Tyn Church of the Virgin Mary in Prague

The Temple of the Virgin Mary before the date is on the oldest square in Prague. Not to see it is unlikely to succeed, as many excursions and tourist routes begin or end here.

Do not notice it is impossible. Tower "Adam" and "Eve" 80 meters high clearly seen from anywhere in the surroundings (in the photo on the right, click on the photo to increase). Tyn Church – this is the property of architecture of the Czech Republic, amazing harmony of styles from Baroque to Gothic.

Monumental, majestic, with a rich history, the temple is striking tourists by external and interior decoration. The sounds of the oldest Prague authority fascinate and remind of visitors about his creator – Johanne Henry Munde. Add the temple of importance and famous paintings, frescoes, statues of masting creators.

Worships are held here and nowadays, despite frequent restoration work.

How to get

The most convenient way to get to Tyn Temple is Prague Metro. Go out at Staromestska Station ("Old Town") on line A (green). Prague Metro Card with the names of stations in Russian, see our review "Metro Prague – a scheme in Russian".

From the metro station to the temple, you need to walk about 500 meters on foot. You simply navigate – two towers of the Tyn Temple have not confused with anything, just go to their direction and go out on the oldest square to the temple.

You can also drive by trams 2, 6, 14, 17, 18 or 93, on buses 194 or 207. The most convenient is the bus 194, his Staromestske Namesti stop is right near the Tyn Temple.

If appreciate comfort, then go by taxi. Tell the taxi driver the phrase "Old Matter", he will definitely understand the destination. About travel prices, read in our article "Taxi in the Czech Republic – Tariffs and Rules".

You can tell Taxist the name of the Church in Czech. It is called "Temple of the uterus of God before Tinem" ("Chram Matky Bozi Pred Tynem"). The phrase causes laughter from Russian tourists. But there is nothing surprising, the word "uterus" in Czech means "mother", no negative is the Czech word.

What else to see near

At the oldest area there are Prague Courans and one of the buildings of the National Gallery. The most interesting action on the square is "the course of 12 apostles" on Prague Choirs, it happens every hour from 9-00 to 21-00. Plan a time to watch it, and then go to the Tyn Church.

On the photo on the left is shown by the Tiny Temple on the background of Prague Quarartians, click on the photo to enlarge.

Price visits

Entrance to church free. You can leave a voluntary donation for the needs of the Church – usually tourists leave 10-30 Czech crowns. Current crown course, see our article "Money in the Czech Republic".

Tiny Temple – the indispensable stop of most sightseeing tours of Prague. Such an excursion lasts 3-4 hours, costs from 10 to 30 euros, depending on the number of people in the group (the more people, the cheaper). Lunch is not included in the price.

Excursions are available in Russian, refer to your tour operator or local excursion agencies.

Opening hours

On Mondays, the temple is closed.

From Tuesday to Saturday, the time of work: from 10-00 to 13-00, from 15-00 to 17-00.

Sunday: from 10-00 to 12-00.

This is a schedule in 2017. It can change, you can find current information on the official website http: // www.tyN.CZ, but the site is only in Czech, even there are no versions in English.

History of the Tyn Temple

Tiny Temple received its name from the location in the tune yard – a fenced place where foreign traders lived in the 13th century. But then it was not yet a majestic temple, which tourists look now. There was a small church of the Virgin Mary, for the first time, mentioned in documents from 1135.

By the 13th century, the church became the parish church, and at the turn of 13 and 14th centuries had already required a serious expansion of the building. The appearance of the old church is unknown, and the new one had three new, the tomb and the bell.

Impressive all temple begins to build in 1360. Flemish architect Mathieu Arasky developed a project of the church, which became another masterpiece of the architect along with the Cathedral of St. Vita in Prague Country. For 20 years, choir and side ships are erected. By the beginning of the 15th century, Western facade was built.

During the period of Gusitsky wars and later construction was suspended. However, it touched almost all the construction projects in the country, it was a difficult time in the history of the Czech Republic. Gusits, capturing the church, held their worship in it. It was at this time that the statue of the king of Gusites Irři from Podbrad is put in the temple. In his hands, he kept the Golden Bowl.

After the execution of the leaders of the Gusites, the statue was removed, the image of the Virgin Mary appeared in her place. From the golden bowl of the king paid the Nimbe over the head of the Virgin.

Only in 1457 the roof was completed in the church. In 1463, the construction of Western Frontone ends, after three years the construction of the northern tower is completed. South Tower is created from 1506 to 1511.

In 1679, the temple is experiencing a fire caused by Lightning. Gothic towers are replaced with a baroque 80 meters high. They have become different in width and height, having received a chemless name in honor of the first people: Adam and Eve.

Another fire in the church occurred in 1819. Fully the building was able to restore only in 1835. 1876-1895 – the temple was on reconstruction. By 1908, the northern portal was restored.

Another protracted repair church survived in 1973-1995. After him, the reconstruction touched the interior of the church. Recovery work, in particular, the roof is undergoing and at the moment.

Now the Tiny Temple is a basil with three choirs and two towers. Building length – 52 meters, width – 28 meters.

What to watch than admire

Tyn Church of the Virgin Mary in Prague

In the church you can see a lot of valuable and interesting relics. Let’s stop at the most.

Each of the 19 Altaries of the Temple deserves special attention. The chief altar, decorated with the pictures of Karel Skrenet "Trinity" and "Ascension of the Virgin Mary", in the style of early baroque built in 1649. Right nasty occupies the statue of Tyn Madonna on the throne (1420).

In the walls of the temple you can hear the sounds of the oldest organ in Prague, created in the distant of 1673 by the hands of the German master Muster. The original is not preserved, but the masters-restorers in Bonn made his careful restoration. Since 2000, he "returned" to his home in the Temple of the Virgin Mary.

An ancient relic is tin font reliefs of the apostles, it is used to make a rite of baptism of newborns, it dates back to 1414. The work of art can be considered the stone department of the 15th century in the style of gothic.

It is impossible not to admire the 14th huge canvases. Chermaka. Work in the form of a canopy. Reycec from stone in 1493, it is impossible not to notice.

Directly in the church itself found their last shelter outstanding identities of the Czech Republic and not only. Among the 60 tombstones in the church you can find the grave of quietly Brage, Czech astronomer. Three years after his death, his spouse "joined him". Damage to the tombstones are associated with believe that, which pulled down on the gravestone, will take advantage of dental pain.

Only since 2000, due to the restorers, you can admire in the walls of the church by the Gothic fresco with the face of Saint Jerome with Lvom (14th century). Before that, she "hidden" In one of the altars of the church.

Tips for tourists going to the Temple of the Virgin Mary

– A visit to the temple may be difficult or defined in general due to construction work or solemn services. Be to this morally ready.

– Guide’s stories about the history of the church are possible only behind the walls of the temple. In the building itself it is forbidden to break silence, eat, drink, touch the objects and decoration of the church. May even arrest police. Read the details in our article "What you can not do tourists in the Czech Republic".

– The Church’s website said and about the ban on photographing inside the building, but tourists take pictures, and even with a flash. We do not recommend using flash.

– An animals enter the temple can not.

– A visit to a group of tourists is possible only in advance agreement with the leadership of the temple, but the number of tourists in the group should not exceed 20 people.

– Pilgrims can go to church at any time during the day. They can pray, relax here, take part in parish worship services.

– If you travel yourself, then come to the church after dinner: in the morning worship or church rituals (baptism, weddings) are quite likely.

– Although in the Czech Republic, most churches are akin to museums, and the entrance to them does not include compliance with restrictions in the choice of clothing, but still need to show respect for the culture and religion of the country in which you are visiting. We think it is not difficult to cover the shoulders to women, dress pants to men. About the optimal set of clothes for travel we talked in the article "What to take with you to the Czech Republic".

– On the square near the temple you will see trays with souvenirs. What a tourist will not buy an inexpensive bauble, reminiscent of visiting sights? About Czech souvenirs and gifts Read in our article "What to bring from the Czech Republic".

Successful walks in the historic center of Prague, and read our articles interesting for tourists about the Czech Republic (Links below).

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