Daily flights from Moscow and other major cities. You can reach the train to Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Donetsk, Lviv, Sevastopol, and DR. Cities. The cheapest view of the transport is the bus.

The flight time: Moscow – Kiev 1 h. 30 minutes.

How comfortable move in Ukraine?

Road traffic: car rental: In major cities of Ukraine, it is not difficult to take a car for hire, including at the airport, at the marine station. Car rental is possible as older than 21 years and driving experience at least 2 years.

Taxi: Taxi in Ukraine can be ordered by phone, catch at the bus stop. At night, the tariff is more expensive.

Buses: MUDRIGHT AND INTERNAL BUNDUCH COMMUNICATION Eating all settlements. Tickets can be purchased on bus stations and driver. The fare depends on the distance of the trip.

hitch-hiking: Airports: Airport Kiev Boryspil (Kyiv Boryspil International Airport) – Main International Airport of Ukraine;
Kharkov Airport – Kharkiv International Airport in the East of Ukraine;
Dnepropetrovsk Airport (Dnepropetrovsk Airport);
Donetsk Airport (Donetsk Airport);
Zaporozhye Airport (Zaporozhye Airport);
Ivano-Frankovsk Airport (Ivano-Frankovsk Airport);
Kiev Zhulyany Airport Airport (Kyiv Zhulyany Airport);
Lugansk Airport (Lugansk Airport);
Lviv Airport (Lviv International);
Mariupol Airport (Mariupol Airport);
Odessa International Airport (Odessa International Airport);
SEVASTOPOL BELBEK AIRPORT airport (Sevastopol Belbek Airport);
Simferopol Airport (Simferopol Airport);
Sumy Airport airport;
Uzhgorod Airport Airport.

Airlines: Aerosvit is a major airline of Ukraine;
Business Aviation Center – charter flights and aircraft services in Ukraine;
Challenge Aero, Mars Rk – regular and charter flights in Ukraine;
Constanta Airline – charter flights in Ukraine;
Dniproavia – internal and international airlines from Dnepropetrovsk;
Donbassaero – airlines in Eastern Ukraine;
Ilyich-Avia – regular and charter flights from Mariupol;
KHORS AirCompany – international charter flights from Ukraine;
Lugansk Airlines – charter flights in Ukraine;
Lvov Airlines – internal and international airlines from Lviv;
Motor Sich Airlines – regular and charter airlines from Zaporozhye;
South Airlines – domestic and international airlines from Odessa;
Tavrey Airlines – international charter flights from Kiev, Odessa and Simferopol;
Ukraine International Airlines – international airlines from Kiev to Europe and the Middle East;
UM Air – Charter flights to CIS countries, Europe and the Middle East;
Utair Ukraine – Regional Airlines in Eastern Ukraine;
WINDROSE – regular and charter international flights from Ukraine;
Wizz Air Ukraine – budget airlines in Ukraine;
Yuzhmashavia – charter flights in Ukraine.

Railway: Railway transport covers the whole country. Tickets can be bought in the agencies and at the station. High-speed trains on the routes: Kiev-Kharkov, Kiev-Dnepropetrovsk.

Ukraine Rest in Ukraine, Resorts, Hotels, Reviews Tour Profection Travel Guide

Ports: In Ukraine, many marine and river ports.

Where better to stop, traveling in Ukraine?

Top hotels in Ukraine

Climate in Ukraine

Most of the territory of Ukraine covers a moderate continental climate. For the southern coast, the Crimea is characterized by the Mediterranean climate. For the Carpathians and the Crimean Mountains is characterized by a mountain climate.
In the north of the country average January temperature – 7° C, in the central regions – 5° C, in Crimea – 1..+4° WITH. The average temperature of July + 18 + 20° C, in Crimea – + 22° WITH.
The mountainous areas falls the amount of precipitation to 1600 mm per year. In the southeastern areas of precipitation drops less – up to 400 mm per year, on the rest of the territory – up to 700 mm precipitation.

Ukraine Rest in Ukraine, Resorts, Hotels, Reviews Tour Profection Travel Guide

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