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To see the genuine luxury one day to gain determination and go to the Arab Emirates. Russians are known for their soul latitude, with their excessive love for Ponta, their "walk, so walk!", Arab luxury is somewhat other than the refinement, and traditionalness, and most importantly, the emphasis on benefits! Eastern men understand that you can attract a tourist only if you create something unusual, unique, out of a row … The practicality of Arabs does not infer whether nor in a fairy tale say no pen! Especially if you consider the fact that it is not just an island, but island Palma, an island that is unique in that it has a boast line of a giant length: with a total area of ​​25 kV. KM. The line of the beaches is as much as 78 km.! Jumeier with her sixteen leaves-opalas simply could not stay away from my ********************* and from my obsessive love to all unusual!

Once in childhood, a tale about the skate-Gorbunke with her miracle yudo fish-whale captured my imagination to such an extent that it seemed that somewhere there, on the expanses of the sea – Okiasin really floats such a wonder-island, but time went away, and children’s naivety broke about the reef of adult skepticism … The summer of 2001 made not only for me, but the whole world that there are people who are ready to make a fairy tale with a dream – reality! Build not just a city by 120,000 people, but build this city on an artificial island having a shape of a majestic tree, symbolic for Arabs!

But what is surprised? The fairy tale comes only to those who believe in her, and when she comes, the one who is waiting for, always gets more than he was able to imagine. Could the nomadic tribes living among the desert rubles of Al-Hali (in translation means "empty place") that the search for water is crowned with black gold! But to gain wealth and be able to dispose of them – these are two completely different aspects. Wise ruler, sheikh mohemond, it succeeded! Five and a half kilometers in diameter was converted to the Persian Gulf!

The name of the hotel Kempinski was somehow particularly nice for my perception: something Slavic, Lyakhskoye was felt in the plexus of these letters (I have a Poles’ relatives), close, homemade … Perhaps it was the first reason that gave impetus to the further choice of space for recreation. Impressant building in pastel colors with beautiful snow-white domes: there are both savory eastern motives, and the fancy of the Baroque style, and the influence of classicism:

Well, as you can not fall in love with this architectural jait from columns, columns and columns? This rattling mixture is not devoid of harmony: incredibly, as in combination of various architectural styles, the solo still performs the national flavor! The capitals with the leaves of the Acanta, crowning columns, resemble ancient Greece, and balustrades with slender rows of figured balusin – Assyiri … But in general, this is Arab, East, with rakhat-Lukuma flavor and Pakhlava!

The inner decoration of the hotel forms a single ensemble with the exterior. Thanks to the predominance of dairy tones, the abundance of severe marble finishes does not produce an oppressive impression, and even touching cold calcite gives a pleasant feeling of freshness! Moreover, this building material, ancient times with demand for architects, entroaching temples and royal palaces, lives a certain, independent life and its cold blood, current on numerous arteries, forming a fancy drawing on the surface, makes believe that silence of stone is eloquent silence ..

The view of the hall creates a chocolate mood: shades of cocoa, cream and waffle ornament – a familiar fragrance immediately arose in his mouth, she wanted bitter or dairy – my favorite delicacy. Even the floor is some caramel-grill.

And thick columns of columns who, like mighty giants (Russian warriors!), Danish and Nosnially elap of the hotel guests!

Silhona, of course, is incredible inextentive to withstand all this royal velepie!

And the pompous staircase, which leads to the gorgeous apartments, – straight the thrill somehow covers when you climb on her smooth steps, it seems, the servants will come to meet, with the skin of the ebony tree, and will be offered to carry out after a long and bumpy heavenly Roads ..

Chambers (then you mean a huge number (about 100 squares) with a bedroom, a living room dining room and a bathroom! – this is the most modest of numbers) I was very looked at, even though the servants did not appear before my light eyes, but we are humble people, with us and the maid are pretty!

The hotel under the glass stores a reduced copy, a layout on which you can consider the entire adjacent territory and the hotel’s building itself in the smallest details, even the sea!

However, what to admire the hotel, when there are even more woundings. One Sheikha Mosque Zaid in Abu Dhabi is worth all the troubles associated with the flight of the flight ..

At the entrance to the mosque there is a hand-drawn dress code. As for women, the rules are very strict: not only open hands are prohibited, but even trousers covering the whole leg if they are adjacent style, are not allowed! Men can be opened hands, but shoulders must be covered with clothing. What to say: Want to look at the Muslim shrine, learn to respect the faith of the local population.

The guards will not miss if the appearance will not meet the adopted standards. So don’t even try to smoke! Shoes are also removed at the entrance and put on any shelf that you will like. Do not be afraid that shoes are stolen. In the Emirates, theft is almost absent! Already, only one of this can be imbued with good feelings for people, the God of which teaches a kind relation to the property of the neighbor.

If you are not a lover of sharp sensations, it is best to take socks with you, because while you reach the famous Iranian carpet in the central hall, then leave the cozy warmth of your heels on the marble floor of the mosque ..

I bought Shelle and Arabia in advance, so I personally have no problems with clothes. What should be remembered: On Friday, the mosque is closed for tourists.

The one who has seen the Taj Mahal in India will certainly notice a lot similar to Sheikh Zaid Mosque. Only the first mausoleum is built by a loving man in memory of his beloved wife, and the second is a loving people in memory of his beloved president … unites them that in the foundation and of the other building laid the brightest of feelings – a sense of love ..

Maybe therefore the mouth is not easy, and the heart begins to gallopy, when wide-open eyes greedily move from the ceiling on the walls and further, on ..

Walls of the mosque decorated with Macedon marble. In the mosque more than 80 domes, and gold in 24 carats is used for finishing!

Skinny domes on the background *************** Orthodox church: a similar shape and even crescent … When you look at the grand spherical shapes of making, you just think about the Creator and at this moment it becomes absolutely no matter what they say Who worship in the temples: Allah or God ..

And when the sun is golden a dome, then I wanted a horribly marshmallow! White, Vanilla, Melting ..

In the frame of the shaggy palm label, the Sheikh Zaid mosque rises like a precious pearl in an olive gold ring ..

The reflection of the mosque in the waters of the pool adds to the already enthusiastic mood of the intonation of festivity and solemnity, fabulousness and greatness ..

Here it is inner decoration! Semi-precious stones brought from India served as an excellent finishing material for inlay on the walls of the temple: a gentle binding rises from the floor itself and stretches with its flexible shoots to the very top of the gate, repeating the unusual form of opening. On the floor of the same bindow, but already imprinted in marble ..

Here is another beautiful flower on the floor, in my opinion this is a honeysuckle, a very fragrant plant: In the evening, her spicy fragrance attracts night insects-pollinators to the garden … And here, in a mosque, such a realistic display of reality attracts thousands of tourists with In the whole world, which, like bees of nectar, collect wonderful images on their digital media – flash drives (and I am one of them!).

Here is another bindow: admiration in the eyes and old, and young: in order to feel the beauty, neither wisdom nor life experience needs ..

In the main place the world’s largest chandelier and the most huge carpet in the world. The chandelier that has 10 meters in diameter, and in height all 15, covered with a crystal Swarovski: it seems to me a giant sweet caramel! Carpet Outcan Iranian masters and weighs about 50 tons! To cut the carpet, it took two years, and to deliver in 15 "pieces" – two aircraft! This acquisition cost six million bucks! Silent shop! The charming scattered light creates the atmosphere of mystery, it seems that without the appearance of a good wizard, the day simply will not end ..

Here is a miracle of designer thoughts closer, the background of the chandelier serves as a wall on which believers draw a gaze during prayer, 99 names of Allah were written on it. Wall aimed towards Mecca.

The awesome illumination on the wall of the kibla and gold in 24 carats is just not to tear the eye, even if neither boom boom in Arabic, well, just all these cute rogulins of the Arabic Vzci look like something ornamental, artistic, filigree.

Immediately and you will not understand where the patterns ends and the windows or patterns begin not to end, but smoothly go into the windows … what to say – harmony in detail!

Courtyard in front of the entrance to the main building. And marble honeysuckle for the settlement of a greedy gaze, everywhere on his nose, tourist!

Gold-plated dual columns, which support embroiders, skillfully carved from cold mountainous, immediately rush. And small silhouettes of people who emphasize the greatness of the structure ..

And all this magnificence is reflected in the water ..

Surprisingly, the pattern can change the feeling of structure: marble seems to be air, as the finest lace, especially if you look at the teeth surrounding the temple dome around the perimeter of the building!

Snow-white colonnade, like a native birch grove – can Arabs Russian soul.

And once again clicked this beauty, but already from another angle ..

In the corners, like the valiant guards, the mosque will erase four minarets with a height of more than 100 meters each.

Here is one of the islander keepers of the Muslim shrine! The head is spinning from delight when you look at this miracle of Arabic architecture!

By the way, be sure to visit the toilet! Your idea about this required place is rooted, you will learn that this socio-important premises can be a work of art!

And finally, when it went, sfotkala flowerbeds.

In the viewfinder, the fotika noticed that on one of the curbs surrounding the flower bed, there was some kind of piece. It was a booklet with a shop of a fur shop, located in Greece and in Dubai.

I put a booklet in the handbag and decided: if there is a case, I will look at the store, the more it is located on Nasser Square, Mecca of all shopaholics or oniomanov (although it is still onion!), in famous twin towers Twin Tower. But it is already then, and at first I wanted to visit the zoo. And this exciting journey should have happened tomorrow ..

Zoo is located in an oasis and this is not at all a mirage, and the most real miracle in the midst of the endless sands of the desert!

I already loved this place in advance, because animals here contain in conditions as close as possible to their natural habitat. Thus, the oppressive sense of shame for us who enjoy the viewing of creatures from different ends of the world, and a soul-breaking feeling of pity for the same creatures, limited to the possibility of moving, pursuing me when visiting any zoo, were not so shrid and unbearable.

About 200 species of animals from Africa, India, the Middle East and Australia and 400 hectares of Square give this zoo the right to refer to the largest in the Middle East. Just 130 km from Dubai and about 2 hours drive and you in al-aine!

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These are the awnings are stretched over the pedestrian walkways: Brodi is at least a whole day in comfort under the groaning rays of the Arab Sun. On the train zebra color, you can also ride!

Obviously, the grandfather of this miracle technician was a steam locomotive, a father – a car, and Mom – Zebra … It turned out genetically modified zebrovoza!

These goat-like fencers with two rapies on the head also love tenhene!

In these birds, I learned local postmen who deal on the homes of small black Arab children, something like our stork!

The one that stands on the capped roof of his shacks is clearly going with a "friendly visit", only the Babik remains to grab!

Motley lace collars of these birds can compete with a peacock tail! Eat feathery, pleasant appetite!

Rear view This lady is no worse side view: Charming white panties covers a thin tail of quite modest sizes. To say to say, – well monitors animals in the zoo, linen of these girls gorgeous!

But the king of animals did not honor me with his Terrible look, despite my polite requests to turn the head at least in the profile (I only dreamed about the face!), he continued to reflect on the burden of being: what can you do, even the strengths of this world are not in the spirit ..

White Tiger! Cute pussy that you want to stroke, but only this is how safe? I just sent him an air kiss, let him know that my heart at the sight of his gracefulness and masculinity beat more often!

Here this sculpture I also liked – Family Idyll!

Coyote looks like a home dog, it seems that the tail is about to the tail and look into the eyes: "And the bone brought?"

This toothstone log, which in fairy tales is pretended by the Kalosh lover, in fact, improved my fatness: Little eyes of this feast drilled me, as the cannulas touched the stomach during liposuction … But my modest dimensions, obviously, not very impressed it: he even refused to swim To me closer, they say, and so seen – an inedible version!

A whole landfill from striped fluffy with unimaginable carrying umnal face! Straight, it seems, I would have kissed the pink nose, and beads eyes!

The horns of these "Kozloverans" are so outstanding that if they had a straight form, would probably be longer than the owner of this head remove … Seen the wife of these bearded animals with swan loyalty do not differ ..

These elegant birds, strawberry colors with cream, on the background of the terracotta wall look very exotic! Who would have thought that at home so graceful and finely folded creation can calmly stand in water with a high salt concentration and no less high temperature!

For the giraffes, such snack bars under the umbrellas made of straw are created: you can make meals and not be afraid of the sunshine, and then after all the hats for long-haired ladies in a fashionable jumpsuit with a bright print of the zoo, the zoo is not provided … Dress code, you know ..

It would be possible to say goodbye to the patient reader, but I remembered that I visited the store shown in a booklet. Nothing, however, did not acquire (the budget was pressed!), but my eyes burned with lights on what I saw. Here are some instances:

This is a sable! To my light hair and slender figure – just not a girl, but a doll ..

Here, she is, but from another angle, check out! And in the background you can see the coat of mink with a trim from a sable, from a clean mink, sewed under a sable, from a lynx, were still from chinchilla, but here they are not visible … The hosts of the Greeks Alexandros and Elena, but they speak Russian excellent. I immediately said that I just look, but they still were very consumed and told a lot about the fur coats. When I came to me and bought a blue mink coat. I could have ever seen before, because only paid and soon gone.

Here is another bright charming of a sable … This model I also liked me more because of a talker. In general, I noticed that the sobular fur coats are in the advantage, their overwhelming majority. And, of course, they are the most beautiful ..

And this I sfotkalle showcase! The little animals, of course, it is a pity, but nothing decorates a woman like fur … I can see something primitive, and the imagination with ease painted the picture: here’s a hairy prehistoric man, deftly moving on semi-bent, flapped with a powerful body of a fugitive sun, appears on the threshold The caves with the skin of the murdered cheetah to please their collapsed and closed in South Wife with a new job to the anniversary of their Mammoth Wedding (the situz has not yet come up, so it was replaced by mammoth skins!) ..

In this store, the amazing fur of high quality: when I spent around him, then the wave of trembling was running around the body, and butterfly jumped in my stomach, and I understood – fell in love! The same store (Viva Moda) is in Greece, the owner said that prices are approximately the same … So in the summer you can rush on Halkidiki to Calife! Who would have thought that the Sheikh Zaid mosque had something in common with the store fur coat! Fortune playful lady, sometimes throwing out such a pretzel that Volochkova was not standing near!

Farewell to Ostrovopalma was a painful … who came up with a miracle of engineering thought? I’ll come home, headed the puppy and call him Jumeyra, and he will have a tail, like a palm tree – a tassel, and the ears of the silk and the chicks, like the leaves of the lovers of the Arabs, and the nose, like a little dick ..

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