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UAE – These are fairy tales of Sheherzada, who received an incarnation on our land, a country consisting of 7 independent Arab Emirates (therefore the abbreviation of the United Arab Emirates is decoded as the United Arab Emirates).

These emirates, considered to be a single federal state, seem to travelers by the magic mirage, which can be found in the midst of vigorous deserts.

And indeed: thanks to the efforts of local residents, the United Arab Emirates were literally diluted with the ruthless desert and settle down on the Persian Gulf Coast, becoming a true paradise for tourists.o Meet in the midst of vigorous deserts.

Today, the territory of the Emirates is 85% busy desert, which, by the way, is the largest worldwide. Despite this not the most attractive fact for tourists, the UAE managed relatively quickly to turn into a gorgeous rich kingdom, recreation in which even the kings and Padishai are worthy.

Nowadays, the UAE boasts such merits as an enviable standard of living, political stability and sustainable dirham – National currency.

Tour in the UAE should be purchased for several reasons: first, the country offers tourists Wonderful beach holidays, secondly, shopping in the Emirates – One of the best in the world, thirdly, the Emirates will be useful to business tourists, as well as travelers in search of entertainment. But the main thing that unites all travelers who acquire tours to the UAE – a desire to see with their own eyes the magical land where amazing Arabic architecture is combined with modern technology and scientific and engineering achievements.

  • language: Arab
  • population: 4.7 million
  • telephone code: +971
  • currency: Dirham UAE
  • visa:Conditionally visa
  • traffic: Right-hand
  • National domain: AE
  • voltage: 220V
  • current frequency: 50 Hz
  • Outlet Type:Plugs and sockets type G
  • time: 17:11 (UTC + 0400)

Top cities and resorts in the UAE



Abu Dhabi

Ras Al-Heima



Umm Al-Kuwain

Top regions, cities and resorts in the UAE

UAE are renowned for quality of life, so that in some of them you would not have come, all will be equally well. But there are several cities that are more popular than others. Tourists from around the world in a hurry to get to Dubai, relaxed, luxurious capital. There are several resorts. For example, the famous Jumeirah luxury hotels. It is in the coastal waters of the beach was built bulk palm.

For cultural tourism city is unlikely to fit, but to walk on the road along the famous shopping and commercial center can be. Not a bad vacation Sharjah offers, but it is more modest than the older brother. The city has several hotels of 2, 3-stars. Fans of surfing and diving will be delighted by the water. Night life is almost not there, so in the evening you can just sit in one of the Arab restaurants.

Eco-tourism resort offers Abu Dhabi, surrounded by greenery. There is fairly quiet and secluded. The emirate will offer a trip to the hot sands of the desert on the SUV, an evening with the Bedouins, the night under the stars and shopping.
For excursions is to go to a resort Ajman emirate modest with a long list of attractions. Tourists will have to climb to the yard, where the famous sails are made, yachts and other vessels. Located near the coast of the living sources that can cure certain ailments.

What is interesting to see in the UAE?

Top attractions of the UAE

Burj Khalifa

Grand Canyon Wadi Bi ..

Paruj El Arab Hotel

Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi

Dubai shopping festival

Wild Wadi Water Park

Aquarium in Dubai

Aquaventure Waterpark

Golden market Dubai

Ferrari World theme park

Videos from UAE

How to get to the UAE?

Dubai – This central air gateway for the UAE tourists from Russia. To get to Dubai from Moscow our compatriots are on the wings of a / «Aeroflot» and «Emirates Airlines». In addition to these flights, to Dubai planes fly to and from other cities of our vast country, and in the height of tourist season in regular and charter flights are added. The journey from Moscow to Dubai – about 5 hours.

It is noteworthy that in the UAE, tourists can get through other emirates Thus, a / c «Etihad Airways» launches daily airliners from Moscow in Abu Dhabi. From time to time charters are put in Sharjah, which also has an airport. Scheduled flights on the route Kiev-Sharjah caters to a / «Air Arabia».

How comfortable to move around the UAE?

The UAE is 5 highways, which carry out communication between the Emirates:

E11 – Sheikh Zayed Road -Emirates Road E311 E44 – Dubai-Hatta Highway E77 – Dubai-Al Habab Road E66 – Oud Metha Road

The best way of transportation UAE – This taxi: Unfortunately, public transport is underdeveloped in the UAE. Clarify for tourists, which counts on a taxi stand only in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in other cities the cost of travel is discussed in advance with the driver. Average fare – about 5-10 dirhams.

Private bus brings tourists from the hotels to the beach. In the same way, you can reach the city center.

Where better to stay when traveling on Emirates?

Top United Arab Emirates hotels

UAE Rest in the UAE, Resorts, Hotels, Reviews Travel Guide

The climate in the UAE

UAE perfect for measured beach holiday, which favors a particular UAE climate365 days a year here the sun shines brightly, and the air temperature in the Emirates rarely drops below + 20C. Thus, the tourist season lasts all year round Emirates.

The water temperature in UAE – This pleasant + 15C and higher. If the water in the Persian Gulf becomes unpleasant for swimming, water in the pools of hotels UAE is heated, and tourists can carelessly continue their holidays in the UAE. In the summer, in the hottest time, water, on the contrary, is cooled.

Add that the duration of the hot season in the UAE – This period from May to September. The hottest place in the emirates – it is Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The most favorable climate for leisure of tourists in Emirates Fujairah (East Bay region), as well as in Ras El Hymime.


Ras Al-Heima


Abu Dhabi


Umm Al-Kuwain


National kitchen UAE

National kitchen UAE Formed due to the influences of climatic conditions and religious views. First of all, it should be remembered that the pork from Muslims is prohibited, so dishes in the UAE are prepared from veal, kglyatns and beefs, as well as birds and fish, roasting in a frying pan without oil use.

UEA meat dishes – this is «Guzi» – Young lamb with nuts, «Kustilet» – Barani Cutlets with herbal seasonings, «Tikka» – shashlik, «kebab» – Marinated lamb, «blouse» – Cebab of fine chopped meat, «Macbus» – Meat with adding spices, meat assorted «Musthershakkal Mustache».

Other appetizing dishes in the UAE – Pizza called «Rice», «Haris» – Casserole from chicken, «Tikka Dadzhaj» – Chicken kebab, dish «Biryani-Ajaj» from rice and stewed chicken.

Be sure to try «Samman» – Meat quail, «Jadge Tananuri» – Very acute chicken dish, soups with rice and beans, pies «cubic», Triangles from dough «sambus», and many other delicious pies – «Lyakhma», «Sabeneh», «Htander» and so on.

Dehes from vegetables in the UAE – «Hummus» – paste, «Burgul» – corn porridge, «Kureds» – Zucchini with minced meat, «Fatush» – Salad with bread, «Tabbulya» – Dish from greenery and wheat, «Uarara Anab» – Cabbages in a grape sheet and.

Popular in Emirates and fermented milk dishes, also love cheese and seafood here. Try Plov «Macbus-Samak», as well as dishes «Shaari», «toes». I wonder what even sharks eat in emipratises!

Desserts in the UAE – Separate theme: Templap Pudding «Umm-Ali», Take pudding from pistachios «Mughallabia», Enter the ponchikov «LiGemat» and acquire a sterbet familiar to us.

And, of course, coffee in the UAE – Exceptionally natural, which is preparing for a tourist «in place and bottled from coffee pots «Dalla». Most popular coffee varieties in Emirates – Black and coffee and light with cardamom.

Top restaurants of the UAE

Restaurant Al-Hailah

Al-Shami Restaurant

Restaurant La Sani

Restaurant Peking

Restaurant Saravana Bhavan

Safety of tourists in the UAE

Below are the recommendations with which all tourists should be found in order to avoid possible trouble in the UAE:

Alcohol consumption in the UAE limited. Tourists who are in a state «Under Shaf», should be left in the rooms of your hotel. Otherwise you are waiting for a police station and a large fine, and the prison. Alcohol can also be transported from the Emirate to Emirate. But in Sharjah and there is a dry law. In the Emirates, it is not customary to express tender feelings in public places, so it is not recommended to hug and kissing people – For that you may finf. Women in the UAE should be dressed in restraint and modest, legs and shoulders better cover. And about tan topless – And forget at all. In the whole of the country, it is forbidden to photograph government agencies, policemen, people in shape and women. But before imprinted by the memory of the Arab man, permission should be asked. In the UAE, it is not recommended to store in the debate about Islam and discuss the Prophet Mukhamed. In the UAE, it is forbidden to litter on the streets – This is punished by a fine. In the summer, when the air temperature rises to + 50c, it is not recommended for a long time. It should be strictly observed all the rules for intersection of the border of the UAE. The importation of medicines into the UAE territory is limited: all drug-containing drugs should be removed from the first-aid kit. If the medicine is vital, get a certificate from the doctor.

The history of the UAE

UAE: Souvenirs for memory

UAE: Entertaining Facts

Ten entertaining facts about the UAE:

The largest Emirate of the UAE – Abu Dhabi. It takes about 85% of the country’s territory. In the UAE, only 30% of fresh water comes from natural sources, there are in the Emirates and Artesian wells. 70% of water in the country – desalinized liquid. Water is extracted on 32 specialized desalination plants, with some desalination plants work exclusively on atomic energy. At the same time, the cost of desalination 1 thousand liters of water is about $ 2, which is extremely expensive air temperature in Abu Dhabi by about 1-1.5 degrees lower than in the desert spread around it. This is due to green plantings that replete this city.

Dubai name comes from Arabic word «Dibba» – Simply saransch. The first mention of the village of Abu Dhabi refers by 1761. It was found in the notes of the Assistant of the British Political Agent in Bombay, who noted that there are about 400 horsis in the village, and the aborigines are engaged in fishing. Interestingly name «Abu Dhabi» Translated means «Father Gazelle».

Sharjah is the only Emirate of the UAE, where the dry law is introduced. It is strictly forbidden to eat alcohol, and even the presence of alcohol in the car is already a crime.

The most luxurious hotel of the UAE is «Burj Al Arab», He is in Dubai. Embossed on an artificial island, the hotel is a giant and sail. In order to emphasize the originality and exclusivity of the hotel, the Arabs sadly appropriated the status of 7 *.

Fujairah is the only emirate in the UAE, which is located on the shores of the Indian Ocean. His coastline extends more than 90 km.

Arab men are increasingly preferred to make marriage with foreign – in this case, they do not need to buy out for the bride. But the Government of the UAE is extremely cared for its population: for example, every young family in the Emirates receives from the government to hold a comfortable villa and 70 thousand Dirhams to accommodate (about $ 19 thousand.) for a wedding. In many states of the UAE, oil reserves are already drying out, it is possible that in a few years they will disappear at all. The exception is only the state of Abu Dhabi, where 95% of all countries of the country are concentrated.

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