UAE card with resorts and airports

The proximity of the resort to airports and attractions often plays a key role in choosing a vacation spot. In this article, let’s talk about the Arab Emirates – cities and their districts, resorts and airports.

Important! Not all the Emirates are now (February 2021) are open to tourists. What are the openings that are closed, what are the conditions of the entrance, read the article on the link above.

Mutual location We visually showed on the map you can see below. Click on the map to see it in a large size.

Important note about airports!

In the UAE there are several tens of airports, but there is no sense on the map. The fact is that aircraft from Russia arrive only four of them: Dubai International (DXB), Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC), Abu Dhabi International (AUH) and Sharjah International (SHJ).

The remaining airports serve for local flights, airplanes with workers from India or charters from Europe.

Another important note!

When buying a tour to the UAE, always carefully watch the arrival airport and departure. Not always tour operators include a batch tour of the tickets to the nearest airport. It happens that it is more profitable for them to carry tourists 150 kilometers to save on airline tickets.

Most often there are tours in Abu Dhabi with arrival in Dubai. In this case, it will have to go on a tourist bus 150 kilometers (2 hours), and from Abu Dhabi Airport to the hotel would have to go 20-30 minutes.

Emirate Dubai

Dubai city occupies the whole strip of the Emirate’s coast. We can say that the city of Dubai and the resort of Dubai is the same thing. For tourist, the area of ​​Dubai is important, in which the hotel stay will be located.

Jumeira – District of the most luxury beach hotels. This area takes almost half the coast.

Downtown – a small area with the main attractions of Dubai: Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountains, Dubai Mall. There are no beaches in the downtown, it is 2 kilometers from the shore. Sailing here in the hotel is convenient if shopping and attractions are the main goals of the trip.

Deira – District in the north-east of the city. There are no beach hotels here, and the public beach is only one and is far from hotels. Vacationers in Deyre usually travel on JBR, Open Beach or another public beach in Jumeyr. The Gold Souq, The Gold Souq, The Gold Souq, The Spice Souq, The Perfume Souq. Deira for tourists are interesting available at the price.

Bur Dubai – the historic center of the city. There are no beaches and beach hotels in general, tourists have to go to Public Beaches Jumeira. Almost all cultural and historical attractions are in the Bur Dubai: Fort Al-Fahidy, Big Mosque, Said Al-Mactum, Heritage Village.

Dubai Marina – District in the West Jumeira. Local beach is the most famous in Dubai, it is called JBR. Approximately half of the beach of public, Half is assigned expensive hotels. There are hotels in walking distance from JBR Beach. Price per room in hotels in Dubai Marina – from 70 to 200 dollars per night.

Al-Barsha and al-Khada – areas for Sheikh Zayed Road (Sheikh Zayed Road), which is more than 2 kilometers from the shore. For tourists are interesting available (50-70 dollars per night) hotels.

See the map of Dubai with districts in our article "Emirate Dubai".

Below, look at the tabletime table from the airport to hotels in each area. Time travel time, transfer bus and subway approximately coincide.

Consider that when traveling to a taxi or bus, you can get into the plug, and this time can seriously grow.

Jumeira Downstown Deira Bur Dubai Marina Al-Barsha Al-Kham
20-35 min 15-20 min 10-15 min 15-20 min 30-40 min 25-30 min 25-30 min

If you buy a batch tour in Dubai, then arrival airport in 99% of cases will be Dubai International (DXB). Occasionally there are tours with arrival in Sharjah.

Emirate Abu Dhabi

In the Emirate of Abu Dhabi there are three famous resort.

Sir-Bani-Yas Island is 220 kilometers from the capital. This is a very specific resort, you can say exclusive. Here are only three hotels, and the island itself is the "Ecological Reserve of the UAE".

Al-Ain is a city in an oasis in the Arabian desert. As a place of rest, it is popular with the Arabs-citizens of the UAE, and tourists from Russia go here for day excursions. However, no one bothers to book a room in one of Al-Ain hotels and drive by bus.

Yas Island – is part of the city of Abu Dhabi, but is distant from the city center, from which it is considered a separate resort. There are only 7 hotels here, there is a beach area within walking distance from them. On the island of Yas Located the main entertainment in Abu Dhabi – Ferrari Park, Waterpark Yas, Racing Run Majarina, Yas Mall.

The city of Abu Dhabi is quite large, hotels are scattered throughout its square. There are about 150 hotels – from cheap dials and trees to five star Ritz-Carlton, Park Hyatt and Shangri-La. Separately, it is worth noting the most chic emirates Palace, glorified in the world with golden toilets.

Read our detailed article "Emirate Abu Dhabi".

Below Table With time of travel from ABU Dhabi International Airport (AUH) to hotels in different resorts. We bring travel time by bus or taxi.

Abu Dhabi Island Yas Island Sir-Bani Yas Al-Ain City
15-35 min 10 min 3.5-4 hours 1.5-2 hours

Look at the arrival airport, if you buy a batch tour in Abu Dhabi! Many tours are for sale with arrival at the airports of Dubai or Sharjah, as tickets to Abu Dhabi relative to expensive. From Dubai to go for 2 hours, from Sharjah 2.5 hours.

Emirate Sharjah

Sharjah is a small emirate in the east of Dubai, it is famous for both the cultural capital of the UAE, the most stringent rules of behavior and intolerance to alcohol.

In Sharjah about 70 hotels of all levels of prices and stars. It is possible to stay in a hotel with a private beach for just 100 dollars. There are almost no entertainment in Sharjah, from attractions only museums and mosques.

UAE card with resorts and airports

Read our detailed review "Emirate Sharjah".

There is a SHARJAH INTERNATIONAL (SHJ), which is very convenient for tourists. Travel time from airport to hotels – 10-15 minutes.

Some tours in Sharjah imply arrival at Dubai Airport, but it is not scary, it will have to go a little longer – 15-20 minutes.

Emirate Ajman

Is even further east. Ajman is the smallest Emirate in the UAE. Here are all a couple of dozen hotels, including several beach.

Read our detailed review "Emirate Ajman".

Ajman has its own airport, but flights from Russia does not accept and is located in the exclave of Manama, 70 kilometers from the city. Tourists arrive at SHARJAH INTERNATIONAL (SHJ) or Dubai International (DXB) airports. Driving time from Dubai Airport – 25-35 minutes, from Sharjah Airport – 20-30 minutes.

Emirate Umm Al-Kuwaine

Is even further east. This is the smallest emirate in the population. There are only 6 hotels here, some with our own beach.

In Umm al-Al-Kuwaine there is an airport, but now he does not accept any flights at all, only the IL-76-standing aircraft has become famous here.

Tourists arrive or at SHARJAH INTERNATIONAL Airport (SHJ), or Dubai International (DXB). Driving time from Dubai Airport – 35-45 minutes, from Sharjah Airport – 30-40 minutes.

Emirate Ras Al-Heima

The northernmost emirate in the UAE and is pretty popular with tourists. There are about 30 hotels, a dozen of them with our own beach. Half hotel offers the All Inclusive system, although it does not always mean the same as in Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia. Read our review "AI in the Arab Emirates".

In the emirate Ras Al-Khaima there is your airport, but the planes from Russia do not fly here. Tourists arrive from Dubai or Sharjah airports. Go – 1-1.5 hours.

Emirate Fujaira

The resort area in Emirates Fujairah is located in the eastern of the UAE on the shores of the Indian Ocean. There is a bit softer climate, as you read in our article "Weather in the Arab Emirates". In Fujaire about 30 hotels, there are hotels with private beaches.

In Emirate, Fujairah has its own airport, it even takes flights from Europe, but aircraft from Russia do not sit here. Drive from Dubai and Sharjah far away – 1.5-2 hours.

On this line of the resorts of the UAE is completed. Have a good holiday in the Arab Emirates, and read interesting articles about this country on our website (Links below).

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