserted, on the velchanam "crumbled" Busta Saksaoul and Camel Quicks. The daytime bake has already slept, but everyone has not been able to swim in Lake Aidarkul.

  • Remains of the Greek Fortress
  • Two days in the Uzbek desert
  • National lunch
  • Treat
  • NUR-ATO source

A few kilometers on the car, and we on the lake, which looks free. In a windless day, the water surface of Aydarkul does not move, and in twilight almost merges with the heavenly sphere.

Darkens in the desert quickly, and now swimming workers are barely noticeable in water, but they are not treated ashore.

In the camp we were already waited with treat. In addition to Uzbek Plov and Vegetable Snacks, the hit of the evening became lambs fried by a traditional recipe. Initially, the meat lamb was chosen in fragrant herbs.

  • Mosque of the XVI century
  • Yurt camp "Aydar"
  • Aydarkul water
  • Meat lamb

Then he hung inside the hot tandoor, which immediately covered the canvas and thickly smeared clay. In such "blast furnace" meat hold up to one and a half hours.

And this I was pregnant, which table was covered for yourself camp workers. Please note, tea in Uzbekistan drink from large, and for vodka, wine and other stiff drinks are served non-glasses and glasses, but exactly the same piles, only small.

At night we gathered at the fire to listen to songs of Akyna. Everyone was lightened at the benchmarks and under monotonous lulling singing were considered star placer, trying to determine the constellation. It turned out, a very exciting occupation.

At first I doubted whether it would be comfortable to spend the night in Yurt. But doubts were completely in vain – I have long been so sweet, I did not fall out. Yurts are decorated with handmade carpets, chambers and talismans, consecrated local shamans. Apparently, they all slept without rear legs.

  • Rolled tandar
  • Table for camp workers
  • Charming and talismans
  • Design of Yurt

Each yurt and carved wooden doors are decorated in different ways.

In the morning, sitting in the shade behind a cup of green tea, we watched the camels next to the camp. But they are not wild, on them, if desired, you can ride. True, the desire did not express everything, women were the most brave.

The last day in the desert we spent on the shore of the lake. Aidarkul salt water and small golden sand enhanced similarity with a real sea beach. On the sun, the lake acquires a bright blue shade, and becomes clear why it is called "Turquoise Sea in Sands".

  • Wooden doors
  • Graze camels
  • Lake Aydarkul
  • Nabi helps Father

I did not want to leave at all, but the Samarkand was waiting ahead. Casim accompanied us and his son Nabi, in two days we managed to make friends. In Uzbek families, children do not hang out without doing all summer. Here and Nabi during the holidays helps the father to serve tourists – covers tables and makes food, removes dishes.

Two days in the Uzbek desert

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