UFO hunters: The best abnormal places for tourists

Different hobbies come from tourists – Some, for example, attracts extraordinary and abnormal. American researcher Paranorormal Jim Dobson shared on the pages forbesweigh eight favorite places for «Hunting unknown». What is interesting, in this list included Russia.

1. In the first place in this ranking are chili – Country with the highest recorded number of UFO observations. Due to low humidity, high-mountain ranges and clean sky with a small pollution of Chile became a favorite among the UFO seekers from around the world. In this country, the Committee on the study of abnormal phenomena is officially operating – a government body that studies unidentified air phenomena under the control of the Chilean Air Force.

Among those available for visiting Ufo-attractions in Chile there are observatory – Such as located in the Atakama desert, the ESO Pranal Observatory, visiting which tourists can book on weekends, the Alma Observatory in the northern part of Chile, also open to visitors and tourists. In addition, the expert lists the famous landing places of UFOs, such as the country of Saint-Clemente in Chile, where hundreds of OBLO observations are reported. Here, the Chilean Tourism Council in 2008 was established by the official RTO route: a 19-mile trail passes through the Andes Mountains. Among popular seats – EL ENLADRILLADO, huge, fancy flat area formed by 200 well-sliced ​​volcanic blocks, which, as suggested by the theme of UFologs, were laid by ancient civilizations. To get to the place on the horse, it takes four hours.

With comfort «hunt» On UFO, tourists can also at Elqui Domos Astronomical Hotel – this is a small 10-year-old hotel located in the heart of the narrow elk valley extending between Andami. Here is a restaurant, an astronomical observatory, an outdoor pool and 11 air-conditioned rooms with central heating. Rooms are divided into 7 geodetic domes and 4 cabins in the observatory. To attract its target audience, the hotel tells that the Elki Valley is known for its absolutely clear sky and good weather, as well as its great potential for the detection of UFOs and the study of astronomy.

In addition, UFO-tours are held in Chile on Andam – This is an equestrian tour of the wild trails along the Kochaguaz River. The campfire, telescope, and a pair of bottles of Pisco are attached to the excursions – Local vodka, obviously for better vision. The next morning tourists are waiting for a trip to the Surrotololo Science Observatory, which includes a visit to the objects of the Observatory and the excursion in which research is carried out on the complex.

2. Suitable «Monetarizes» your paranormal phenomena and «Anglo-American world». Great Britain, first of all, the surroundings of Stonehenge, as well as the fields of Wiltshire, which are not far from it, where mysterious phenomena took place. In the fields also watched «Large disk objects», And Stonehenge himself believing in UFOs consider landing platform.

3. In the US, the expert notes several cult places for UFO hunters at once. First of all, this area is 51 in Nevada, which enthusiastic researchers of paranormal phenomena declared a research base to study the broken alien spacecraft, including its inhabitants of both the living and the dead, and the production of foreign technologies based on foreign technologies. Special Planetxv UFO Hunting Trip, inviting the surrounding air base, which actually exists here.

In Arizona «Hunters for NLO» attracts sedoms. Tourists invite on excursions in night vision glasses, with binoculars and telescopes. Among what is seen – UFO, portals, aliens. (the amount of whiskey is not specified). For example, Sedona UFO Tour is offered. Tour begins with a two-hour meditation walk. Guides provide tourists meditation and «paranormal video tour». After sunset, they are sent to the places of UFO observations, where the company guarantees «Hunting trophy» In the form of UFO surveillance, using special night vision glasses.

Also tourists arrive at the Bradshou ranch, which lures fame «The most powerful interdimensional portal». In the last hour of twilight, tour operators promise unprecedented phenomena, complemented by all traditional stories about aliens and associated military developments.

Tourists and Tourists and Tree Joshua near Los Angeles, California High-rise Desert, UFO Festival in Rosele and other paranormal attractions.

UFO hunters Best abnormal places for tourist tourist articles by tourism

4. In Australia, it is considered the place of Wycliffe Well, which is located on the northern territory along the highway Stewart between Alice Springs and Tennant Creek. «Capital UFO Australia» It is considered one of the five best access points to the UFO in the world and guarantees the observation of the UVO every couple of days. At the same time, tourists are offered to stay in the cabins in Wycliffe Well Wellness Park, located 236 miles from Alice Springs.

As for Russia – That in the list for Forbes it is noted that such an unusual place is gradually mastered as a M-triangle in the Perm region, opposite the village of Molobka on the left bank of the Silva River. The place discovered the Perm geologist Emil Bachurin. Curious claims that you can see here «UFOs, shining spheres and plasmoids». Also in the local places are looking for Yeti.

Well, entrepreneurs are building hotels and tourist observatory, and also establish gravitational meters, infrared chambers and magnetic field sensors. Tourism UFO is also popular in Togliatti, where visitors can see some of the biggest circles in the fields.

In conclusion, an additional list of 10 paranormal and mystical places in Russia, which can visit the domestic tourist. Note that some of them is in hard-to-reach places, others are quite accessible. So:

  1. Valley of death, Anomalous terrain in Yakutia, which is located near the Vilyui River, in Mirninsky district. Local residents tell legends about mysterious objects from metal in the form of peculiar boiler rooms, which can not be crammed. And those who are selected, then they regret it too much. It is argued that the arch of the incomprehensible design is seen on the ground, from which the student researchers were alleged here so and could not separate a piece, while «felt a strange malaise».
  2. Mountain Dead, «rejustable» Stories related to the Dyatlov group. As in others «pair of normal» places, the death of people here explain that UFO, with evil spirits, then with super secretary scientific developments.
  3. Excrace tundra – Another hard-to-reach zone in hibines, on the Kola Peninsula. First of all, researchers attract the rock Angwundeschor, around which there are quite a few legends – From the ancients about the giant Quiiv, to modern, about those killed for unknown reasons for climbers.
  4. Cave silicata, she is ninth quarries – This attraction is located near Moscow, not far from Silicate station. In narrow, partially man-made moves here are not only traces of former rails – But, and as always in «underground» Folklore, their ghosts – here «dwell» Ghost of a soldier and an elderly woman.
  5. Plescheyevo Lake and blue stone – Yes, yes, an abnormal zone is found on the route of the Golden Ring. Stone, as the paranormal researchers assume, can «walk» – And once «gone» On the bottom of the lake from those who wish to lay it into the foundation of the church in Pereslavl-Zalessky: when he was transported on the sleigh on the ice, the ice cracked and the stone went under the water, and then «came out» out of the water. Those who have taken on a tour of the lake may clearly see that now the stone is again «goes away» in the ground. In Pereslavl-Zalessky, there are stories about strange fogs on the Plescheis Lake, hitting which man can move by 20-30 kilometers from the place where. Or to be in the same place, but three days later. However. In organized tourist groups, so far such incidents have happened.
  6. Tract Shushmore – In the Kaluga region, researchers of extraordinary attracts with a gloomy glory of Shushmore. In his forests consisting of «curves of trees», As they say, people disappear without a trace. Therefore, residentials next to it. Ufologists also record anomalies and UFOs here.
  7. Meat boron – An even more gloomy place in the Nizhny Novgorod region. At the same time his abnormal glory – Recent. They say the place has become «anomalous» After the battles that happened here in the Patriotic War. In the swamps still remain unacceptable soldiers of those battles, and the arrivals see the ghosts, and local bypass this boron for kilometers and say that it «And the beast is neutye».
  8. Medbiditskaya ridge – Regularly observe UFOs and here, among low hills in the Volgograd region. Moreover «Fiery balls» here they saw even during the day. Rumors of local residents talk about burial detection «Very large people». And on the fields are found signs «various shapes». – In the Solovetsky archipelago of attention of paranormal researchers awarded labyrinths – peculiar spirals laid out of stones. According to historical data, labyrinths are built in the Stone Age. Ufologs suggest in them «trap for the spirits» and similar theories. And esoterica prefer «walk» For enlightenment. You can quietly add that the labyrinth located on the main island, behind the monastery, nothing «Supernatural» theoretically bring can not – This is the reconstruction of Soviet times. However – To believe.
  9. Chertova Polyana – In the Taiga of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, this glade was discovered about 100 years ago. Supposedly round place was formed due to a huge cracked earth «Shiphing strong fire». But even when the flame subsided, the glade remained deadly for animals and birds. Approve – bones «affected» still on her. People approaching the meadow also experience fear and indisposition.

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