Two-storey trams of Hong Kong

Two-storey trams in Hong Kong have long been evaluated from ordinary public transport to a real landmark, without which it is difficult to imagine Hong Kong. The appearance of trams is so colorful that a rare tourist misses him past himself and does not. Today we want to tell a little about the history of this transport in Hong Kong, how to use them, and which route to choose to see the maximum of interesting. Two-storey trams is not a find of Hong Kong – many European cities actively used this public transport. For example, for example, such trams were used in London, but nowadays, London two-story buildings can be seen only in the museum. Despite the fact that the British capital refused to use unusual trams, in the UK, along with Hong Kong, they are still preserved and successfully exploited. Blackpool tram successfully functions in the resort town of England since 1885. This is the only two-storey tram in Europe, which has been preserved to this day.

Actually, only three lines remained in the world – in Blackpool, Alexandria and Hong Kong. By the way, the two-story trams tried to introduce in 1913 and in Russia, in St. Petersburg, but the test train came down with the rail on the second turn and the project quickly crumbled.

Two-storey tram in Blackpool (United Kingdom)

Two-storey trams in Hong Kong appeared, of course, from England, because for a long time he was a British colony. The unusual public transport in Hong Kong has been existed for more than 100 years, and the British colonial board fell on his share, and the Japanese occupation, and now after the return of the city of China, there is a calmly with a new government.

All two-storey tram lines are located on the island of Hong Kong and pass along the oldest part of the city. On the website of Hong Kong trams you can find a detailed Interactive map All routes. But for personal experience, let’s say that almost all of them go from the east to the west of the island and back, and differ slightly.

Almost all the routes of two-storey trams work from 5 or 6 am and until midnight. They go quite often – in the evening at the rush hour interval trams less than two minutes.

The Hong Kong tram can afford it, because now its rolling stock has about 170 trams, plus trams where you can arrange a party, t.E. Tram to order.

Route time depends on the route. The longest that connects Kennedy Town and the Shau Kei Wan area – about 80 minutes a single way. Until 2008, the speed of two-storey trams was limited to 40 km / h, but now most of them are followed with an average speed of 50 km / h, and some even 60.

The fare on such a tram is only 2.3 HKD (approximately 34 cents) for adults and 1.2 HKD for children. A four-day travel ticket will cost 34 HKD ($ 4.4) without limiting the number of trips. Thus, it is one of the cheapest views of public transport in the city. For comparison, a tour of the two-story bus on Hong Kong is worth more than $ 30, although of course the route is more rich, but the price difference is more than 100 times! &# 128578; Therefore, often budget tourists arrange real sightseeing excursions – where even less than one dollar you can ride on the tram there and back?! &# 128578;

Landing on the tram is carried out through the rear doors with a turntable. If you do not have a bulk luggage or baby carriage, then it is quite convenient, but with a carriage to enter the tram will be problematic. Exit – through the front door, where the passage is carried out. It is worth considering that the delivery machine does not give, so if you do not have an octopus card (a universal card for all types of transport), then translate coins in advance.

Tourists choose the second floor, because in the usual tram you can ride at home. &# 128578; But there is one small problem: the staircase is very narrow and cool, so even with a child in your hands it is very uncomfortable.

Often two-story trams of Hong Kong are called simply "Din-Ding". The fact is that the driver warns other participants in the movement of their approximation by a characteristic signal that "Din-Din" sounds. &# 128578;

By the way, initially in the Hong Kong tram park there were one-story trams, but over time it was decided to refuse them. Thus, now only two-story trams go through the old routes of the city.

We have already said that "Din-Ding" is a great option for budget tourists to save not only in transport, but also on a sightseeing excursion. But what can a person can see if he goes for a walk on the second floor of the famous Hong Kong tram? We decided to check it on yourself and in the evening went with the whole family (without a carriage) for a night walk around the city.

We sat on the first tram in the area of ​​Van Tea and went towards Kennedy Town. First of all, it is, of course, the architecture that has survived since the times of British rule on the island.

Two-storey trams in Hong Kong

And secondly, these are numerous skyscrapers, shops, houses, and, of course, people who are in a rush somewhere all the time. Great to go over all this fuss and look around.

Particular two-story trams are especially unusually looking, which are quite regularly running literally at 20-30 cm from your window.

For a full-fledged excursion, a walk on such a tram, of course, does not really pull, but if you want to rest after a hard, rich day, then this is a great way to relax.

We also suggest you to see a small video showing how the trip on the Hong Kong two-story tram is from the inside. &# 128578;

We really liked to ride two-story trams in Hong Kong, and we would often use them instead of a subway to achieve from one point to another, but, unfortunately, the baby stroller did not allow us to do this as often as I would like.

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

So we will wait when Max grows out of wheelchair age to roll. &# 128578;

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Two-storey trams in Hong Kong

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