Two Thai islands in one trip ; 5 best combinations

Two Thai islands in one trip ; Pretty comfortable and popular format. It’s not a journey ; from the island on the island ;, which usually includes at least three different islands, but no longer just a holiday on one of the islands. Two islands on one journey makes sense to turn on when the islands are not similar. And, most importantly, do not compare one island with another!)

Koh Chang and Ko Mac

Ko Chang ; Large, partially covered with jungle island, by which you can travel on the motorbike in the search for interesting places, bays, beaches, waterfalls. Travel the day for fishing and highlight the day on the sea walk.

Ko Chang. Photo Credit: Brnrdschndr, Flickr

Ko Mak ; Little atmospheric island, where you can walk on the beach on the beach, go to massages every day, and spending the evening sitting on the sand and admiring the sunsets.

Speed ​​boats run between the islands. This combination of the islands is conveniently combined with traveling to Angkor, check the finished route of the Temples of Angkor and the Oriental Islands

Ko Mak. Photo Credit: Color-de-La-Vida, Flickr

Phangan and Tao

Phangan ; Very atmospheric pretty big island with lots of different beaches and picturesque national parks. Here you can ride on the island on the motorbike, choosing every day a new beach, evenings of having fun on beach parties or just a lazy on the beaches.

Ko Phangan. Photo Credit: Vincenzo Barilari, Flickr

To Tao ; diving and snorcling ; then, in fact, for which they go to Tao. And even if you are not a diver at all, it’s worth spending a few days, riding on a quad bike or floating with a mask.

Between the islands run high-speed ferries. This combination of the islands is conveniently combined with the journey in the north of Thailand, check the finished route to get acquainted with the north of Thailand and rest on the islands of Phangan and Tao

To Tao. Photo Credit: Alan Duncan, Flickr

Phuket and to Yao

Phuket ; The most popular and most visited island of Thailand. Here you can spend a week-another very active ; Towning on the island on a motorbike, chasing on a scooter, surf, flying on a paraglider, having entertained in local barbell-night clubs and so on and tp. Highlight a day ; another ; The third on the sea walks along the Bay of Phang, to the islands of Racha or Islands of Phi Phi.

Phuket. Photo Credit: Tyson, Flickr

Islands to Yao ; Just 40 kilometers from Phuket and you get into a completely different Thailand, with calm beaches, charming quiet hotels, beach bungalows and yoga retreats. Here you can ride on a large, to visit local, not spoiled by tourism villages, do yoga or just spend a few days swimming, sunbathing or poured on the beach.

Speed ​​boats run between the islands.

To Yao. Photo Credit: Christian Bishop, Flickr

Phi Phi and Ko Jum

Two Thai islands in one journey; 5 best combinations

Phi Phi Islands, despite its tiny sizes ; Interesting and self-sufficient direction. Different Beaches, Different Islands, Sea Walks, Diving and Snorkeling, Beach Parties, Cafes-Bar Restaurants. Here you can easily spend a week actively, having fun and extended in interesting places.

Phi Phi. Photo Credit: SIMON LONG, FLICKR

Unlike a small, but very popular tourist phi pih, to Jum ; Island pretty big and little visited. Here reigns absolutely relaxed, almost ; hippie atmosphere ;. Arriving here, you can not only spend time ; useful ;, lying with a book in a hammock, but also to plunge into the atmosphere of authentic Thailand.

This combination of islands is possible only in a high season, when from Phi Phi to Ko Jium runs steam.

To jum. Photo Credit: Tamy Emma Pepin, Flickr

To Lanta and Lipe

To Lanta ; One of the most beloved Becpeckers of Thailand Islands. This has not yet got a massive tourism with his batch tours and faceless hotels. Beaches here ; Huge and places are completely deserted, different pictures, and the atmosphere ; Very democratic. Here you can spend a few days, exploring the island, allocate a couple of days on the sea walks to the islands of Tranga, and from the soul.

To Lanta. Photo Credit: Kamil Ghais, Flickr

To Lipa ; This tiny island is located on the Far Southern Thailand, almost on the border with Malaysia. It can safely be called among the most beautiful islands of Thailand. Landscapes and atmosphere here are completely different. Diving and Snorcling Among the Popular Entertainment on the island. From the islands you can go to the neighboring practically deserted islands of the archipelago of Tarutao.

Between Islands runs Andaman ferry.

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