Two-week tourist trip. How to collect things?

From one thought that you will travel on a trip to the other end of the world. You have a mood? However, are you ready for him? The main thing &# 8211; right packing things. If you have a big suitcase on the wheels – forget about him. To travel you will need a backpack &# 8211; It is much more convenient.

Choosing a backpack

The choice of a good backpack is very important. It is in it that you need to fit all your things, weighing several kilograms. So there is no other way out: it must be comfortable and Give freedom of movement. To pay attention to when choosing a backpack:

• Different Legging belt &# 8211; All the weight of the backpack will be on the hips, and not on the shoulders, and here it must be perfect to approach your body and accurately adjust,
• Good "respiratory system" &# 8211; Mesh on the side of the back, which will allow you to better breathe, which is especially useful in a hot climate,
• separation that can be opened from above and, for example, on the side or bottom is Simplify you access To the most useful accessories, such as the sleeping bag hidden below, without having to view all the contents,
• A large number of "handles" to which you can, for example, attach a water bottle and other necessary accessories,
Decent carcass &# 8211; Remember that "female" and "men’s" backpacks differ slightly in design, so pay attention to this when buying a backpack,
• Raincoat &# 8211; Due to this, the backpack will be resistant to weather conditions and does not get dirty when transporting.

In short: in a good backpack It is worth investing. And what power will be optimal? Contrary to mind, not 80 or 90 liters. Remember: what you put, you will have to wear on your back, sometimes for several hours. So choose a little less capacity &# 8211; within 40-50 l. If you are correctly packaged, this is enough, and it will allow you to reduce the weight of your baggage. And most importantly: better less so better. The less weight of your luggage, the more pleasant will move, often in the heat and with big humidity.

You will also need a second backpack

But how? Like this! Big will contain all your things. But from time to time it will be possible to leave it in a safe place and Go to adventure only with "manual loop". Of course, it could be a bag, but the backpack is always more convenient. You put it on, and your hands are free. So you can, for example, calmly take a picture, explore the jungle or climb to the top.

Additional backpack &# 8211; "everyday" Maybe about 10-20 liters and it should not be very expensive. It is important that it be comfortable, easy to evoke (so that he does not occupy a lot of space in a big baggage) and had plenty of room For what you need regularly, for example: sunscreen, a bottle of water, a repellent from mosquitoes, sunglasses, a handkerchief for the coating while visiting the temple.

Mandatory things for traveler

Much depends on where you are going, what the weather will be at your destination and how long are you going (and what do you plan to do during this trip). One thing is a two-week trip to Thailand, and another &# 8211; long journey in South America or the countries of the Middle East.

What you need to each person, Transferring, for example, to Southeast Asia? On the mandatory list:

Direct documents &# 8211; Their photocopy, hidden deep in the baggage, "just in case" (and scanned copy sent by email may also come in handy,
Map with contacts &# 8211; Embassies, Insurance Company and Bank (blocking payment cards),
• Vaccination booklet,

• headdress &# 8211; For example, a cap, bandana or hat &# 8211; and sunglasses,
comfortable shoes &# 8211; If you are going to a place with a tropical climate, you will need 3 pairs: sandals + low trekking boots and light flippers (good for shower and beach),
• 2-3 pairs of socks (not for sandals &# 8211; And for full shoes, they will help prevent possible abrasions),
• underwear &# 8211; comfortable, cotton, at least a few pieces, because it will not always work out and leave to dry,
Repellent from Komarov (especially for Southeast Asia) &# 8211; with DETA or Icaridine,
• first-aid kit with basic drugs (painkillers, from diarrhea, colds, probiotics, from allergies) and bandages, as well as with medicines that you take daily. Before leaving necessarily Check out the rules of the country to which you are going and check whether you can transport medicines. Some funds that are commonly used in one country (even without a recipe) are illegal and prohibited in another, and for their transportation you can get, for example, big fines or even 25 years in prison. Therefore it is worth checking the existing rules,

Two-week tourist trip. How to collect things

• 2-3 pairs of trousers &# 8211; For example, trousers with removable pants that can be adapted to predominant conditions,
• 3-4 "Breathable" T-shirts,
• 1 fine shirt with long sleeves (protects against mosquitoes in the evening or from abrasion while traveling around the jungle),
• Long Sweater / Fleece Lightning and Slim Cloak / Poncho / Cloak,
• handkerchief on hand / foot &# 8211; Be sure to knees (useful when visiting temples),
• Air pajamas,
bathing suit (If you are planning, for example, sunbathing or swim from a waterfall),
• Basic hygienic measures &# 8211; soap, antibacterial mini gel, wet wipes, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste (mini-version), accessories / pads for shaving (difficult to get in some Asian countries) and t. D.,
High SPF Creams (in Asia is expensive) + remedy for sunburn,
• Quick-drying towel &# 8211; For example, a compact microfiber towel, which is light, but at the same time absorbs moisture well and dries quickly,
• sleeping bag &# 8211; If you are planning, for example, overnight in the jungle or in very budget hostels &# 8211; Easy and compact, preferably "Mummy",
• Road pillow and earplugs,
security lock (with code or key),
• If you are going for a long time, think about getting a needle with a thread, lace and durable tape (never know when it is useful).

You will also need a smartphone and PowerBank (we carry them on the plane, as well as any chargers and electronic equipment always in hand bag, otherwise they can be confiscated in the baggage sorting point), as well as a headlamp and an adapter for electrical outlets. May also come in handy Sleeping rug Or (Better) Compact Armchair Rug &# 8211; If your route includes a dream, for example, in campsite or in nature.

You can also take a small bag or cosmetic &# 8211; Here you put your phone, documents or "faded" money, that is, what you need a regular basis.

Pack backpack with mind

You already know that less is better. And now it’s time to learn a few tricks that will save space in a backpack. To make it more convenient for you:

Roll into roll &# 8211; She will take less space than folded in "Cubes",
• Fill out a free place in the luggage in the lower linen, and not collect it in one place,
• Wear socks on shoes, you can also put in them other minor items &# 8211; Always saved several cm,
• Heavy items Put on the bottom backpack &# 8211; Thanks to this, his weight will be better distributed and it will be more convenient for you to move
• Put at hand at hand Necessary accessories and &# 8211; Before flying by plane &# 8211; Those that you take with you to check security (electronics and cosmetics).

Going to Southeast Asia or another exotic country, you can buy some things in place – it will be cheap.

Two-week tourist trip. How to collect things

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