Two Swiss stories

– It would be nice to democratize the image of Switzerland, – advised me a colleague, now working on Switzerland Tourism and who erected us in Switzerland specifically for this purpose.

If democratizing, I always please. Most people, which, until recently, included, and I, Switzerland, seems to be a huge, perfectly impregnable bank, full cheese. But the week in the Alps, among the romantic vertices, tiny tiled hotels and extremely abundant food, today costs almost as much as a week in Antalya or Tunisia. Trying to get closer to the reader recently another elite country, where and new Russians were allowed through one, I will tell a couple of stories from my own experience: all this could take place only in Switzerland and anywhere else.

Kind of doorman wake my whitewally lust. For three days already, as I did not know a woman. I do not change my wife, but the sample process itself is no less valuable for me than its result. Besides, I never cadried the Swiss. To eliminate this gap in your formation, I bowed to the musical criticism of Wow to stumble on the shores of Lucerne Lake and glue the cute alissalochka at least for the subject to chat about Jazz.

We walked along the embankment, breaking each other in detail of the upcoming dating. Uhh, five years ago, lectured on the Soviet Anderaged lectures, told that if the Swiss allowed his palm to rinse his palm during a handshake, she would allow to rush anything and what would have. Uhh demonstrated this gesture, shaking my hand, and it was completely excited.

Suddenly meters in five from the embankment, in exceptionally transparent water, I saw a completely whole on the view of the Ladiesky bike – not a water, ordinary, red, with five speeds. In the Moscow River, most likely, I would not see him and three meters from the shore. Here he shouted with all his highlights.

– As you believe, I asked Wokhova, – where could a bike come from here?

– Someone did not get a water, and he drove on the usual, – suggested the tears. – But the bike gave to flow and drowned.

– No, it is unlikely. Most likely, this bike served as a murder tool.

For some time we pretended to whom and how to kill the lady’s bicycle, but they judged that they were uncomfortable to beat them on the head, and it is possible to shoot down to death.

– Most likely, it was smoking, but they found a malfunction and thrown out, – Dehs decided.

– We argue, it is working?

– Sporim. And how do you check?

– And I will now take it out.

– You are! – began to cut me the teachs, a highly European and law-abiding person. – At all in the center of Europe you will climb into the water for the bike?

– But maybe this drug addict crashed into the water with a passing! – I was looking for arguments Uhkhov. – Maybe he is all in AIDS, this bike.

– AIDS has long been washed away, in the water.

I sat on the parapet, lowered my feet into the water and gently slipped. I was about the very place where the chest goes into the belly. Uhkhs marked for a while on the shore, obviously trying to reconcile the Russian sixtieth and European famous criticism. In the end, the sixtieth won. He lay down on his stomach and snatched both of the water both – first my trophy, then me.

The car was ideally, with a manual brake, speed switch and even with a call – Only one pedal was brought upon with a fall yes, the front wheel was fixed, but this thing is corrected.

– No, he definitely does not go, – Uhkhov said sadly, finding that the car jars on the second turn of the pedal. – It was because they thrown out. The thief stole the bike, realized that he was on the castle, and the ends in the water.

– What we argue that I will go on it now?

– For ten francs, – Uham said proudly.

We raised about the half an hour over the machine, attracting the attention of the factory fans on the embankment, – but it was at all exactly the attention I was counting on. Luckeri mowed on us and our wet car with a vague fright. Finally, we pressed something, the brake was squeezed, I pierced for prey and, waggered, did it on it for two hundred meters, after which I returned to the surprised Uhuhu.

– Rides! – exclaimed, as if for the first time seeing bike. – And what will you do with him? I would have told the police in your place because it is registered.

– What kind of ass, police?! – Yeah sulk. – I saved him risking life! (The only life that I risked is the naturally swimming past Malek, and even the tears risked wet, pulling me out of the lake, but I work for a long time in the Moscow press and therefore got used to hyperboles).

– Yes, it has a room on the back wing!

– Lord, whether he even spoke of each numbered! Who will tell us that? He was lying in the water, we walked and took out!

We are happy to buy beer on my won ten francs, and rushed to the hotel – to please our group who had returned from the transport museum. The delight of the audience knew no bounds. At some point, we have become the heroes of the day. In any case, however, Ukhov led me to the receptionist and made to talk about the discovery.

– It is better to give it immediately to the police, guys, – said the friendly receptionist. – You reward looms. If it is registered, you just give the money.

– Not in money happiness, – I replied.

– beautiful car. Poezzhu and give! Where, by the way, the police?

The nearest station was on the other side of the lake, and if I have to be reached by bicycle, to go back was so dumb that I finally changed my mind restituirovat trophy. The receptionist looked at me disapprovingly, but I assured him that someday then be sure to give the car. And yet – if he had the pump?

– But it is possible to adapt the car.

He did not understand, no matter how I explained. In this country, strictly follow the instructions. Bicycle pump motor pump would not be here and become at gunpoint. The idea that in the extreme case can be removed from the hose nozzle and pull the automotive rubber nipple gut on a bicycle, the Swiss would have seemed no less sacrilegious than Bestiality.

– Okay – said Ukhov, in which the European finally retreated into the background. – Trains on this.

I did a few laps on the car park near the hotel, with a haughty air swept along the promenade in front of a charming Swiss abruptly turned around, and the bike just did not come back to his native element – and barely kept up for dinner. At the table and was only talk, about our acquisition of. Most of the group begrudgingly prophesied us with the bike imminent arrest for failure and defection. Others, however, required in any case not to give up the car and to return to Moscow to leave her in the ownership group, but we’ll see.

– Cool thing – Andrei Kolesnikov firmly said "Capital Cities". – Will be ours.

The bike turned out to be more than a timely acquisition, because after the second day in Switzerland, I felt that I was starting to slam. Here it is necessary to make a small lyrical retreat of how in Switzerland feed. Here eaten as the last time, and this is more than clear if you consider the terrible environment of this purely neutral country. You will always keep all your army in the combat readiness and stock up. Near the famous Schilon Castle, the guide even showed us the door to the rock – there, in a wounded niche, with the thirties are placed weapons and canned food. Canned food us especially. We submitted to which the acting volcano would turn this mountain, packed by the Soviet stew of the same time: at first it would be poured, bored, and then broke out meat. But the fact remains: stocking of food and consume these reserves the Swiss can. For the money, which in Moscow, in Moscow, the middle restaurant is barely drink tea, in any Swiss cafe you can nourish the day. Portions of monstrous. In each dish, it is impaired, put not only the soul, but all that is in the house. Most of all my imagination shook the peasant soup to which we were fed near Fribur: cheese, ham, vermicell, potatoes, spinach – all this is cooked together, it has a creamy white color, stunning fatness and is served in a large wooden bowl, which is called Endow. Such Endov Ondanova freely replaces lunch of three dishes. Add to this fondue, without which they do not sit at the table (cheese, molten with wine, for dipping pieces of bread), raklet (the same melted cheese, but on potatoes) – and fish, real, river, as required by the whore in famous advertising "Three Pescsey". Resist how they say in another advertisement, it is impossible. On the third day I barely dragged my feet. Bike returned me to life.

The next morning, we left the hospitable Lucerne without special regrets, where Lion Tolstoy was once tormented by fruitless moral boring. I generally have a lot in common with Lvy Tolstoy. I also lost a little thoughts about the crime of any property, but also fruitless. He did not interfere with his theory to eat asparagus with Beshemel! I took my bike, took to the station and passed into baggage. He went with us in Fribur.

By Friburu, we had to move mainly on a minibus, where a bike barely got. Here, for the first time, there was discomfort: the band was forced to be sighway and snapped. Interesting, by the way, phenomenon: Previously, abroad were eaten empty, and returned by navel. Now they are traveling there, dragging with them a bitmaker stuffed bags with the whole wardrobe – in the hope of shine. Our girls were lucky on the evening dress for every day and on the summer costume in the case of heat, plus a few kilograms of T-shirts and trousers, and one particularly steep accreter whole tennis equipment. All this was browsed in the aisle, and when the bike was shoved on top, the audience had already sipped him. True, I continued to blame him wishing, but in Fribur, a solid mountains, do not roll. In addition, my harassment began. I was drawn by the owner of the car, selected at night under my windows with a variety: "Skills, Skills, Skills. On lime leg, on a birch key! Give, old woman, my money, because I am a slaughtered merchant!" Uhs spared my imagination, reminding that the bike with the Lucerne number will certainly be interested in the Freibon police. The full effect was achieved when someone reminded me for the morning buffet that I was already sitting in Schwaria, he was not foreseen: He loves Russian mafia as anywhere.

By the time of moving to Montre, I have already shuddered in a dream and avoided riding my car in a bright day of day. In addition, one boy from the group is the coolest – during a mandatory Honorary Circle on my bike somehow so killed the booty saddle, that it rose almost vertically, revealing the dream of a homosexual, but acting on me very disappointing. Re-tighten the bolts was easy, but no one could translate the word to the bus driver "Adjustable key".

I completely sealed when the representative of the SwissAir airline told me that the airlock in Moscow will cost sixty francs, and I’ve been twenty, I have been twenty – exactly on a summer costume wife and a glass of vodka at the airport. The group expressed readiness in the case of which thread, but in the voices of the comrades there lived the undisguised hopes that they do not have to discount. With all that, it will be necessary to somehow drag a bike from Sheremetyeva – not to go on it sixty kilometers to my Mosfilmovskaya, especially considering the ladies of the car and erotic saddle!

In Montrere, a long-fashioned familiar friend of one of our boy was joined to the group, a travel agency manager: the boy knew this Switzerrohkka in Moscow, where she studied Russian literature, was with all the smooth and friendly, but he was famous for himself that she did not give anyone for six months. For those who remained before returning two days, the boy, let’s call him Seryozha, set out the goal of the Swiss stroke. She again was Mila and friendly, he was talking to Tarkovsky with me, with Hindemitte, but the thought of Socytia with this adorable creature looked sickly. Swiss knows how to be beautiful, but absolutely neurotic – in this feature of the country as a whole, her women and her landscapes. All sensuality has gone to cheese.

Nevertheless, Seryozha did not leave his excitement, and in one of the evenings persuaded his Joanna not to go home: let’s go on the embankment, jazz festival, then. Under this case, we also drank up, sat down together in a cafe at the lake (this time Geneva) and asked for a macaroni with cheese. Tomorrow it was to drip off, and everything in advance was nostalgic.

– Beautiful! – He sighed Kolesnikov.

– You have not seen this coast, – said Swiss with a cute accent. – I once passed on him, I got almost to France. The border passes through the town in-he there. But now I have no led, he broke, and I can not buy a new.

Before I managed to figure out anything, Kolesnikov had already made the most luxurious of goodwill gestures, which I witnessed since the discharge time.

– And we give you our bike, – said Kolesnikov, instantly to socialize my property. At the first moment I took it, for my belly ordered in my eyes. But then I realized that the difficult situation was magically resolved and I, just a nasty assignor, became a generous donor who saw the Swiss student.

– Oh yes of course! – I exclaimed. – Take the whole soul.

It would be strange to hope that after such a gesture somewhat rolled swiss will go spend the night to me. But she spacked her eyes, and I had enough moral satisfaction from the fact that unstable Russia managed to provide humanitarian assistance to the full Switzerland. I don’t know what happened at night between Seryozhe and Joanna: she did not have it, but all sex, if you believe his oaths, limited himself to a sponge in all the clothes on the unemployed bed with a preliminary long conversation about David Linche. However, if Russia had rendered Switzerland and the second humanitarian aid for the night, I would not be jealous. Every humanitarian aid from the Russian side is the same in the same way.

In the next morning, we were warmly forgotten, admired Joanna sat on my erotic bike and with obvious pleasure I bled to the house. Her removing figure incendially wangled on a highly sticking seat, which suddenly seemed like necessary. She took the address for my farewell – apparently, in the case of which to seek written confirmation of my innocence in theft of bike. I confirm it here. I got it myself. But judging by the fact that Joanna does not write to me, the police look at her acquisition through the fingers. Judging by the fact that Joanna does not write and seinery, it is enough of the bike.

Two Swiss stories

In Switzerland, I noted the tenth anniversary of his call to the army.

All my life I am trying to send signals to myself in the future, to warn from some things, but to some, on the contrary, to attract benevolent attention. Something like a conversation on the topic "What you will be" or writings of letters in the XXX century, only on the contrary. Periodically, I heard questions from that perfectly green, a very short-sided person who was sitting on a controversy in anticipation of his fate. The urban team then Muurizil conscripts for three-four days, many were waiting for the teams and at all weeks, after which they were released home until the next call and led a kind of life after death: all of them were already spent and were extremely disappointed, especially if the student (whom the guilt And, accordingly, more successful comrades were hostile) returned to the course. Even the teachers looked at him as a flawed. The delayed execution still overtook student – this time among the winter. I was lucky: I was walked on the controversy two days, then I was released on a day and after that I finally went to school, and from there to Peter.

And so, sitting on a controversy with a round bald head, in the old things that are pulling on me, who still returned home – they were sent out of the part, nothing to be spanned – I asked questions to himself twenty-day, ten years ahead, and from July 1997 I tried to answer: I do not remember whether these signals came to me. Communication is most often one-sided: when you can answer from your future, it’s noick no one. One joy about which Nabokov wrote is the wretched pride from comparing the dependent past with a cold, but safe real.

Here he asks: Will I wait for me.? Wait, but you finally marry another, its namesalic; And you, and she will have a second marriage. Do I finish the faculty? EKA importance: yes, of course. Will I work in the specialty? Yes, even too much. How about glory? Ambiguous, but in the subway will learn. How there will be. Well, there? Terempo. How my all thread? Fine. With difficulty, of course, but will suffer. Beat there – too much – will not? Too much – will not.

I always try to comfort if I am asked about something really sore.

So, in July 1987, I was sitting on a controversy in July 1987 (and in some frozen like amber time all this certainly existed and lasted), and the other I sat in Switzerland on the bed in a separate room of a five-star hotel and watched Pornukha’s hotel TV to Freedom so freedom. If you choose between these two positions – I, naturally, would prefer the second, the current one, especially if you consider that the boy on the rally existed in a thousand nine hundred and eighty shaggy year, he had a lot of disappointments ahead, and the family remained somewhat doubtful Girl, Soviet Vamp, scratching with which he forever, however, it was encouraged only seven years later. If you compare the characters themselves, the second one again was prettier, the current shirt was closer to the body, – although the first everything has already understood, and since birth, it seems, and the second is only used to twitch.

Plans for this anniversary day – just how to fit! – The group had ambitious. The first half of the day is the rise of the mountain of the Pilate, which is near Lucerne: the cable car, two kilometers of height, then one hundred meters on foot to the top so that there is at least a minimum feeling of one’s own participation in the rise and was not ashamed to make a desire, as is customary at the very top. Just the bows do not impose on the pole denoting the vertex. I remember, on Ai-Petri, all my nasal handkerchief with friends was angry with these bows, in order to come true – and something came true, but, as usual, not at all, as I thought. The blissful pause between the first and second half of the day is filled with lunch on top. The second half of the day is a descent from the mountain Pilate, again two kilometers, along the cable car, but already on the other, – in a stepped trailer, slowly sliding according to multi-table steel comb. After that, traditionally redundant dinner with the fathers of the city, the Limit of friends in the bar and travel through the night city by bike, (see. above).

At the time of this extrapting, with a green, mint chewing marmalade in the mouth, in just a purchased Tyrolean hat on his head, I was pretended by the hour, a minute: here is my first outfit – washing a Ugreshi Sortor – for trying to deal through the fence with Karaulshy His: I tried everything, I caught. Here are my left in the hope that I will be able to call. That happened to me in one appeal journalist "MK" Kostya Tarelin talks with me about common acquaintances, – by the time of the call, I have already managed to go to "Companion" (Tell me someone that I will be there and ten years later, – I would still be surprised by my constancy). Here is a twenty-one-year-old Georgian, who has successfully mowing from the army, treats me homemade smoked meat, but the piece does not go to the throat, and he is offended: "Listen, eat meat!" – and tells me how she recently picked up tripac. I have only two women to my then nineteen, with each serious novel – what tripack, listen! How can it be to several immediately! But I did not ask him, only nodded with knowledge. When we drove to the top of Pilate, I already tried to fall asleep, and it was about two in the European – four in our.

Slipping through a couple of clouds, we safely braked on the site almost at the very top of the very top – the species was spared inexpressible, green-gray, and through a gentle fog (designed not to clutch the picture, but only give her a romantic flu () a huge Lucerne Lake was visible Magnifier with matches. Coniferous forests, like a green fur coat, thrown on very numerous and unpaired shoulders, closed almost all the mountains around – only on the farthest roller, the fact that in the literature is called eternal ice. Outrageous filled cows chewed herbs on the plateau in a hundred meters below. Easy vegetation – ordinary flowers and herbs, scratched and fused on the alpine air to an incredible value: the fact that it looks like a yellow-green melayer on the Municipal meadow, here, it was a huge edge toravery with a primitive hat and, accordingly, smelled. The cliff bloom the bell magnitude with a children’s head. Rising to the top, I found on the rock Edelweiss.

At the same time, as I loved to write the same Tolstoy, I went to build my team in full confidence that I would take it into her. I was firmly promised. We had to serve not far from Moscow. Two hundred kilometers, what a trifle! I managed to meet many of this team. We were all happily excited and gone out the crosswords – as I remember, it was amazingly easy. After all, we were a student call: the names of minerals, animals and chemical compounds suggested people from natural faculties, philologists knew literature, the technique of the myths. The then crosswords were difficult, not the current, compiled on the wife of a new Russian, who guess them between the jacuzzi and the massage therapist. But we clicked them in twenty minutes and soon guess all what they found. Never again I have not seen in one place so much with shaved intelligentsia.

What did you want on top, I won’t say. But by himself a decade ago, I turned from there with the words of the most armed guarantee, as if from a high height and in a rarefied air, it is better to hear. I begged him not to worry. Here I, I said. In Switzerland. On Mount Pilate. In the Tyrolean Cap and with Edelweiss. I do not know, he heard or not. When I fell asleep in the city national team, I did not dream of Switzerland.

. We have already built us-87, and we are 97, also built, descended to the restaurant, where the charming of the Portuguese expected our orders: we were covered on the veranda, from where it was revealed at least a mad look, but no longer on the lake, but on the mountains. All shine about Brande, about the ice virgin, about the per-Günta and the film "Vertical", Although all these writings refer to different mountains (and only Ice Virgo is related to the Alps). At this point, destroying juicy steak (especially cute on the background of smoked meat under the trial conversation), I almost understood climbers. Mountaineering always seemed to me a completely meaningless occupation, but if after climbing (it would be better for a cable car) such a bifstex (it would be better to have a portuguese), – the climbing makes sense! Everything washed with ice water from the source: It was sin to spoil such a taste.

On the way back, in the funicular, we talked with a friend-journalist about the immortality of the soul. The topic worried me always and will be, I think, worry until I get a negative or positive answer to the eternal, although the recruitment question. As if you can understand something here, as if you’re going to understand myself! I don’t care what to talk with you for a decade ago: all other, all reactions, words, blood composition. But there remains some kind of constant luminous point – maybe she is not going anywhere? I believe in God and would be free from any doubt if I didn’t occupy me so often the question of the meaning of suffering sent by a person most often for nothing. God does not need excuses, but questions asked by Jews, in a sense still unrequited. Chesterton said that the Lord replied to the question mark of Job answered exclamation. Job asks: For that my wife and kids? The Lord replies: but I have a mountain! Which seas! What stars! Can you hover the unicorn to smell you? Do not look for the will of the Lord Rational Justles! Look how much I have anything! With an unconditional correction on the scale – both personality, and her misfortunes – the Lord made something like that, exclamation: But what are my Alps!

Lord, I thought, why, why should I languished for two years in anticipation of the agenda and the same – waiting for demobilization; and racked itself, and questioned its right to exist – just because I was the intellectuals, not the people, and do not know how to wash the floor? Why, O Lord, I have learned to wash the floor, and if this was the beginning of the non-self, which is now gone too far, so I do not know well, who are called by my name? Which for the sake of God, did not sleep nights, my entire family – two old men and an unhappy mother whose whole joy only been in the last two years that the opportunity from meeting me so letters that I received – often for labor enthusiasm and participation in the amateur because walking marched, thank you, Lord, I have never learned. And after all this, Lord, was the best option, you saved me, God, by putting in a better place, not leaving, driving – and a friend of mine served on the border and there hanged himself after losing secret documents, which later found behind a cupboard and, most importantly , nobody wanted! He, too, was the only son of a single mother. And, as he wrote in response to my questions about our family idol Stephen King, is too great a temptation confident in the infinite mercy of God, based on the personal well-being.

Lord, what shall we do with the twentieth century in all its glory? What will we do with the person God?

Around this time, at six o’clock in ours, I have already been built, along with everyone, but at the last moment I crossed off the list of the team. I told them not fit for health and stayed overnight at Ugreshke. I immediately had to report it to his mother, who was tormented by uncertainty at home – it was than to suffer, grin some asshole, and I explained to him that it was! because in our family are generally very strong links between all, all for one another forever go crazy, I’ll see how it all funny and vulnerable, but what will you do! I myself mock these intellectual families, in which everything on each other yells, scandals, sobbing because of the late return of his beloved Chad, which is striking from under this guardianship, and does not think of himself out of this dome, – in short, 97 Unlike me-87 never take anything to explain to assholes. I had to call, do not kill me. And I missed some kind of officer to let me in the office of the nonsense – only two words, say that everything is fine, but from the team I was crossed out and I did not leave yet.

I had to lie down that everyone was sick at home, and I was allowed to be a royal gesture to a bright red phone. I only managed to say that I did not take me to the team, – on the other end of the wire, the mother seems to be, only I realized that I myself am scared by scared, and repeated with tears – "Dimochka! Dimochka! Small!" – Note, a little nineteen years old, he was already baking a woman once, – but now I was really small, my hands were shaking, and my mother had a voice wounded bird. For what she, Lord?

I was going to say something else, I repeat – Mom, everything is fine, mom, everything is fine, – when my time and the officer began to grab my tube. I automatically removed his paw, and it blew it.

– Hands grab! combat officer! – He shouted, all the more resting, and a red telephone was broken next to him, on the levers of which he with power squeezed the phone. – Fuck! I am Afghanistan! – And he shouted about it so that it was completely clear – he did not pass any Afghanistan, and she stuck all his life on administrative posts in places like the office on the controversial, and his fighting was limited to the fact that he was fighting against the commissions on some provisions – But he had to start himself. He pressed me from the office as a puppy, and punished a sergeant passed by a sergeant not to allow me to sleep until I wash the floor in one of the bedrooms on the second floor.

At that moment I have already finally assured that everything happens not with me, I worked a saving anesthesia, and I was completely convinced that now everything will be fine. Just so badly begins, then it is obliged to be fine. In a sense, it turned out that it was, especially since at this moment, having a wet reddogo chilly from dust from dust, I once again died, as he died in his first grade, and then once in the tenth, and then Once in the second year, when I learned that there is another, in general, the doll was replenished with new and new shells, but some one, the smallest, still fluttering so far: she probably has my immortal soul.

But now I already drank with the fathers of the city, and on the occasion of their arrival they made a strong: usually the group was filed with wine, but here, in the form of a special grace, Parroch was introduced, as in this part of Switzerland it is very strong, degrees forty five, plum or apple vodka. Clean and aroma, it surpasses everything I drank so far. Let it be nonpatriotically, but I prefer Parroch everything that is produced in Russia, except for a moonshine of sugar beets, which I drank from the great St. Petersburg poet Nonna Slepakova on the occasion of his demobel. Assiate, I beg you, I said after another Great Swiss and plunged into the fragrant waves of Parrocha – the old man of a pair, as we called it subsequently. On the fifth winery I realized that everything in my fate was rare harmoniously and appropriate.

Lucerne lake, on the shores of which we sat, glistened with oil glitter. Near the shore there was a wooden fortress – an exact copy of the ancient. The distant lights of that shore were crushed in the water and therefore went double nearby – on top clear, it was blurred from below and as if writing. Linden along the embankment still weakly smelled. Also weak, but not less clearly appeared above the star lanterns, folding into a somewhat displaced, but in general the usual drawing of the northern sky. The world was kept in the campaign of equilibrium, breathing the divine harmony and rightly rewarded to me for a shame and fear of ten-year years ago – rewarded a multiple hundredfold, for what a certain definition means in comparison with the Alps!

But my army is a Lucerne Lake! – But my mother screaming by the voice of the wounded bird – but the Alps! – But the officer on the Red Phone – but the Mountain Pilate! – But Pilate – But Christ! And the last word in this dialogue was still "Yes".

Yes, yes, yes, everything is right.

At night, returning to the room, I sleeply turned on the TV and found out that the Basque terrorists, in the seriousness of which no one believed, was still killed for anything about the Spanish boy captured five days before the bank, where he worked. On all channels of European television, his wife and mother were sobbed. In all areas of European capitals, sorrowful rallies went, and passionate people in Madrid swore to take revenge or fall as he.

Two Swiss stories

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