How easy and easy to independently make a travel route, decide on the housing, to buy tickets in advance, even book a table in a restaurant or a ticket to Opera in a stranger country, in our time. And the creation of the Schengen zone has significantly simplified the movement between the participating countries of the Agreement, and this is almost the entire European Old Light and the optimal method of movement – the railway.
The best way to get from the North Station of Paris (Gare Du Nord) to the South Station of Brussels (Bruxelles-Midi or Bruxelles-ZUID) – use Thalys high-speed trains (WWW.Thalys.COM). Buying tickets is possible not earlier than 3 months before the date of the alleged trip and the earlier you buy tickets, the cheaper they will cost. So, only one and a half hours and we are already in the capital of Belgium, and part-time and the European Union.
Upon arrival, first of all, find storage cameras to leave luggage and comfortably inspect the city. The cost of the smallest cell capacity is 4 euros. It is easily placed two suitcase or backpack with hand-made. Public transport system, at first, is completely incomprehensible to the Russian man. In Brussels, all types of ground and underground transport – subway, tram, buses are presented. The tram system is one of the most oldest and largest not that in Europe, but even in the world. In addition to conventional land tram lines, there are also underground trails. You know that in our country there is also an underground velocity tram – in the city of Volgograd? On the map of the transport system, all types of public transport are deposited immediately with the number of routes and initial / end stops. This somewhat complicates perception and makes it difficult for understanding, but after five minutes everything becomes in its place. Metro lines are indicated by the letter M, tram – t. At all stops, you can find a detailed diagram with descriptions and numbers of routes. Payment system one for all types of transport. You can buy a ticket acting all day.
If you are in the city just a couple of hours, we immediately go to watch the beautiful and most important square of Brussels – Grand Place. From the station you will deliver the underground tram of the route 4 or 3, stop Burce (Bource). The architectural ensemble of this market area is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Until now, the Grand Plas is active in various goods in the same way as it happened in the 11th century. 1800 kV.M total area have a square geometry, around the perimeter are amazingly decorated homes of various purposes. For example, the town hall of the hotel de Ville, erected in the 15th century and undergoing the destructive fire of 1695. Where are the chamber music concerts now. Or decorated with carvings, bas-reliefs and sculptures that reproduce various stories from the life of Brussels, the guild houses in which merchants worked, artisans who belonged to different guilds – the house of the tailor, the boat house, the house of the butcher and T.D.
In Christmas and New Year holidays in the middle of the square, a huge live fir tree is installed and traditional Christmas compositions for Catholics, which usually include the images of the cradle, angel, a virgin Mary, Joseph, shepherds. In general, the square admires, stunning, fascinates the lush of the decoration of buildings. It seems that in one place all the techniques of buildings decorations are collected – columns, balustrades, dome, turrets, suitable ornaments, skillfully cut out of stone statues, decorative curls, vignettes, coat of arms, but do not list.
One of the symbols of Brussels is a statue of a pissing boy (Mannequen PR), is close to Grand Place. The story of this "monument" is the following. Supposedly one of the rich townspeople lost in the crowd of his sole son. Five days later, the boy was found just on the corner of the street, where the monument is installed now, it is for the occupation than doing and so. Statue several times crawled, as usual, so now it is fenced.
More, be sure to go to one of the many chocolate shops. Belgian chocolate is considered one of the best types of chocolate in the world. No one can resist the wide range of sweets. Aside with Grand Plas, the city is a labyrinth of narrow, medieval streets, so unusual Russian gaze.
For a walk on Grand Place, the search for Mannequen PSU imperceptibly flew two hours. Next Stop – Belgian City of Brugge. Since we are already moving around the territory of one country, we need Intercity (IC) trains – Intercity. Brugge Train goes around one and a half hours and trains Almost like our native trains. Let’s hit the road.

Grand Place

Two hours in Brussels

(Fr Grand Place, Netherl. GROTE MARKT), stop underground tram burs (bource)

Two hours in Brussels

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