UAE – Shopping, Running

A couple of years ago, with the name of the country, the United Arab Emirates – any knowledgeable Russian arose the image of huge supermarkets and markets, as well as charter flights, which storms heavy loaded shuttles. If such a person was asked if he was going to go on vacation in Dubai or Sharjah, who asked such a question would consider in the best case. Today the situation has radically changed. Last season (which continues in the UAE from the end of October to the end of April), vacationers amounted to more than 60% of all passengers of the charter flight on the Saint Petersburg – Dubai route.

United Arab Emirates (unlike Russia) all over the world are widely known as the high-end seaside resort. For rest in the UAE, you can choose any of "States" Countries – Most travel agencies are offered to stay in Dubai, where the main part of charters from Russia arrives, or go to the neighboring Sharpeck. Last year, rest appeared in the capital of Abu Dhabi Country, which is a modern city and business center of the country, with high-altitude hotels and tense rhythm of life. Here is a high level of hotels and better service, but, as in any metropolitan city, prices are designed for rich tourists from Europe and other countries of the Arab East. Therefore, Dubai and Sharjah remain the main place of recreation of Russian tourists in the Emirates. There is a network of good hotels (knowledgeable people advise to stop no lower than three stars), excellent beaches, tennis courts and golf courses. In 1996, a mini-disneyland was built here in just a few months. There is a variety of water rides, good water sports and snorkeling have been created. For those who wish, walks on boats and sailboats along the coast and small islands. In Dubai, a significant part of hotels is located at the shore. But a tourist should not worry if the hotel is removed from the beach, – to him continuously go "Shatla" – Minibuses.

Most Russian travel agencies advise their customers to stay on holidays in Sharjah. It is a beautiful white city on white sand, located along the shore of the bay. Here all hotels are located near the sea and have their own beaches.

The water temperature in November reaches + 300C . The resort has a full tourist infrastructure: a variety of restaurants, nightclubs and bars. Although in Sharjah the most stringent requirements for the ban on alcohol – it can not be acquired and consumed at the hotel. But practice shows that it is for Russian tourists not a hindrance.

In Sharjah, you can go to a row of excursions. The most popular journey to Aculii Island, located almost in the center of the Persian Gulf, where you can catch a small shark and just to do. Night hunt for crabs, which captures its unusual and excitement.

Almost all holidaymakers order Safari – on comfortable jeeps, tourists go to the Reddish Desert, seeking endless, where they drive in the village of Bedouins, the life of which, it seems, has not changed since the Time of the Prophet Mohammed. West customers can afford both a helicopter tour to admire the beauty of the Arabic Paradise from the aerial view, as the emirates in advertising booklets sometimes call themselves.

UAE - Shopping, Running

If you say that in the UAE you can buy everything, it means not to say anything. Thanks to the focused policies of the government of the country in Dubai, a free economic zone was created, where it is very profitable to do both small-winding and retail purchases. Clothes, shoes, audio, video equipment, furniture – all buy Russian tourists in the Emirates. Even with the delivery of the container – "Cargo" – they will cost cheaper than if you buy them in Russia. What many entails gold in the Emirates. He’s, there was no new Klondiyaka, but the UAE share has to, by different estimates, up to 25% of world gold export. Has gold products (with stones and without) accounts for the main part of the purchases of Russian tourists. Even if you do not need to buy furniture set, or a stereo, or a necklace with diamonds, do not be discouraged. In the Emirates, you can simply update the wardrobe with the whole family at very competitive prices. The choice and opportunities for this are simply inexhaustible.

I want to give one advice to the one who was going to go to the market and to the store in the UAE, – trap. Even if never did it before. Bargaining with the seller is part of the culture of the East. Traditions of someone else’s country must respect, the more it is profitable for your own wallet. As for other traditions, it should always be remembered that the UAE is a Muslim country where the strict laws of Sharia. There are restrictions on the consumption of alcohol, on the clothes outside the beach. The most cruel way of drug distribution.

Who have no readers should not embarrass the neighborhood during the flight with "Shuttokami". Stories about the storming of the charter flight aircraft people with bags gone into the past. Today "shuttle" – Large or medium wholesaler, which is not triggered to the product. Everything is delivered and sent by special services. And the flight of the charter to the Emirates will be little different from the usual regular flight. Except for vacation there will be more children. Parents who have funds seek at least a week to snatch them from Sluchatny in the autumn time of St. Petersburg.

Russian travel agencies are organized during the holidays a lot of additional aircraft to the Emirates, the number of middle-class hotels, for which demand increases sharply, is limited, so it is reasonable to take care of the holiday in Sharjah or in Dubai in advance. Five hours of direct flight, and you get under the hot rays of the sun on the shore of the warm sea.

UAE - Shopping, Running

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