UAE Cities: Abu Dhabi

The settlement of Abu Dhabi was based on the island in 1761. around the source of fresh water and up to 1966. Present only a small cluster of houses with wind towers and nomad tents. Now this is an ultramodious city with perfectly straight streets, a variety of buildings of the most diverse architecture and an abundance of fountains (more than 90) and green plantings, which, with a known shortage of water in the region, causes admiration.

Attractions Abu Dhabi

Until our days from the same city, only the old fort al-Husn is preserved, also known as old or white fort (XIX in.), built at one time to protect the source. Today it contains the Documentation Center and the Region. City Business Card – abundance of mosques. From anywhere in the city you can see at the same time somewhat fancy decorated minarets located right among the business neighborhoods or in numerous parks.

The embankment of the Kornish Road fountains, with a length of about 10 km, – a favorite place of walking and leisure of tourists and locals. In essence, this is a large park area on which there are many entertainment establishments and most of the capital fountains, including the most famous – "Seven Emirates" ("Coffee pot"), "Swans", "Volcano", "Pearl" and etc. From the west to the embankment adjoins "Watershed" – The focus of many restaurants and fairs. Nearby is a specially reconstructed shipyard, on which the Arab boats are manufactured "DOU". Near the coast, the construction of the artificial island Lou Lou ("pearl") with a water park associated with Abu Dhabi underwater tunnel. We must examine the Palace of Sheikh Al-Jaraf or visit the island of Sir Bani Yaz, turned by the efforts of Sheikh, Al Najan’s efforts in a unique nature reserve, where many species of rare and endangered animals live freely. Southwest of Abu Dhabi begins the ridge of high hilly dunes Rub-El Hali, one of the harsh and dry places on earth.

Located at the International Exhibition Center in Al-Musaff, the cultural and ethnographic village of Heritage Umm-Al-Nar reproduces the traditional life and lifestyle of the country, and on holidays and on weekends numerous ethnographic teams demonstrate national songs and dancing. The cultural center of the city is considered to be the Institute of Culture, located on the square of 14 hectares between the streets of Hamdan and Al Nasser. Here are the National Library, the Institute of Culture and Arts, Numerous Art Workshops and Exhibitions. Every day there are many events, exhibitions and concerts.

Shopping in Abu Dhabi

Numerous open markets ("Suk") with the usual product assortment for this region is scattered throughout Abu Dhabi. Among them are especially interesting labyrinth series "old" Hamdan Suk, Iranian bitches in a free port area, a new central bitch on Zhaid Street, near the hotel "Holiday Inn", The green market between the streets al-Nasser and BULLL, and on the famous "Market carpets" (Afghan Bazaar) on Mina-Port Road just amazes a huge selection of carpets with traditional Arabic patterns and Afghan handmade carpets. Almost all the streets of the city have been turned into real trading series, where you can find almost everything, and the extensive network of supermarkets will provide all imaginable and unthinkable goods and services. The fish market is a very colorful place in the port area, which is worthwhile, if not with a gastronomic goal, then at least in order to take a picture there.

Shopping streets Khalida and Hamdan in the Al Markaziyah area – the focus of small shops and boutiques. Huge shopping centers, like in Sharjah and Dubai, in Abu Dhabi a little. The largest – ABU Dhabi Mall. One of the most popular shopping centers – Al Hana Shopping Center, located in the center, close to the main embankment. In addition, there are many small shopping centers CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY.

Hotels Abu Dhabi

The pride of the city is considered to be its hotels in which most cultural and entertainment and sports facilities of the capital are concentrated. All of them are built according to the most modern projects and are famous for the whole world with their luxurious interiors and level of service, as well as provide additional services – they are located most of the galleries, restaurants, dive centers, courts, gyms and city stores.

UAE Cities Abu Dhabi

Most Emirate hotels are concentrated in Abu Dhabi itself. Since the city is located on the island, and the coastline is large enough, many hotels are located right on the shore, unlike the same Sharjah and Dubai. Abu Dhabi have hotels of all famous world hotel chains (Le Meridien, Intercontinental, Sheraton, Hilton). Some hotels are located on the shore, away from the city.

Restaurants Abu Dhabi

The most popular restaurants in the city – Al Safina and Al Sofon (Ras Al Ahadar district) and Al Dhafra (next to the fish market). It should be remembered that alcoholic beverages in Abu Dhabi are served only in restaurants located on the territory of hotels. In ordinary urban restaurants there is an immutable "no alcohol law".

Entertainment in Abu Dhabi

Pour artificial island near the coast "Liu" ("Pearl") on which the water park opens. Island will be connected with Abu Dhabi underwater tunnel.

UAE Cities Abu Dhabi

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