Two tickets to India

I maynishly heard the bikes about people who went once in India and so there and remained. I also personally drank several people, which was in this strangen and with incomprehensible yaps, the tyda was stripped again. As you can pouch on the poverty, in the greatest Myso Kychy and the Passdannik of unknown diseases (and the famous impressive: HYMA, HOLEP, MALAPIA, POPOWAY, HEPATUM) ?! Differences, I knew that there was Taj Mahal, HPama, Sacred Cupov (in large quantities) and famous tea. I always remembered that it was India – a real pedigree of elephants, as well as Kama-Sytpe :). Like all my pants, in childhood I walked five "Disco Disc", "Revenge and law", But with those PP a little subpode and began to put on their own Paznitzy of the interchange of cinema and the rest of life :). Here is the case in India and not gone. R8-Q

And I worked for a no less distant Hepal. PPPICH, PEPESS WITH WILL WITH ENWEST, WILL WITH PUPY DAYS IN JYNLAGES AND YOUR SUPPLY SMITTING BYDYY HRAMA I was ready to promote with the presence of beggars, patients and gsyai on the Ylitsy. Moreover, my colleagues went to aged and had troubled out in the rope.

I dressed up, all the more so that I initially had to abandon Yxlyyg Typents (all my first-day experience crushed that Knowing English and having a certain amount of money, most of the intelligent Stpan you are much more. And it is also collided with the separation of prices in the form of prices for flights and Passscriptions. In the spring of the 98th in Hepal Paz per week flew a rhytky "Avt" Tu-154 (landing in the UAE). Ticket cost $ 850. I planned to rest revenge days 10 and less Symy. Of course, the plan appeared to be in Hepal Cheep India. What!. . Agree, GLYPO SHEPANY CHEPANY AND DO NOT YOU AREN’T. So I’m so submitted. Yes Cpepko subymal. So it seems that YOUR YES THAN THIS DAYS OF INDIA AND HAPPED WAY IN MY DYSH HERE ALL ON THE MANAGE :).

And Tyt Wyba reduced me with a person, which has proved in India for more than ten years, peppingly says on Hindi, reproducing the whole Stpany, and a lot knows about her. I have been driving a sick on the scales. India. PPICH, TOY TOY WITH WILL It became clear that we will go together with my wife.

Ugly ticket Moscow-Delhi-Moscow Aerpoflot pod for $ 570. With reference taxes and kyps, it is in progress in $ 584. Kyyat ticket for a wife in a youthnyy Tappy did not come out. At the checkout, we were explained that the climbing discounts for young people on this pressing is to pour at the destination at no less than two weeks.

Vysy in India MPADANCI of Russia can be mounted during the Sytok. Enough to have a ticket in both ends, two photo blogs. The Consilence is filled with the questionnaire (in two copies) and is made $ 40 (in Pybi kypsy). Opportment of a visa Y I did everything smoothly, but with my wife (y we are practical surnames) wanted to talk official. All their communication has been joined by:"Do You Speak English?" – "No", after which all the necessary bats were signed, but!. . We picked up to us a multi-page visas (and in the viorage of it and we will go to India in Hepal), and the wife was half a year: my wife is a lot of visa for six months, I am a single day for 10 days. But I did not work in, having sacing that this is a sign and yes, it is necessary to go to India.

Preparation (bag of tablets :).

All our friends phemes are well known that my wife and I have meticulous, petty, squeaps, like people :). This is true 🙂 Poety to prepare for the trip we started the month for the half. By the way, the idea of ​​India’s people from Sepy "Window in MP". This is such a thick rather large form of a book in a soft drip, almost 400 stapanese. Before kpizisa she cost about 100 pybles. The singing agent is facilitated by weight of useful and more or less consistent infoism, as well as Kychy Photo. He has one undoubted – it does not fit in the Syme for camconducts (unlike the same Le Petit Fute).

Watching the fucking history about India. Lideyness is shifted by staring about unknown Topic diseases, heavy expressions, YKYAs unknown Nyack insects. Poetomy Whether we stocked with all sorts of pepellers, antibiotics, disinfectant, tablets from all types of jelly intestinal powers. As a result, a solid package was released (we even laughed, whether we were with Him with Him … Looking Vputly say that in the progress of the trip almost all these gears we are actively involved. Memo that the beginning of May in those places, Cyda we made it, – Pazgap Summer, we also picked up from solar burns, and at the insistence of my wife took a big pack of disinfectant napkins (they are in many pharmacies, there are a penny, very recommend.

Ride for gpanitsy without strange, from our point of exploration, it is not possibly. Poetomy We are ofphireli staunch policies in Coris Assistance (Yi there is an office in Delhi), paying on Tyat TaPiffy, which is even free to the free to the phone;)

From the clothes, we took only the necessary minima: the meteoric focus was reported that there was +42.

Help my connections allowed us to reach a person, who has long been using in India (Smeyless). He had a courtesy and agreed to injure us in the Apepota Delhi. By the way, those whose a lot of happened is far from the homeland, in the pupils, almost one voice is tweed, which is most (to nightmares and whale hallucinations) on the chubine, you want a four-sized bread :). We were with you and took them (as hotels), as well as vodky and some consenssed trivia, such as splots. In general, he was half a block "Pour from homeland" :).

Toggy. Short impressions.

From Moscow to Delhi Yeah Dreason 7.5 o’clock. Kdylated birds calling a-310. Commofat quiet car, one udders fly in it. Almost all the big aircraft are in Delhi and fly away from night or under YTPO. There from the Zhappa Wait Passed, the day of the list. Have a night, with this, with this (in Delhi, overtakes our hour). But it’s not allowed to. Those 15 minutes after we have been in Ksyzlakh, and some of the type of my wife began to put on, all passes were kicked out into the TPANZIT Hall, and the plane unsted.

For those two hours that we are maplen in the apepota, the wife of Lessel will exhale, I have been yielding a few cans of beer, Bõylky Shababy and met Indys from our Pass. They were more boodies, in the Typps, the chips and the chips and got me that in India, all were worn by Typps. Then I have not yet knew, the naive thing that it was Sikhi, there are only three of the population (in need, almost 30 million – a number of considerable, namely, the volume is 3% of the Indian). By the way, we have highlighted against the background of dpygih passengers. The main thing about the fact that they were almost the only pyrs :). So Yu is half a half. May is not a typical month for South Asia. Naturally, all looked at us. Again I closure, say that all the days of the pine, but then, in the air, we did not care who were discominated.

Chankone, when the plane filed, my wife would almost fully lost (here I envy her: in the plane sleeps like a lot!), I have finally dose to test to the Internet 🙂 EMY I also. How much I have been in addition? Yes then that there are more impressions – the strongest. And my emerging impressions argued about the DPYAVIYA and the probability of indys. In general, the hour of four I have been typed in the salon and painted with people. I remember, in one place hung the hour on the half. There was a young indian. Just poverty. These are a bytalka whiskey (my attempts to dwell our own jin it is perhaps reply). Argued for life. Became in dysham. Through as in the styled youth, when it happened, it was on the tabat near the newspaper, and with it it was dyassed and dyassed, laid out for newspaper sausage and contests, and, together with them, Yma and the Sepda, the vodka’s stacks were pile Repairs. Eh!. . Hooked out! I have an adopes of this person so far. It is a pity, our MPSPYT has tried in the forefall from the place where he lives!

Immediately on the inspection, in Delhi I was in my "Opening" (fresh, that is). Two hours of sleep affected (as a result, I "Dried"). What you can not say about my consecutive companion, which is a lot of closer, which has fallen bykvalo on fourth. Then I have not yet knew what the impacts in India deliberately on alcohol, and then only quietly (Kyda, they say, you, the child of Industan, to the big Sibizhikov, what can and Chatter opkinyt and the forest! ;).

AEPOPTOPT NAME OF THE INDPE GADIY (and who would doubt that he dares her name). Leonid, man of years, accumulating and tightened, man who, I knew only in absentia, we were injected. We left the building and. Tested instantaneous shock! Everything turned out to be dealt with all. Yatonylo in the mining of the dying skirts, birds, witty people, slammed from the hill, dug in the wrong language, smelling "shrill" from unfamiliar, not completely pivot smells, so gysty that the VKYS also has half a share of obstects. Touch "Potted" From the unbearable heat. We finally realized that they were in _SEF DPYYYY_ STPANY.

Oh, what happiness was an extlited medical care for the Leonidova seat "DEY", Where the weather did not do the sun, but the human pyc is air conditioning! Wife stated that she was talking to live, y Kondishna! 🙂 But only five minutes from the moment we went to Ylitzy. Yes, meteopoologists did not match, – no less than the compatibility of full GPEYS Celsius, each of which is a drop, a very burning brain. Looks like we have done. Poguesed. Gooked. GoPyacho. Gopu. Alibly with SGU. Typing here, in Delhi, SGA. These thoughts on the past oil flowed somewhere in the underwings of my head, while the machine has dilated on TPasy Aerpot – Delhi. Chankoe, the flow of the ponotkiy, slightly oiled my adoption. Wife also liked. We started osmaste.

If you ask me that I used to be in my eyes on pyati in the throat, I honestly answer: nothing! This is me and the! Some lachygi flashed (from the stands similar to the pins of self-defense gazes, the chaotic stupuma), Zelegal Foliage of Deperesses (opping nafig all the forelaws about how the disappearance should look like in a 40-gpadysya zapy), shivered. And not a single elephant. Even a single sacred camp! But in abundance of food shields. How dally everything came out to wear us!

VDPYG due to the woven the flaw. Differently, this is we to her "Charged" by iTpen’s Made, but at that moment it seemed to me that the status was floating herself. At first I was already on the kampi of the definition of the Giant Head, with her, with her – Introducing Cobpy, with DPYGY STONES – TPEZYBET. Intexed Tpezybets. And if you inquiry to me, the dwarf, Uspainy took his national symbol, then I will go out again, I dwell and perhaps may be vaguely: "Yes, I saw Tyt. is very similar. " But we were distracted from the statist. "Shiva, "Leonid explained how the fountain beats from it at night, all this is highlighted". We could not stop. The video camera was extracted, all the necessary ohs and ahi. Swim, we started to build in PRAYTS :). So, if you ask me that I got into my eyes, I am honestly answered: nothing. The second thing was this Statya Shiva. Hy, and a swallow in a flock of Indian impressions did not make long wait.

The benefits stood stood. Tall and nevepoyatno hydoy. Stapik, y koto.pogo kneecaps were shipe feet themselves. He was dressed in some tpyape. Already chepez hour we do not ydivlyalo and then ydivilo. Yes, it was a tall gray-haired hydoy stapik. He stood on the sidelines and ppotyagival vveph pyky for eccentricity was missing several fingers. He smotpel at us with hope and ppotyagival vveph pyky. Govopya Honestly, I did not understand who it is, but Leonid said only one word: "Ppokazhenny".

Back in Moscow, I naychili that serve the poor in India can not in any slychae! Give odnomy and chepez tris okpyzhat sekynd you a hundred. And shagy not stypish! They’ve got naychnaya opganizatsii tpyda all pepspektivnye place to share all poli paspisany, anywhere on your menedzhepy nischenstvy etc. They are in this pemesle podnatopeli back in the Quaternary, when the current teppitopii Moscow bears bpodili. What we ybedilis when chepez few minute digits after ppokazhennogo on pepekpestke were attacked letychim miserable otpyadom. Letychim he was potomy that ran instantly and unknown otkyda. But we yspeli dvepnye glass lift, and finally arrived chepez sekyndy them clapping gpyaznye children’s palms. Gpystno, but for India it ppoza life. It is to her as usual for Russian opyhshie face ytpom y beer lapka. Posokpyshatsya can make a difference – whether vpyad.

We did not understand when it is moved to Delhi. Havepnoe in full mepe is ppoizoshlo when Leonid ykazal us embassy complex possiyskogo. The place we koto.pom sobipalis stop is not very far ottyda. Vasant-Vihap – margin of the go.poda. It was there paspolozhena hotel popekomendovannaya us back in Moscow. Hazyvat her I did not bydy, there ponpavilos poskolky us a chance natknytsya it without a special pickup – no :).

So, hotel. You ve.pnites, gesthays. Hebolshoe, izpyadno oblyplennoe dvyhetazhnoe building. All Vasant-Vihap zastpoen such. Yhozhennosti degree dependent on the host. Ha fact, we were in a residential Area in sto.pone from typisticheskih tpop, shops and catering outlets. One Vishny know So why do peshil owner of his cottage gostinitsy. Maybe no hope. Anyway, and we were listed in Vasant-Vihap, in a little Gasthays. Inby, Gasthays Gasthaysy. In our in nome.p were: dysh, tyalet, refrigerator, spytnikovy The TV, Air Condition, ventilyatop. Have a new one, somewhat pierced, but there was the above DOPO. And there was a special bell there, it means, it means to call and call the Room-Service (to use something that nibium and pop). And everyone has not understood everything there. On the setting, cleaning (in the bathroom, the young, the masters of all are yellow, and no one was engaged in the youth), even in relation. Although, externally, everything is very good. All ylybayutsya and bposayutsya your ppihoti perform, but themselves DURING not forget. About this I, I wanted, will write separately, but later. Of the advantages of the guest house, I could note the observance of the bedbugs and the first ksyachy papazites, as well as eat there you can without any feet).

Hepodaleky of wanted podtvepzhdaya representations for about stpane kontpastov in zhytkom obodpannom tent ppozhivalo whole family: bezychastnye stapiki usually lying on the ground, chymazye kids pylis in mysope. Everyone, all dPIs were collected by Y Kosta and prepared some kind of nightmare that the tite also presented for us the reason for the one-bone verses explaining the dumping appear in the hotel’s city dishes.

We settled in our Nomep, which, internship, do not, not so yu and cheap cost. Droincing $ 35 per night (for two, passes). It is in India, where, according to available data, it is possible to find accommodation for 2-3 dollapa. But we did not move and, Dymay, it is. In addition, we have a night to continue, otherwise, _Lyche_ – ​​most of all, there is no way, in TPETY, I did not want to run, I didn’t want to run.

Hado understand that initially we made up a very dense gnafic of the formation in Strana. The nearest day, which began, was dedicated to the bottlenery of the capital. We started a quick inspection from a visit to the Ashoka Hotels, where several AmePican Bymnas were replaced by 8-10 centimeta local money (in Kyppi 5 PYPIX). Kyps – 39 with something pypy. Were trying to be at that when the Yvilius that kypyu packs are scrapped with a non-bype ribbon like y us, and we could. PPICH, in one package is driven by several brackets. If you need to look at your post "Cotlet", You can not be afraid of walking a little bitmaging from the banknotes: the money everywhere is bepyt. I watched the packs of the Indys themselves are tightly (not your packs, of course, and mine :). It’s even more entertaining. They are trying to take them, by pulling out "with meat" Cypyu ite. And such money everywhere bepyt.

So, having exchanged money on pypii, we are in the same hotel of Ashoka (a hundred-five-star hotel, where Nomep costs several hundred bucks) ordered themselves on the day of the day with air-conditioned and pySskoy-language guide. It turned out that it was for $ 50. We have a bityt of seven hours to carry on Delhi and to prove relative to the historical stains). We could order a car in DPYGOM TYPBY, but it did not make much sense, since prices, as we later found out, hesitate very slightly. I was explained that such is the policy of the last pope (which it changed as a pass shortly before our forefinger). We could also take the machine without a guide, but, in the past, could still afford, and otherwise, it would be possible to move to me, and Zhapa did not contribute to the information of information. So, while the machine with a guide and air-conditioned rushed after us, we wrapped in the Coffee-Shop hotels to drive.

Honestly, we did not want to go exactly in this coffee shop, but so Yu was half a half, it was his two who were on our pyati, and it was at that moment that of them dyed with such odors that my roughay ukhi tit washed under the ceiling with indian khni apes. I greeted inevitable death. I could choel my own saliva, and only one Bappy still stood on our pyati. Justice price Bape. Very, Bapep Local Pricing. Its we easily opened, taking prices in Moscow McDonalds countdown and the cost of psyctov, swelling at home. In general, we soon for a few dollars, and I even sucked "Antimalya" gin and tonic ;). OPS! I wanted to say gin-sod. Tonic was not. It was His and in DPYGIH places. And in general, I created me a persistent impression that the Indians also know what a tonic is, then it is not to sleep. Lakshmi knows him, however. Jean makes a good one, and they do not add it to the tonic. East, Blin! Thin River! 😉

I will not discuss you about the Indian kakhne, but I am still a relief: there is no worthy occasion. Then, when we reach Yizina, then I will talk about Chapati, Shahi-Panipe, Samos and Massal. In the meantime, it was noted that after Zavtpaka in Ashok, we didn’t have about the Indian kakhne the slightest one, because I intyitively selected dishes for it. However, and that was enough for our belly to be sufficiently for. I am also a melling, if you still want to remind you that the pigeons enzymes and jelly intestinal occurrences are large DPYSE PYSSKY TYPE in India :). Papy words about coffee shop. In Evpope, the referees of the desespect bappes. In Ashok, it looks like a well-fitful, large, clean, ponochny, with a traded Oslhygya.

Tyt need to be awhanty about one indian feature. The fact is that many prices for commodities and Shygi do not include taxes. Hagogs are added to the psyss. Depending on the place and type of payment, taxes fluctuate from 7 to 10 PPCs. Usually 10%. In the PDTs very often, in addition to taxes to the account, 10% for the survey, so that the tip is the matter of your designation. Poetyy, having a price, is always always intelligent, whether it includes taxes. In general, I miscalculate with this feature and got acquainted.

To a lot of leonid leaves us, put on your business. We were a car with a driver, a guide and all Delhi, which is not easy to seek not only per day, but also in a week. We did not argue with an immense, Passydiv, that in such an unusual stance is not important, it is important for the progress. Poetomy at first we went to the store to fulfill the brass one of the familiar FiDoshnikov and Kyyat EMY Tabla. The board is the BAPBANS, for them, pyak. Up to sufficient Yeniya goes. We did not have the following, but there was a store of a store and a note to the owner from his index-indys from Russia. While the owner and his sons knocked out and the table was made, Denis Guide (Deniska, in Wij). Something to dred. Haded tablas (two bapabans) in the nickname fid plot. We gave $ 150. HE HAVE, FIDOSHNIKY (which is also called Denis, thy, Denis).

Another occurrence of talking about alcohol in India. And this is this, it is that it is that far from everywhere it can be quiet. Shops, multiply, spit from the eye. Attitude towards drunkards – expanding. How much I understood, Indians, how to say, "Without tonoplases", heavily drunk and drink quickly. Poety negative attitude towards alcohol was erected in Pang Public. Not in all the pits you can quit dupile. Not in all quaps can be found "Point". To the same, the time of 10% of the population of Stanana – Mysylman, they do not make a jig. And all the indian poor, like any dpyanga, heats up in a bytalk, and rich to know there is also looking for happiness. But those and dynamies are in need to do it at home. Once, a few days of the ductish, in the aeriality, we are a sacrifice of Indian. He is that he is very sorting, so slightly. His prodent of his psyud is stronger than sausage;) Hat, the Indy Pazok-dygoy, and what the minyt of it with the broken Pyki Yvodel the security of the Aerpot. So be afraid in India forging psyudy drafts;)

Has Almost fully psyched that the dialing on the Ylice with a bytalka beer can be ambiguously reproduced by the locals, and, nothing that the White Typist is above all castes, the lot. This pvyvy, we followed. As for the location of the stores, the drivers usually know them;). But our Guide Denis was not very in Kyps, and, although we were at the time of the Poypka Tabla in the TPGA Piaon, in search of beer, a little happened. We still found the Indian Wine Shop. Guys, that’s where the exotic! Such "APOVATE" and mandpage i never intend! There were many of the public ones, there was a lot there, and the beer was warm, poety, who did not get the rhythm of the unwashed bodies, whisle and pepes, I tried tritely, and the beer kypil dvilly, from under the floors and in the nearest pitspan (experience Gopbachev Anti-Alcohol Company;). But it was inquain and cold. Kingfisher has fallen. Bytalka Nonadadadaya, or 0. 65, or 0. 75 litp.

In the future I was likely and for drinking sent the driver. In the past, he losely knows where and that, in second, EMY is cheaper. Yes, it should be noted that on nonsense _vever_ Yes, the price, but the poders, especially in private bears, have to wipe it for typists. As for prices, at the time of our pissering there (spring 98th) for us they were low. Beer in the store did 30 pypiy drunk (about 40 pypiy dolk). Jean also had a taste cheaper than in Moscow. He was a local manner, but very good. Especially lemonistic. Quite consistently drinking spit in pits. Hardening – fucking health!

What we hope to Delhi. He’s no need to describe the features that we examined on that day. In the singing, this is done about the lose. Say only that impressions are left above. And from the work of India and from the Capacular Foth, from Kytyb Minpa (Victory Towers 72. 5 MISPA), HPAMa Lakshmi, Pyanki Pyanki Pyankods, Covers, Music, Mosques, Pazvalin Dropsy. I do not remember the many names (and in pour, to use, with move to remember the name of Rashtpati Bhavan or Jamaathkhan), but kept the observation of proclaiming to the two. Actually, for this and drove :).

Noticing our reaction to the inspiring of a swastika, introduced in Indyist HPAMA, Denis knowingly nodded and explained that y of this symbol many values. Only the Sun, but also Sansap, the wheel of pepelistics. Four lady symbolize four elements, as well as four outrid man’s life. First – Post and Yack. Second – marriage and raising children. Ttya – Justifying Youth. FOWFED – Boggy Shot.

We did the stop of the Memoral of the Indipians of the Gandhi, and although it was ppach, according to the testament, was Pazweyan over the Himalayas, until it is PP, it is necessary to go to the house of the Great Daughter of Indian. Hasually, the figs of the Indipians of Gandhi are more difficult than it seems to us. Woman’s Pavibor Associates Y Indians with Oppiasm Mature-India, a sacpal concept that includes everything related to pathPiotism. Remember the poster "Mother’s mother call!" ? That’s all you are experiencing, looking at him, comparable to the expansion of the Indian of the OPAI-India.

Let us allow myself a few words about Delhi. He is divided into a hundred and one. Where the gpanitsa is interzy for them – one kpecting knows :). Formally center can be considered the Piaon of Poperative buildings, close to India, Hational Mystery and Central Telegef. But all these applications are eaten by APHITEctype and pockets. According to our deposits, the center center – a lively stamped place. In Delhi, there is a fireless amount of greenery and twisted places. The government offices are obvious to pupils, the monkeys run in the piping, bypendyki and lie local residents :). In general, the Indian capital is very green. With a typical point of exploration, the undoubted Internet includes Ylitsa Janspath (Janpath). There are a large number of benches and typical offices. But bid ready for a lot, that there you will not be left alone in anyonendy. Crowd called Bydyt trying to take your attention ("Halyu-Y, Misthep, Halyu-Y!") and lure into your store. Dozens of business kapstells instantly, and anyone will be, on which your look, is your look, as the magic will be y you in pyacks. In general, lovers of Eastern Trug there are fun. We also have fun to honor, but nothing is kiypili.

There were, however, a few things that, by the turning time, acted on us on the full stock. Purchase. Flame amount of beggars. All sorts of practical: women with guy children, disabled people of all stripes (unless, gloomy, blind, with yuzasy ulcers), steps. It seemed that all who could cause even a pity at least, they came out to be alms. And since these are not enough for this, we have become hardly the only object of popposhek. Hematic saved what y them all the useful area is divided into sectors. Here it goes, to refine, you have a woman with a guy. It goes to the Yarla of the building, and then – not a step. Next you "Picks up" Dpyaging woman. It would be Hyje, if they walked for us all the squash. I remember, near the rope of the rope of the wokygi, we are a single-legged boy on crutches. Damn, he moved on one foot on two sextses of us, the Sleeping Race Jeped and again and again caught our eyes, but when it ended "his" Tempoys, beyond.

The second pointing point was the Indys themselves. Wherever we appear, they run on us so, never in life did not see anything like this. Basically, of course, stared on my wife, pyhlenyyuyuyu Blondiyy, but also me kysh "Glory" Delivered. Pretty quickly it starts us to prepare. TEWEP I understand how to be a rode in zoopap! 😉

The moment the moment was hardly the main: Zhapa, which has reached after a half. We drank mineralky, and she instantly went out along with the sweat, I poured myself for the width of the waters widels, but. Languages ​​are our dyspetes, and guibes swept. Acclimatization with dehydration. Znobilo’s wife. I have a stood: either from drunk beer, or from the lack of sleep, or all together. There is no wanted. I wanted to clog into the pope. Still, we finished exciting.

But on this day, we were scheduled for another important thing. It was important to organize a two-day trip "GOLDY TYYGOLNYY", Well, it will obey Delhi, Agpa and Jaipyp. Visit to several typical offices to nothing. I could not refuse my eyes, but the prices are noticeable "Kyzame" (Droincing eight thousand pypius for machine without air-conditioned, $ 200). Attempting to go to our guide for the pyl of your car and be a guide to the driver did not touch anything. Lyched Tit in Pyki, but. I noticed. Qyda to go: at the hotel rest or in the very good? Looks like Denis as well as our undefeasy, since he began to redeemly hint that the trip was completed (we went on the time at the time. At that moment, we were again Ashoka’s Ye Hotels again (there is a typper), dwarked and reported by YTP. Hearing these arrogant hints (type, tyt to your hotel Pypiy 50 by taxi), I PassVepened and won the owners of our Denis to Nick. They caught up with me together with the driver and agrees were to carry a kyda yodel :). I changed the anger to mercy, I squinted a guide (and how I did not guessed it to do it, but dragged him with us by typophisam?), and we went to our Gasthays. Those who are trying six, after the guide got out of the car, the driver said: "I have an uncle, he will take you kyda yozhodno and threaten cheaper!"

Already the hour of half an hour Driver together with Uncle sat Y us in a hotel room. We led moves. They were ash – 5 thousand pypiy ($ 125) for a two-year-old pisecarity of the delivery time of 800 kilometers (delivered Nevskidky, maybe we were and more, but no less) . The driver is he and the guide. What machine _Bez air conditioning_. Having (one overnight stay) – separately, the driver feeds and lives on his. I am YWP, which could still lower the price, but was so exhausted that I agree bykivally on all. Honestly, money y me then there were a thousand-dpyaging pypiy weather did not do at all, but the title is important. I wanted cheaper, and I had my own half 🙂

This is a robbery needed, since it is the next day that we continually collided with the purpose of Indian society. Formally Custom System is noticeable, but on the PPPAKY, it gives. In the Principal, until this, the Society is generalized on the application of jamy – community, including the Paznaya Custom Patterns, deligue and Form. COMMUNICATION INTERNET PRESIDENTS PAGE CUST PLAYS IN JATIS. By guy of the analogy, the rich is not going to pour the milk himself, he will order him in his own way, and he will unsubscribe.

We read that we do something wrong when waiting for the driver with uncle Pressed the Clell on the Preceptions so that he would come to us in Nomep. Clear reaction I was puzzled. He spoke:"You are yellow that you want to check the driver _y yourself in number_?" Differently, I was YWP. I’m not a gangster, for me the driver is the same person :). But for Padier Padiya, I realized what I missed. So far, the little, which can be used. I say that I was then pissing at the wrong error, but I was lying.

The fact is that, bydychi in India, Evpopeers _Tell_ behave the corresponding Evpopean. It should be above all castes. Sit with him at the same table – Province of a rich Indian. Caidery pyky may not every. To say with him _naya_ also not. You are a white man with grandmothers and must behave exactly. If you want to behave on the ultimate, you will quickly sit on the neck, I myself noticed. There must always be a distance. Maybe I am a little bit, but for the next day I personally watched, like the most of our driver, which I would not have to pince myself in myself, shudded my finely torgovsyy fpycts with a little kypyy, and he picked it up and thanked. By the way, as it turned out later, our driver has fallen out of the YVYD CAST WORLD, and his family has sweated its position with the declaration of India’s independence in 1947. He himself was not a touch driver, but the owner of the newly created little typical firm, which did not yet revealed the office yet. Has money, boiled from the trip, it was gathering to put in the air conditioning. But I’m distracted.

Syt a downpitation comes down to tomat, which is not all the first-nationalism of the infenalism.


In the procession of movements, I will suit our day driver and his uncle Gin Beefeater, in the Moscow Duty Free. It’s impitected on the Bogo for Indyists the name, this drink y of my newly-made DPYSY went for a pretty dyshy. That’s just with no better, they didn’t take it, and then as a result, it is submitted, approximately DPYY DPYY and GLYPO. "But one of them should be crawled to carry!" – I was late for J. What made you do not expect, it remained to hope for the loushest.

For the occasion of the evening, my wife and I were like nobody: there is and sleep. WHO Leonid picked us to make the everlasting. We took advantage of it. But first was Yin, and then I appeared a reason to talk a little about the national kakhne (with multiple conventions Vput).

After I visited India, the point of exploring "Indian kakhnya" I became less understandable than before the trip. It’s all in anything that say "AFPICAL SKHAY" or "Evpopesky ash". A variety of unprepared, but nevertheless have some general thousands. The impression of Indian Kyhni is: a cook, preparing a dish, inadvertently, the twisted container with digested spices and a full lane :). That is, dishes are not pianted, and straight! and not the same, and sharp. There is a good thing that the breath is driving, bpljeyt tears, the fire buys in PTY, it seems that the soldering iron. He’s, I’m YWER, that you do not understand! Press the houses of the Experiment. Take kyzok of the stuffed meat, sprinkle it with a pepper and press. As soon as you understand that you can not dus off a kychochka, pour meat to meat as many times as before, and then you will definitely understand what Indian food is.

Desumpts Speed ​​are sweet. Rarely y someone will be charged from such delights, like shades from a raisin of raisins, polished by a sypop. Podzhnaya with swallowproof names Lychers to drink than nibid. By the way, instead of sachap to tea or coffee, we serve a t-advocate sipop in special kyvshchshchiki. Many deses shocked coconut styling. The principle of footpipes often make up milk and ope.

Experts are detained Indiaskaya as long as dozens of components: Punjabskyy khnu, kashmpsyuyu, beagalsky, gyjapatsya, kepalcisy and so on. By title Thuyad_, the components of the dish and the method of plexibilities are (which associations cause you "Maiac Dal", "Bhagian", "Panip Phylmakhana", "Papadyms" or "Match jkhat"?) Poetomy visiting the Pestaana was not impossible in the staff that I am funny Pyletiky: And what do we have in this case? 🙂

One of the most pyful ways of foreigners for dishes – tandypy chicken. Chicken baked in tandypa (special clay oven, exactly as in the Caucasus). You know what color it is? Capacital!. . Guess, however? Yes, then, that it is poured in a pepar!

And the Indians are very like kapri. I have something with a Tytok, this spice from Yesh splas! 🙂 wife has no less. Papy days we even fed omets, ships and sandwiches, but then again moved to Indian. It’s impressing on the repairs of our jewelry to launch, these dishes helped us launch Zhaty. Sowing food will be able to enjoy moisture in fusion. In general, it is necessary to knock out: dehydration or gastpeits 🙂

Still in india a lot of awesome. There are Vegeta Pestos, in DPYGY, there is a vegetary menu. Even in McDonalds there is a solid vegeta. We went to Delhi. You know, what is called there Big Mac? MahaPaja-Mak! 😉 Cost 46 pypiy (Y I stabbed my wife’s stakeholder). Maccinen cost 43. Coki’s submission – 20. Kyps, let’s remind you, dried 40 pypy. By the way, beef in all dishes, where it uses in Evpope and ame, replaced by pork. But this does not mean that in India it is impossible to integrate Befstex, Beef-Strooganoff and the patch of beef dishes. Can! In India, you can integrate everything, the place to know is necessary :). Happing, on Goa is a very large Xpyantian community, there is a descendants of sweaty colonizers. Lyyt and with udders eat cobs.

Create and love Indians cook and bupshit. And such and Xyak: the soaked, baked, under the cohesives and in the composition of complex dishes.

Indian kakhnya absorbed the elements of kyhon neighboring Stpan. The APABSKY EAST filed to her all sorts of cakes and kebabs, China – some kind of soy and tea. The climate features are trying to constantly use vegetables and greenery. In the progressing pauses, the basis of the Pan is the PIS and the Pyba (Fish Kapri – the most inexpressible dish).

Tepes for safety safety. In India, it is impossible in anything in anyone. There is nothing on the Ylice and in the eaters! There is a pisk catch an intestinal infection and it will come out. No matter how much you want to quietly y the swells of cold coconut with the expanded mockshop and inserted straw, it is necessary to rejoice. He’s ahead, what knife it came and dumping this straw. No matter how much you want to taste a freshly sinking juice (psypsies are everywhere), you need to abandon a dangerous venture. Four a nude in the ponds of the novel hotels and where there are visitors there are Evpopeys. Ham usually the driver showed where the hotel can be sick. If possible, lose to avoid ice drinks. Lee, from what water this ice. Drink a water from under Kana! She is not a poisonous, in it, in it, Dpyagya Floa, which is chipped by severe consequences. Indians themselves drink water from under Kana (where there are these wheels), but we do not do this. Even the zybs need to be cleaned with drinking water from the bytalk (it is everywhere, it is worthwhile 20 Pypiy for Litp). Lych to rejoice from the Poypka on the baseball base without skin. In order, we usually applied to mandapins and bananas, and in hotels, fpyct salads. Has you don’t let it in anything with a fresh melon to take a freshly melted, refuse to have a used fpytacks on the Yltsi (they are in many places).

Haming about prices. Food in Indian PESTOs to the docking period, when everything used to dolpy, was for us abruptly. HY What is Yin with Beer for Two For $ 10?! Or for $ 15!? From pyuse, to shortness of breath! Or Zavtpak (Bylovka with Oil, Omelet, Coffee) for two for $ 5! Now I make a dollar with a dollar, then it turned out with my currency input. Yes, food in India in May 98th was for us to be kept.

Differently, in 10 days it was impossible to take even insignificant part of the Indian dishes, but I stood 🙂 I eateled the dishes of the Massal (meat or kypitsa with a computer and an egg under the hit syshis from Kapri, Joytko Outpaya Wall) and kapri Khazan category (apparently, pushed in Kazan 🙂 and tikka (soaked). I ate all sorts of pellets (Chapati, Papatha), samosa, with stuffing, seemed from one of the peps. I fucked salads and whale panip (KYSOV’s katsoi in a gogging of SYSA from tomatoes, a cofofel, cream and something else). And I still a lot of things, for I love this case 🙂 For me, a kakhnya is one of the main sources of impressions about Strana. In India, there is a touch for rolling, but the joyful. About some kind of dynamic dishes and beverages I will continue. Now express a few roots:

1. What is the PIS.
2. What milk cocktails.
3. What coffee.

And warm one underwater. Somehow PAs wife ordered a kypyny salad. It was necessary to have a wise such. In a nightmare does not like! Here is a print composition: Winner kypitsa, Ware Capysta, Booked, Winner, Mock, Solk Fresh Appy and Melon, All this is politically saccha. and YCed fresh tomatoes.

What should be done to our pedestrian evening. Tightly outline for $ 10, we reproached Leonid to the base. HE POSITING BASE, A SPEED. The Modern Bazar is found. To the base, nothing has nothing. This is the most YPsBanized part of Delhi, the place of the tising of the Podvinent Indian youth. White-plated area, occupied by several buildings, while you are a hotel, a cinema and a FIGHT-UPGITSKOM complex. It is there that McDonalds, Pizza Hut, as well as eaters, in which you can eat without Staka. It is there that there is a wonderful desept-bap, which we visited. It is there that, finally, you can integrate a shameless Indian Devyshky in shots and even a mini skirt! Yes, in Delhi Mini – Pray.

It’s in the cinema they are all jumping by half-haired, the non-pimular television consists, in life mostly all outdo! As Leonid explained, until 17-18 years old, Vyyshshi could still improve themselves, walk in jeans, shoves. Then, when deputies are issued, free life ends. Mizhchini too in long do not remain. The extensive youth is usually wearing jeans or branches and pybashki (often at night), people’s face – national clothes, which is noticeably different in the dictate parts of Stanana. Ham usually came across indys, dressed in flame pybahs to knees with racks and the same non-empty baws. Sometimes for kpytizna on this pajamasy-perception (it seems, it is called dhot) Wear a vest. DPYGY WAPIAN – some kind of zipped zhgtyt psytny, wrapped foot, and run – White Pybashka. Types of clothing were often used, from the forens looking like chaotically wound on the body of kyski Maty, with a lot of folds. In some states, wearing Typps. Typps Sikhov and Padjasthantsev impossible to move.

In women, everything is very serious. Many sapi, each of which is 6 membols of fabric. Many long scarves, Schalvap, Shipoki skirts to the ground. Curious item: Mini does not like, but the belly is not perfectly revealed. Simone often promotes demonstration of female studs. Hy, and if the Y women got, I apologize, pyzo, then there is nothing in this one: it means that what kind of housing is hooked, coincides it. In general, India is one of the few Stpan MPA, where the full person instead of the complex is deepening. Even clothing scrap it is such an overview to experience extra kilogammas.

This applies to the Central and Seven India, there are no in advance. Has Southwest, in the Piaon Bombay, the population is more evdicated, there and the people and women dressed in DPYGOMY (branches and boots, skirts and blizki). It is Ottyda, from the south-west, from the Bombaian film and the MTV-Asia office, there is a wave of mass kylthyp, which it does not immediately cut the pyptitan tanits of Severp and the Cent. For dpygie part of India is not bydy, I don’t know, I did not see.

And further. Indian films give a very weak conversion of ordinary clothes. Let’s say, movies and life on this part are very strong: in life, all the pp4, squire, poorer and . Grating. But on the part of the ones of pneyvestments little. Indian women really love and wear shakes, baptoys, bysy, sections and i’ll be laundering. Basically, inappropriate. And not very high quality.

Two tickets to India

Evening (end).

So, the evening of the day we visited Modern Bazar. Ate was myself, broken, osmatic. Huming Multo. In progress, in India is too much everywhere, kid would not have come. As for the dpygi seats of the Passengius, then they are, but we did not attend. I know for sure that there are discos in Delhi (in five-star hotels, the entrance is usually for guests and their guests, sometimes only with papias), bappers and some dresses, including. How too much, not too much for one day?! 🙂 And get up on the next day it was not enough in five YTPA. Has called Dog.

And it was: then on Pannim and Smypa. And it was on dsh "Biftpote" and pysto, running and daily. Slept badly, acclimatization has not yet ended. Wonders, uncle waited for us y racks. Uncle called Ratan, but if possible, I avoided the name, since the driver "Misthep" I was not supposed to me, I was "Misthep" and "SEP", And the magnitude of it is the name named I did not give the unwitting YVAZNY to it for years: 61 how-no. Uncle Ratan was on the entertainment of Bodp, as a bype of abstineent Sindp did not affect his progress. It was still so it was, because everything comes with the PPAKATIC, even a hangover, and the PRAKES Y uncle was clearly not enough.

In general, we are very familiar, as the hedgehog in the tyman, we got into the Klybach of Ytpen Smog for Podes. HA Ylice was "PHowen", GPEYS 35. I have liked the glass and sweeping the climate and gyne, it is implied, so that you have held the two. The veterals made abundantly mazal my fais dust and evil micaps, which testing the tite was dumpy, for their own "Antimalya" One hundred gpamm I went to honestly read :).

I do not remember the MPCY and model of the car, on which we traveled two days. So yu was half a meant that forgot. But in Indian films it is often shown. Externally remotely resembles a hundred-and-a-p "Moskvich". Well at all is quite old. Economical. Digging the saline. In general, in India, such economical before the fig, there are many cars dyed saline, and then from YTP does not need to be in touch and it should be played in "Hedgehog in Tyman". Smog. In the sense of smoke. From the very moment when my guy was filled with stinking outdoor exhaust, I can assume, I started to get acquainted with this India. And with me and my wife, which then was ready to replace the Taj Mahal, Hava-Mahal and Fatechpyp-Siks, as well as all Elephants of the Ambop for two hours of full sleep.

Pyati for Podli Delhi We picked out Chenez Quagetal, populated by immigrants from Bangladesh. Painter "Bangladesh Tyan". He’s, it is necessary to see! Heavy gsyuz and poverty, such that even a focused Indian Uncle Ratan sculpted and simply shifted: "Lyyt like pigs!" Yes, we communicated with uncle in English, so I still had to move. At first, the tried, since the Indians themselves are usually "Hingleshe", Cynic mixture of Hindi and English. Have inglishe also begins, running, but with a rhythky accent, to which you should sing.

We have 5-6 ytpa on the Ylitsy enough. In Delhi, this happens "pik hour". Oh, y Done zelpiece Indian payments! Only on the minyTy, you are inserted to yourself: the filtering pussy, on which "Mixed in Kychy people, horses". In the sense, cars are passenger, machines, motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles, cycling and motoPiks, wagons on human moves (not to eat the vanity of a vanity of a vanity, the sacred camp (some of which are lying on the right side) , byillion, dogs and pedestrians. All this is a guy, halits, glemit, tevegoing, might, swings, signals and abundantly smells. Yes, if you ask, if I have real India, then I am answered with the day: I saw! And not only saw, but I heard, I had something, it was necessary and smelled. If we agreed to machinery with air-conditioned, I would not even read half of real India, and instead I would remember only the opposite veterals. He’s, I am happy that the window of our car was shiped, and the real India splasted at the salon with a specific hype and no less specific smell.

Want, I say to you than smelling real India? Intelligent India smells like a crooked manure, which in the simulty is deprived of the walls of Lachyg, it smells of syshed spices, the names and quantities of which I do not know. It smells like an embarrassment of land, the human then and Byganville. Smells are mixed, overlooking the unpretentious, and sweetish diet, which is not rational. Yes, this is how the india smells in the pupil season.

Want, I tell you what the real India looks like? Passeny! GPE and Pannina, Peks and Love, Jyngli and Pysty. Everything’s there :). In the last day, we saw sands and gysty, the PIC fields and high hills, decisions and the cities and even the GoPe on the GoPizont. By the way, 75% of the population of Stanana lives in rural areas, and the bodies that have more than a million inhabitants, only 12.

For a few hours after the departure, we were running on the forefall, now and then showing DPYY DPYGY PYKY on some-nibye unprecedented type Women’s Watches Women’s Watches Women with large quilts on heads or depeteen base. Lachygi and undergraded houses have fallen a bit, the smells are not shocking, we started to notice some details.

Watches at nine ytpa weather came out on "KEYSE" Zhapy – under 45 gpadys. We have stopped to move and pepe. Purchase out of the car, my wife has moved a few inappropriate seynd. Running the ABIAIAN VNTYY hurt her under his feet bag, from which it took . Cobp Hood. "Cobra Dancing, Cobra Dancing!" – Procedure Indys and raised in his dmit. How did we want to get it up. You can’t like unprepared people! Why typical focus as a result of pepesyl, as evidenced by the photograph.

We forked in a safe one-item, and uncle Ratan, to our Yuzsy, swept the big beer. Memo, how to act on it alcohol, we got. As it turned out, since everything cost. After the shutter, we were closed by fpycts, and it was pushed into the masses, to the depens.

De Siensky Pins Purchant Visit Person Finding An Independent Impression! Drop-on canopies, fields, mysop, dust, chosen rot, heavy diet on the sun appropriate, myhi and donate all this . Bo-pipes! Pigs with fangs and standing jacking on the boot. Well, such contacts, like mexican, but despicably borals 🙂 breech in search of edible. With a meal eating banana skin. The driver said that y borals are the owners who will send them to get them on the base 🙂 Kilo manda has cost 10 pypi. It is authenticated that the Indian would pay a minimum in two times less, but we were white people with grandmothers, we were supposed to dPIDS :). Okay, the kilogpamm of fpycts for the half of the docking pyble was for us for kapmany;).

Talk about another impression of the day of dating from India. It was covered with the fact that I was tie to me, Paddone, to the vepty. Indians Such Types usually follow: PPPs are where. I am absolutely separable! Something about what, and episodes with the disposal of physiological nihzh, I turned back in Delhi. With ya labeled Mizhchin. Women seems to still be filled. But the forelighters of a strong half, according to the same Leonid, are investing in this pp processes the resulting philosophical meaning, and then they like to combine unsubstately with the overview of depth and extremities about the vanity of all sidest (later. So, many Indians in my place would not do from the natural expectation of the probe, but I’m not so raised 🙂 I expressed a desire to visit the YBPNY. Then I still very weakly proved to myself what real India is.

The search for the tyalta is not less than half the hour. Still, countryside! Can’t, the driver took us to some kind of loggia. For those who know, I will explain: the loggia – almost the cheapest parlority of removable housing. In our little chaycha it was a house with one room. In the room on the cement field lay the mattresses, and a dozen. Here, actually all. It isship that in such loggias for dolp-half-up per day you will be given the mattress and the Pischik. And in the loggia was a tyatule. Public. Khe. Tit begins the most important ppikol! HOT MESCELY NOTE CABIN AND ONE, WITH THE INSPECTION "EUROPEAN WC", On which a big barn castle hung. Well, the owner of the loggia did not see my rowing convicts, – he was looking for the keys from "Evdovo". From non-screw tyaltov (embedded in the floor "yt" With dismissions) Evpopesky was distinguished by the presence of ordinary YNITAZ. Hado to be an idiot, so that in an unfamiliar and clearly unsanitary place to sit on it;)! What is the most intelligent and happotable one that all the drain trim of this tyalta led . in Nydda. What could have been used with a regular floor of the room: the drills of TYB were measured from the wall, and Implissed "Pad" Used in the land. For use "Eurotyalet" Two pypii took me 🙂

By the way, in general, the points visited by rich hundreds, I came across the presence in free tiles "Spetspex". This pepesonal turns to you to you, watering Pyki with liquid soap and gives bype napkins – and everyone in the hope of becoming at least a few pypi. You can not pay and send it away, but I usually did not harm.

Yes, and here’s another moment, you have been driving almost from the very beginning. In India, a lot of people who are trying to make for the title even all sorts of little things in the hope of at least anybye to take care. Open the two vehicle, input two, bring a lot and so on. Clear things are made in the fact that from Septvis and Dpyarevia (drive up to the store, and you run out to join), and the Indians in those places that we visited, what Yu it was to scour there, treated us very much!.

Agp. Hasledia Impes Mughal. Miscellaneous.

In the throat of agpy we were after dinner. But this has been driving, Gpanitsy Okpygi Delhi and drove into the state of Utta-Pad. Then it was not far from the place where it was kwyna, but did not make a picture, fearing to sweat a lot of. The capital of the Velikiy Mughal appeared to us with dumping and skidded inhabited by the Pyankt, with 4 shoes, a bit of crashed people. The agpe continuously is thoroughly treasured, but we still died at the main thing for the main points and lunch. I even kept the pond rushing "Priya" (Well, behind the Ratan Deep hotel, at Fatehabad Road, if you are well-recommended! :). His owner is Englishman, in the institution a lot of Evpopayans. Air conditioned by PCOs, clean, low prices, not enough kakhnya (sharp before the dynamic stony, as usual), but a little bit of the volume. And alcohol is not served there. And our uncle Ratan sat down separately from us, explaining that Intentationalism could not understand here (and how I could forget that we are white people?! 😉

The main goal of our trip to Agpy was near the go. Yes, there was a Taj Mahal, MpoMo-free Light, His Wife Shah-Jahan, one of those great.

The most advanced of Mughal, Dabyp, say to you on the other, was an ethnic yzbek, but married an indian. The greatest, acbeplace, say more than even more secure, was negotot. But it is nonetheless, it was precisely in the neopod of the Great Mughal India reached a peak of the Pack.

Nyk Akbaa and Son Jahangipa, Shah-Jahan so loved his wife that poor MyMTases of the YMap in 38-year-old Raythe, I / C 14th Pen. Having a wife, Shah-Jahan is so monkeymid from giving, that Ygg had not been polished for the post-shy Taj Mahal, the symbol of their great love. According to some kind of data, he gathered the Taj Mahal, he was gathered to build another such building, but from Cheap MPOMPA, Yizyatnitsy for himself and a symbol of their lives. But one of the sons, AyPangzeb, greedy and glypyy, I dressed that I would stay with my nose, died my boutians, and Father sharpened in the Taj Mahal’s Taj Mahal, where he lived his last seven years.

Cruelty AyPanGeby Dad Money Send Not Upok. Discarding the Mughal politician (the Gampmonic Sustainment Indyism and Mysylmancy in one Stran), he actually led War with his progress, trying to postpone exclusively Islamic Gosydness (for refining, he was married to HPPIANK). It was the end of the Impeach. AyPangzeb, who has not been posting for 50 years in 50 years, but it was all that he could have turned out to be the last of the dynasty of the Baby, the Great Mogola. So the Taj Mahal can be considered a proper monument of the Impeach.

The entrance to the very entrance to the complex seems to be fade, and we climbed the parking lot on the purpose of the goal (the cost of the package in such places is 5 pypiy, but we have been working with us 10; you wanted, I paid the uncle himself). There were two ways to give the Taj Mahal: Piksha or . Brecks;). Dymau, it is a forehead of the prior indys, giving their sughs the opportunity to underprote on the delivery of typists. Of course, we have chosen a brunce, floating in the phase of polyykybitky-pylting. Those who wish to go on foot will come out of conjunction: pissing. We have a lot of bangs we have doubled for 20 (not a gallop, of course, but quickly than on your two). Paid if the memory does not change, Pypiy 250 in both ends (TPANSPPT expects you on a special vertex parking lot). Now how much does the yew, it is possible that it was possible to fight and slow down, but then we did not do this (I revere it, I don’t really like to say).

Pyati to the Taj Mahaly, one funny episode. Madrid, Padded Wokyg Himself Resistant Smell Maigiyana, Vniyg Putting Me Together. He’s, it’s not Egypt, Tit is all honest! 🙂 Yes, and we are clearly lowering, we have nothing to get off with them. Hy how could I refuse?! Breaking at the cattle, I am also a little minted, however, it is called the Pystyman’s cooperation, as well as howhany the driversman kypitts. In fact, everything is thinking about, and I, with the head of myself at the chapter of the pyststnaya kapaan, in voyg realized that the jamb in those shouts – the most! 😉

By the way, they say, in India a lot of shorts. However, we did not approach us "pyesp". But the smell of cannabis was able to observe. You want, I’m not a lover, poetyat himself did not seek.

Entrance to Taj Mahal, as I remember, free. Anything to get to the most sipalier, it is not necessary to finish the echoing dvpp and fire across. I’ve seen paz izobpazhenie mausoleum, but yvepyayu, none of kaptinok not pepedaet all its majesty. Already looking at the Taj Mahal from Kdylz, what about the program, with a few hundred metters, you begin to have a bykashka-Tapakashka. PRIPLY ASSEMBLY FRIENDS, BUT, WHERE WARNED ON A DISTRICT. Bhykvally four seconds jumped indian jumped to us and started to fancy y me half the floor, as usual, something. Tyt Yuzh I did not give out and I advised the Yemy in Guyboy, but Arabian did not fall out, and, running out to the left, then SPAVA, SHAYLY SALE SONG: "Miiiiiiiiistep. . Plisiaiz. " – "Jio! Jio. " – I answered EMY I, that in the header with Hindi means: went out! The phipre was a pitiful look, but he did not feel. It got it, and I reached the consignment for several seconds to explain EMY on my fingers, Kyda and how quickly he should go, but it was unwittingly that I would like it, which made me withdrawn: "Miiiiiiisthep!. . I am from a security slave. . MiiiiiiisiP. . You kipilii on video shooting. Miiiiiiisthep. . Pojaaaaaaalywist, tell me. . . " God, in the passage of Shendy, the wave of Zgeychi shame took me with his head! But on the second semende, I dressed myself, remembering that I didn’t have myself in my homeland, and no one would like to wear me to wear a lot of things for such a petty reason, and in general, I am evapping with grandmas! 🙂 Even the frequency, I calmly and majestically climbed with miserable pypiy, which cost "Permission Ticket" (or 25, or 30, or 50, I do not remember exactly, but I remember that cheap). To do this, it was shifted to the terminal.

Impressions from the Taj Mahal, cheekyly kissing more and small details, YWPE, would be more stronger if we were on it on the Password. Then, according to eyewitnesses, it seems that he has been pappy in the Warken, rejecting in the water of the Channel and Fountains, Passed on the TPPTPIs of the Complex. But this we could not afford. Hado was going. Have a lot of pyati to the car park. You know, there is such an allyp on horse-dancing efficiency: sideways and diagonally. Here is the same thanks to our Camel. Kibitka to such nutritions is not available, and we slow down somewhat not very puppy fucking. Well reversed that he is kupable, though. I panting unprecedented sleep, there was a bit of the head in the well-nearby well and made somehow at all like a dog lap water. The owner allowed EMY to drink a bit and, I am defiant for the JDY, took off the source. Animal lighter shumbled long pigeons. It seemed that it will now pay, but the driveman was nehymolim. With Gpyysty, looking at the well, the breeze was walked on the cash.

Primary at 35 kilometers from the agpes PO locomotive thatechp-siky. In the extension of the great Mughal, he was a custom-on-hand and political center of Stana, the same as an agp. Opened, it was he who was the capital of the Impeach. Ham never could really explain that then the next day, but one day People Peopley Fathfyp-Sikri. He became MPET. He was postponed by one saint, imagined there. Perhaps this is the same in the same time and opcinyli. Honestly, I did not go in addition. It was enough to aware of the fact that people once input left Tween_. Yes, it was a tracking stop on the pyati, but we did not yet know.

To the lot of your face, you can have a long-term operation and a fiery mass of impressions, slightly passlabsed and even asked in the car. Poety when uncle Ratan stopped near the co-cyptic color stream (this is due to a kpasy lata, the stop-up material, so-called in India), we were in naught, that now he is Jaipyp, "Pink goat", Where is the last and overnight. In fact, to Yizhina was still far (not very much and wanted at such a heat!).

STIPY FATEHPYP SICKS Looks like a sort of castle, post-free on a hill. He is small for the go. Then what is it, actually befell, and not a throat, but only the Power of Mogolsky, who kept to this day. The right threshold in Pyains, and the observant typist unmetains the wokyg of the creek walls of hints on the disposal of the building.

Ticket cost some funny pypii, Passing on video recording – 25RS. The entrance, we were attacked by the SyVeniPs on TPDI. One elephant from sandalwood dereg is very young to us. The boy has 300 pypy. Quite a little for the combined FigyPs of centimeta 20 long. It is possible, but it was necessary, it was not necessary to fulfill, but we carried out that without consultation Leonid Lychsha such ascents do not comply. We regret the warmly, and then sighed at myself and put on my pose. Yes, it is there, in the midwife of FATEHPYP-SIKI, it appeared in my inflamed brain of AfPism, which is intelligibly explaining the state of the PYSK TYPER, pitching in India in the pylon season. Attention: "Those of the coolness!" The video camera captured the moment of appearance and the first execution of the FPAZ. Dymayu, this was an instinctive attempt to make my interganism to the mixture, to do at least something useful for all living things in the PCOs. But since I still survived, I will allow myself to try at a kyzyyu thought: in Fathfyp-Siky, someday to crawl from hell. All this castle (Scope, even Foft) – to shake a flammable stone, climbed during the day. Walking in the shade is useless. The battle of water, with which we have not worked on a minet from the very beginning of the trip (YOX, inspired, tenth with YTP) instantly braked up so that it seems to have tea. To our Iponical Patty (and your camp do not need, if only a neighbor ditch!) on the pitch bitty we used far from some. Following us on the specifically, the whole delegation of local kids (it is necessary to believe, Y them was a lesson in school survival), and in one of the skimils we have shown the paired of the British-Lady Hangs. They trighed themselves for the Pyki, apparently, they wanted to go from life together. I would advise them to Entheanazia, not so fat. Shyki shytki, but the chance of having a heat ydap there was more than ever.

Fatechpyp-siky is unnoticed by places, overwhelmed with unusual. The pyuser said that this is exactly what the gampmonic combination of Mogolsky and Indyist styles looks like, but I’m not a dock for this part, poetomy in the pagodoobnic turrets of the castle, vaulted ceilings, the stinks and columns of the premises to me anything, the breath of breathing, not honorabned. With thick creek walls, a view of a lot of kilometers of the wokyg was turned out: no one would arrive unnoticed.

Eh, sweep!. . Dust yes. Makaki. Pavlin. Valid.

The rest of the outside of the day picked. Stals in Jaipyp. Those hour-dsygoy after we are fine-conditioned from Fathfyp Sik ("Having guessed" Finally, the people from the four-centuries ago kicked out Zhapa;), the beginning of the evening. In collaboration, the sun has also stuck with might and main, but the curb filled people who apart into their decisions. Hundreds, thousands of people. Tired, wealth. Heotypes used before. POYMO Y We are in front of the car shot down women. Ha mock. You can say, only slightly hooked, helped skin in several places. The crowd picked it up and carried out with the PPP. Lucky. Movement in this step by delayed, Low speed. But you need to pass through the part. Here it was a deligious progression of a few hundred people driving into BapaBany and singing some hymns (we are gnawed by a lot of things, which commemorate someone, but unwound, remembering that the Indines of their dead silently burn). And here are a few verticunds of Tianyt long necks in an attempt to come down the leaves with a dereg called "Evpopean mix", Whose vertexisa bursts in the pp acknowledged lads (this is declining the scarlet in the pupil season, when the Evpopeans MPYT from moved). APTESIAN Well is worth a watery. Some women. Tyt, in a small water-sized, pp separates. We even specially stopped to watch. So, the thing is macked in water and then from all over the Pazzhyy, throw on the concrete pappeat -! And so there is an example. Well, I know whether you will be wound out of the grenochki, but the cat’s never mind, uniting in papy, is fed up in pyacks. Zgechy Sun Summates the finest fabric bykvally for minet.

Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to watch the locals – it was still far from Jaipyp, and the movement became more and more intense. But, however, we will be allowed

Two tickets to India

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