Ukrainian food

Ukraine has long been famous for its rich kitchen. Borsion and pyshki, dumplings, dumplings and sausages, roast and drinks from fruits and honey famous far beyond Ukraine. National cooking accrues hundreds of recipes. Some dishes have a centuries-old history, such as Ukrainian borsch. For most dishes a characteristic complex set of components (so, in the booster there are up to 20), as well as the combination of several methods of thermal processing of products (root, cooking, quenching, baking). Such technology causes unique taste, aroma and juice of eats of Ukrainian cuisine.

From meat products is consumed primarily of pork, then – beef and bird. Meat is consumed in different form, but most often fried and stew . Popular dishes such as roast homemade, Ukrainian contractions, spying garlic and bauzhenin baubles, stewed with cabbage and lard pork, mute, stuffed bird. Especially delicious meat dishes that are prepared in portion pots .

Meat is often used to prepare first dishes . Among them, it is rightfully the main place is borsic, the recipe of which is charged to 30 options (Poltava, Volynsky, Chernigov, Galichsky, Lviv, Peasant, Dniprovsky, and others.). Have long been an important place in the nutrition of Ukrainians ranked fish . Favorite dishes – crucian, baked in sour cream, pike stew with horseradish, carp, rustled with onion in sour cream, pike perch, baked with mushrooms and crayfish, fish duties, carp stuffed with mushrooms and buckwheat porridge and other.

Constantly present in the Ukrainian menu a variety of flour dishes: dumplings, dumplings, pancakes, spanners, dioshniki, grandmas. Popular different porridges: millet, buckwheat, pumpkin, buckwheat porridge, which eat with milk, sour cream or sunflower oil with fried onions, Mamalig and others.

Widely represented sweet dishes presented in Ukrainian cuisine, for the preparation of fruits, honey, poppy, nuts and t.NS. .

From drinks for Ukrainian cuisine, characteristic milk, especially popular foiled milk and ion. One of the favorite drinks is also compote – decoction of fruits. An integral attribute of the festive feast is alcoholic beverages – vodka, brandy, wine, strong tinctures. Many recipes for alcoholic beverages known to Ukrainians have long been. From a large variety of legendary Ukrainian vodoks, honey vodka with pepper, in which contradictory tastes embodied, which embody the versatility and the unpredictability of the life itself – the bitterness of pepper, honey taste and fragrant aroma of wild herbs.

Borsch Ukrainian with pampushki

Composition: 500 g meat, 4 potatoes, 200 g of fresh cabbage, 40 g of pepper Bulgarian, 1 beets, 3 tablespoons of tomato paste, 40 g smalts, 2 brands, 1 carrot, floor root parsley, 1 teaspoon flour, so much Sugar, 20 g of wigs, 2 garlic teeth, 2 tablespoons sour cream, spices, greens for taste .

Preparation: Prepare meat broth. meat cut down, and liquid strain. In boiling broth, dry potatoes sliced ​​slices, after a while – sliced ​​cabbage, pepper and cook for 20 minutes . Beets to knock with tomato, carrots, onions and roots to be sissing, add to broth and cook for readiness . Borschi fill the fluffy paider, salt, sugar . In 5 minutes put black pepper, bay leaf, fat, flew with garlic and parsley greenery. Boil, remove from fire and insist 15-20 minutes. Served on the table, as a rule, with sour cream.

For pampus: 2.5 glasses of flour, half a cup of water, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 12 g yeast.

For garlic gas station: 2 tablespoons of oil, 10 garlic teeth, waters or kvass.

Cooking: in warm water to dissolve yeast, sleep 1/4 of the flour, mix and give the test to come. Add flour, oil, sugar, salt, opened in a small amount of water, mix and leave for fermentation for two hours. From the finished test to form ultrasounds weighing 30 g and leave on a sheet for 15 minutes. Bake 7-8 min. For gravy garlic to be confused with salt, mix with oil and cooled boiled water .

Dumplings with cottage cheese

This dish of flour and stuffing is considered to be on a booster, most typical in the Ukrainian national kitchen. The word dumplings comes from the verb "Cook". Dumplings has a look of a small conversion from the test, which is wrapped in a variety of filling – potatoes, cabbage, mushrooms, beans, meat, salted cheese, sweet cheese, sweet fruits or berries. Ready to eat food with sour cream or oil with fried onions. Most popular cheese dumplings. They are often mentioned in the Ukrainian folklore .

Dough composition: 3 Wheat flour cup, 3/4 cup of milk or water, 1 egg, 1/2 teaspo. For filling: 800 g Cheese, 1/2 cup sugar, 2 eggs, salt.

Preparation: Part of the flour is brewed with boiling water or boiling milk (1/3 of the entire liquid rate), after a diligent mixing, add water temperature with salt and egg (better than yolk), flour and knead the dough, leaving it, so that 40 min. Running cheese mixed with salt, sugar and raw eggs. On the dough, swinging in the form of small thin cakes, put cottage cheese, the edges are protected, the dumplings are lowered into boiling salted water and boiled 5-7 minutes. Finished dumplings are watered with oil, sour cream serves separately.

Cabbages with meat in Ukrainian

Crazy – common Ukrainian second dish, which combines meat, rice, and vegetables. The name of this dish is old, and comes from the word "dove".

Ukrainian food

Composition: 1 kg of beef – 1.2 kg of fresh cabbage, 4 st. Rice spoons, 2 bulbs, 3 st. spoons of butter, salt, pepper – to taste. For gravy: 1/2 cup sour cream, 2.5 cups of meat broth, 1 st. Spoon of wheat flour and cream oil.

Preparation: From a small cabbage head, the upper sheets are removed, washed, cut off the kochan, lay in boiling salted water and boil to half-year 15-20 minutes., Then the head is removed, cooled and disassembled on separate leaves. Thick veins rush or split by secche. The meat is passed through the meat grinder, adding chilled rice, the parse onion, pepper, salt, is well stirred, put on the prepared cabbage sheets, the edges roll together and give the cabbage rectangular shape. The cabbage rolls into a saucepan or a saucepan, poured with sour cream gravy and extinguished in the oven until readiness. Preparation of gravy: flour is dumping on the creamy oil so that it does not change the colors, they add sour cream, mixed, bred hot broth, boil 8-10 minutes. on a small fire, salted, filter, bring to a boil and fill with butter.

Wheat Casting with Poppy or Jam

Christmas Kusta is except that the most characteristic festive kushan Ukrainian cuisine. Eating smoking three times for a year: for Christmas, on a generous evening and on baptism. It is based on grain .

Composition: 500 g of wheat, 1 cup of poppy, 0.5 sugar glasses or 2 spoons of honey .

Preparation: Wheat to go through, jumped, pour in boiling water when boils – pour into a colander, rinse with cold water, put it in a pan, pour water, boil, cover with a lid, and bring to readiness on slow fire. Finished wheat put in a cool place. At this time, wash 1 cup of poppy, quivel, merge water, move in cold water, merge it, to quench it again, quench it, drain it, wipe it in a cup until the grains turn it out, put 0.5 Sugar glasses or 2 spoons of honey, mix with wheat, pour a little cooled boiled water. Instead of poppy, we can safely be a glass of berries and fruits from jam, without juice, dilute sweetened boiled water.


Ingredients: Dried fruits – 125 g, sugar – 75 g, honey – 50 g. Exit – 1 liter.

Preparation: Take dried pears, apples, dried plums, raisins . Go through the big cut, rinse three times with warm water and cook (with a closed lid) until ready. Fill with sugar and honey and bring to a boil and cool.

Ukrainian food

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