Ualdia It is a small provincial town of resort, located 100 kilometers from Safi, in Dali from the noise of the streets and rapid rhythm of large cities. The resort was famous thanks to his picturesque, comfortable beach zones, which tourist often compare with paradise on the ocean. Especially by moral rest in such a place will have to lovers of calm and peace.

Today, the population Ualdia does not exceed thousands of residents. But in the summer it is worth expecting a large influx of holidaymakers, not only with Morocco, but also from other countries of the world. Recreation in the resort promises to be healthy: nice, calm stay is combined with healthy food from natural, local, grown on farms of vegetables and seafood caught in the ocean.

In the city, there are no noisy parties and gambling clubs. Compensates for this fact an abundance of small restaurants, in an open-air, where the tourists will prepare lobster, crab or lobster. Arriving to the city, resting in the eyes will immediately rush to resist the older generation. What can not, will not affect the attitude towards the rest. Which time of the day or night you did not come to the city, be sure you will be accepted with a welcome.

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What is interesting to see in Ualdia?

Top sights Ualdia

Villa King Mohammed Fifth

Sus Mass National Park

The ruins of Kasba

Fortress of Ualia

Ualdia: excursions and events

Ualdia – The resort town is not big, so excursions around the city will be reduced to visiting the most important attractions. For example, a hike around the city will include a visit to the main fortress, as well as several vintage mansions. Of particular interest is the villa with interiors and museum expositions.

In your free time you can arrange walks on the beach area. Central Beach is located in the midst of the picturesque lagoon. There is no strong wind, and therefore waves, which allows you to safely spend on shore time with children. Local residents can rent a boat and ride on the transparent waters of the lagoon or go to the opposite shore to explore nature.

Rights from Ualdia, the National Park is located, in which animals marked in the Red Book. The disappearing plants are growing here. In the park there is a great opportunity to observe the world of birds. What pernata is not here. Great idea – Go fishing, during which experienced masters will show the process of catching oysters. North of Ualdia is the 18-hole golf course. Alternatively, you can visit golf courses that are located a few kilometers from the city.

History of Ualdia

Climate in Ualia

Ualdia, Morocco Holidays, reviews, Ualdia hotels Travel

The climate of the resort allows you to relax in this place year-round. After all, the temperature of Waldi never falls below 0 degrees. In the summer, the sun glows the air to 25 – 30 degrees, in the winter months, the thermometer will always show the temperature above +17 degrees.

Summer heat is easily transferred thanks to the cool ocean breeze. Resting on the beach is worth going to the city from late spring until the middle of the autumn. The main beach zone of Wilia is reliably protected from winds. Precipitation during the year falls at all at all, so that the resort is always sunny and dry.

Ualdia: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Ualdia is a wonderful place that will allow to protect tourists from annoying major cities. First of all, rest will have to spend on the beaches, each of which is good. Ocean winds will enable surfing and other types of water sports. On the territory of the beaches hidden from extraneous eyes, you can organize a nomanic date accompanied by live music.

The resort is not so many bars and nights. We can say no. Therefore, leisure can be brought out, spending time in a cafe, enjoying freshly prepared seafood, which can be caught on your own by organizing an excursion program – fishing in the blue lagoon. At the same time, tourists will be able to observe and explore the process of catching and processing oyster.

If you managed to be in Ualdia in the autumn or spring period, we advise you to go to the habitat of the feathers and watch the life of birds in close. Flamingo, storks and herons live in the region. If you have your own car or rented car, we offer to get to Safi, but you will have to overcome the distance in a hundred kilometers. In the city you can visit the center of pottery.

Transport features of Ualdia

The small territory of the city does not need a lot of transport, so there are no many routes in Ualdia. The city is filled with silence. From the pier I and the case fragrant the boats of locals, on which they catch fish and other seafood.

We recommend moving around the city by bike. There are several rental items in Ualdia. If you wish, you can use taxi services, but it is not very in demand. By bus can be reached to neighboring regions and other resorts of the country. Boat can be reached to the opposite shore or just ride.

Ualdia, Morocco Holidays, reviews, Ualdia hotels Travel

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