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Dubai – the most populated city of the United Arab Emirates and one of the largest tourist centers of the Middle East. The city lies on the southeastern coast of the Persian Gulf, 123 km north-east of the capital of the UAE – the city of Abu Dhabi, and just 4 km south-west Sharjah. Together with Ajman and Chard, it forms the so-called "Metropolitan region", Although in fact is an independent emirate.

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One of the most important business centers of the Middle East and South Asia, a major trading and transport assembly of the Persian Gulf, one of the fastest growing cities of the world and the most important Political Center of the UAE, Dubai appeared on the world map suddenly. The first references to the settlement of Dibei at this place belong to 1580, although the Dubyians themselves insist for 1095 due to the mention in the book of Andalusian traveler Abu Al-Bakry. In the XIX century, there is a fishing village with a small fort, the whole population of which does not reach up to two thousand people.

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  • Skyscrapers Sheikh Zayed Road and Financial Center Road

The origin of the name of the Emirate is not entirely clear, however, most scientists connect it with the Arabic word "Daba" – "crawl", or "Slow move", What is associated with the slow flow of water in Dubai Creek. Until 1833, he was part of the Arab Dhabi Emirate, after the Arab Emirov Emirov, as many in the region, comes to the authority of the Arab Emirov, is part of the so-called contractual Oman (Trucial Oman – the unification of the owners of the South Coast of the Persian Gulf under the UK Protectorator In the XIX-XX centuries.).

  • Dubai Marina
  • Road traffic at downtown in the evening
  • Interior Mall of the Emirates

By the beginning of the 20th century, Dubai has already been a fairly important regional port, the center of commerce and pearl production, but its status and influence did not have any comparison with the Contemporary Regulation. In the late 1930s, due to a sharp drop in demand for pearls, the city even began to decline, besides, the neighboring Abu Dhabi at that time began sharp growth in connection with the detection of oil reserves, and Sharjah was located more profitable. Therefore, the Rules in those years Sheikh Said Ibn Maktum took a number of very far-sighted solutions – significantly reduced the taxation, and a number of familiar tax was abolished at all, the first began electrification and modernization of the transport infrastructure, created a free trade zone in Jebel-Ali and so on. This brought his fruit and the meaning of Dubai began to grow rapidly, and in 1966, oil was found on the lands of the Emirate, which sharply prompted the development and its capital. Although, contrary to the widespread opinion, the wealth of the Emirate and its capital keeps at all "Black gold" (total 5% of GDP!), and in banking, trade, innovative projects and active investments. Now Dubai is the most expensive city in the Middle East and the second in the world (after Geneva), however, the active work of the authorities, a very flexible policy in all areas, low duties and excellent infrastructure make it one of the most popular tourist objects of the world.

  • Spices on the traditional market in Deyre
  • View from the Burj Khalifa skyscraper to the Downtown area
  • New Year’s Fireworks over Dube

Dubai is divided into 9 regions and 200 districts, whose boundaries sometimes pass quite bizarre. However, in the tourist terms, the Historical center of Bar-Dubai, Business Downtown, North-Eastern Trade Region, and an intensively developing South-Western Primorskaya part as part of Jumeira, and Dubai-Marina,. Also, a separate area can be considered a binding city in the Central Street of Sheikh-Zayed Road.

Hotels in Dubai

Most of the Dubai license plate is accounted for by 4 * and 5 * hotels.Only in this emirate there is a strict and clear system of classification of hotels, very close to the requirements for European standards. Hotels are held annually attestation and they are assigned category.

  • Aquaventure Water Park Beach at Atlantis The Palm Hotel
  • Hotel Burj Al Arab
  • Hotel Anantara Dubai The Palm Resort & SPA

Few hotels are in Dubai directly on the shore. In the prestigious beach area of ​​Jumeira, just over a two-year and a half dozen hotels, all of them, with the exception of two "Four-star", have category 5 *. Here is the most expensive hotel business project in the world – Hotel Burj Al Arab, which is figuratively called "SEMPERLIME".

  • Building ADDRESS Hotel and surroundings in evening lighting
  • Building Burj Khalifa
  • The Address Hotel

Most Hotels Dubai – Urban. Several times a day, every hotel, as a rule, provides a free shuttle service to the main shopping centers and to the beach.

In the hotels of 4 * and 5 *, located on the shore, the deposit is left at the reception in the amount of $ 300-500.

UAE Dubai city

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